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The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of all Time playlist (March 2012) with commentary! New Trance Music Blog

Updated on August 9, 2012

New Trance Music Blog


The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of all Time playlist (March 2012)

Welcome to my Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes playlist for the month March 2012!
This month, you will find many rather old school hard trance songs featuring some dragon ball z fighting parts! Also Miku will make an appearance in one of the songs below.
I am especially proud of my top three at then end, because every single trance song which comes after the previous one is a tenfold more mind-blowing!!
Enjoy the top ten, the top three and number one!
And as usual feel free to share it on Facebook with your friends if you liked it.

10. Not Over Yet - Neon Lights

Not Over Yet - Neon Lights

And here we go with the first hard trance song not over yet by neon lights! The video is made of dragon ball z clips, so you can watch this while listening to this awesome hard trance music. The vocals repeat not over yet, but at 1:20 the actual singing starts. The voice in my opinio goes very well in that part as it foreshadows the coming climax of this song. All in all, an awesome vocal hard trance song!

9. Hatsune Miku - Missing

Hatsune Miku - Missing

Last month was full of vocaloid trance of Hatsune Miku. I had to feature this one, because it is a chilled trance tune with her wonderful voice.

8. Dragon Ball z HD - Are You Ready ?

Dragon Ball z HD - Are You Ready ?

What a bomb!! This was one of my favorite hard trance songs in this month! It has an excellent beginning and keeps getting better with every part! Again, this is full of dragon ball z fighting parts, so for all of you who used to watch that anime will certainly enjoy it. The lyrics have somewhat mystical about it and are a perfect addition to this hard trance song!

7. Masif Dj's - Children [Steve Hill vs D10 Encore Mix]

Masif Dj's - Children [Steve Hill vs D10 Encore Mix]

More dragon ball z hard trance! Are you tired of it? Don't worry. The next one is not going to be featuring dragon ball z clips.
This hard trance tune sounds rather old school and also is. But this is what I like about these. They aren't so party music sounding, but have that strong dynamic in it. It is like listening to art, because all of these older hard trance songs (but also newer ones of course) have this consensus of evoking deep thoughtful parts of me. What do you think of it? Tell me in the comment section!

6. Fantasy Trance - Wherever You Are

Fantasy Trance - Wherever You Are

This trance song is a sad one. Trance normally has a very positive and happy character, but this was one of my first trance songs I listened to and I wanted to share with you this beautiful but yet sad trance song. The lyrics are obviously about heartaching etc., but they always touch an emotional part in me. I could almost shed manly tears.
Please enjoy with me this remarkable piece of rather sad trance.

5. Sunray & Valle - Collapse (Original Mix)

Sunray & Valle - Collapse (Original Mix)

My last hard trance song that features dragon ball z clips.£
That one has strong kicks and beats in it! This one will make you certainly feel better after the previous sad trance song. This kind of hard trance really reminds me of the old times.

4. Dj Carpi - Listen (Loveforce Remix)

Dj Carpi - Listen (Loveforce Remix)

AN OLD SCHOOL BEAUTY!!!! Listen by DJ Carpi certainly is one of these unforgettable trance songs from the older days. At 0:45 the vocals are introduced and I simply love it!
They have something special about them, because they perfectly fill out the break of the song.
They return at 2:05 again and are certainly going to mesmerize you! I had it really hard this month to make up my mind, which one to take as number one. This one certainly could score a lot with they lyrics and the vocals!

3. HD Dream Trance - The Riddle

HD Dream Trance - The Riddle

A trance remix of the well-known song "The Riddle" by Gigi D'Agostino. At 1:02 I think it has strong beats and the atmosphere overall stays as it is at the beginning. At about 1:45 the vocals really become epic! This song is certainly something for all of you who like a strong bass with a dynamic atmosphere and well-going lyrics!

2. Intruder - Conclusion

Intruder - Conclusion

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Nitzh o not. This is Greek uplifting trance! Unlike the European styles, it is more of a mix of hard trance, uplifting trance, and psychedelic trance. But the nature of this tune stays uplifting trance.
It has remarkable beats, which are very intruding if you compare it with European ones.
After 2:10 it has an upturn and later at 2:53, the break-down comes and after this it becomes a damn lot more harder and melodic!! This song is rounded up with an epic climax, which first fades out, but then fades in with increasing intensity!
Now something to the pictures. The first two picture scared me. A lot. The first one was rather okay, but if you have nightmares in which you are caught by someone or something, I would omit looking at it. I know this, because a friend told me that. Just for your safety. I don't want hurt people here hehe.

1. Technikal & Nathalie - Big Sky (Original Mix)

Technikal & Nathalie - Big Sky (Original Mix)

A mindblowing, ingenious track by Technikal! He is like the new hard trance god after Megara vs. DJ Lee. It is quite long song, but it is worth listening to it, because it simply gets better and better. Nathalie provides us with her lovely vocals, which will later make the break-down to an unforgettable moment.
This song is coined by intense beats and a brilliant melody. The vocals will mesmerize you at 1:45 the first time. At 2:35, the character of this marvellous vocal hard trance song changes a bit.
The vocals will mesmerize you at about 3:00, which also make the way free to the break-down.
After the break-down, this song will get wicked and blow your mind! The climating part starts at 4:00, but 4:45 is the part you were waiting for, damn it. I went insane listening to this song.
Don't simply go to 4:00 or whatever. You have to listen to the whole preparatory work to experience the complete power of the vocals and the whole song!

Every month will have an own top ten playlist of the best trance music songs and tunes. I will give my best to provide you with the best and most marvellous songs and tunes the trance world has to offer.
If you would like to keep track of my releases, then you can either sign up here on HubPages (what takes like two minutes) and go onto my profile and click on the follow button or you either visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to me, as I will always post a link when the latest top ten is published. Or go on my profile page, where you can find the link to my Twitter account, so you can follow me there too.
Please don't hesitate to share this on Facebook (to your right is the LIKE button) with your friends or anywhere else! And leave your opinion in the rating and comments section please!

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