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The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of all Time playlist (April 2012) with commentary - New Trance Music Blog

Updated on July 2, 2012

New Trance Music Blog


The Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes of all Time playlist (April 2012)

This month was a bit hard for me to find some good trance tracks for you guys. This was mainly due to my 2 weeks' absence or was it even three? Anyway, I tried my best to provide you with the Best Top Ten Trance Music Songs and Tunes for April 2012! I listened to a lot of nightcore in this month too and also crossed some trance tracks, which were uploaded by the same nightcore uploader Maikel6311. There is nothing suspicious about the choice of the type of the trance songs and tracks. They are quite diversed and I hope that everyone will find something suitable for her or his taste ;).
I was especially glad to see that one of my favorite trance producers Boesgaard uploaded a unbeatably dynamic and mind-blowing trance track!
And as usual feel free to share it on Facebook with your friends if you liked it! :D
If you would like to keep track of my releases, then you can either sign up here on HubPages (what takes like two minutes) and go onto my profile and click on the follow button or you either visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to me, as I will always post a link when the latest top ten is published.

10. Trance - Alive

Trance - Alive

I would like to open my top ten trance playlist with this one uploaded by Maikel6311!
This trance song is accompanied with a beautiful picture of Hatsune Miku (left) and Megurine Luka (right). The vocals go very well with the whole song and make up a decent opening trance song for this month's top ten trance music songs.

9. TechnoClassic - Electric Zone

TechnoClassic - Electric Zone

So, this one might a rather outstanding one for this month, as it is made by TechnoClassic who makes trance and techno songs as a hobby.
It sounds special to me, because it is not done for money or for another profit. He made this song solely for the listener's joy's sake.
This trance tune has a special dynamic, because it produces vibrance and a feeling that tells you (or me at least hehe) that something is going on. There is a certain need for action if you know what I mean. I recommend this trance song to listen to homework, because it seems to increase my concentration on it.

8. Trance- Summer Night In Heaven [Remix]

Trance- Summer Night In Heaven [Remix]

This trance song might be a bit shorter than the others, but this doesn't change the fact that it is a very good tune (but sadly a short one D:). It has this old trance feeling from the earlier raver days, what I also like so much about this. Yes, yes, these old raver days.

7. Pure Trance - Alive and Kickin

Pure Trance - Alive and Kickin

I found another excellent pure trance track!
It also has some resemblance with hard trance, but it doesn't fufil all the requirements for a hard trance track.
It has powerful melodies and at 0:45 a part with a special melody is introduced. It has a beautiful break-down and the climax part is just wonderful! And after 2:49 this special kind of melody appears which also appears after 0:45.

6. After All - Delerium Ft Jael (Svenson And Gielen Remix)

After All - Delerium Ft Jael (Svenson And Gielen Remix)

A classical trance track. Delirium and Jael teamed up to create this wonderful vocal trance track. It is fairly long, almost eight minutes, but throughout the whole trance song, there is this entrancing atmosphere. Jael's voice is beautiful in this trance song and powerful as well.
This brings me always back in the old trance days, which didn't have the bang-bang character, but something beautiful, that takes you away in its world.

5. Deepforces - Play it loud [HD]

Deepforces - Play it loud [HD]

"I don't need sleep. I need HARD TRANCE."
My motto! No, but seriously now, this is a very good hard trance piece of Deepforces. It entrances you with very strong bass-kicking beats and has the known Deepforces aura. There is a rather melodic break-down at 1:40, but it clearly sets the way free for an epic climax!

4. Paranoid - Deepforces

Paranoid - Deepforces

Last month was cramped with hard trance dragon ball z videos. This one is the only one for this month.
Again, this hard trance track is by Deepforces. Paranoid Sayans is the name of the video on YouTube. In my opinion, this video was very well made to the song, especially the synthetization of the rhythm with the short white screen fading in and out. But also the choice of clips will put you in a battling state. Not only is the hard trance track already enough motivating for headbanging all the time, the dragon ball z clips will make you even more wanting to fight like a Super Sayan! :P
In a nutshell, this hard trance track pwns!!

3. Dream Trance - If you Want Me

Dream Trance - If you Want Me

And we enter the top three trance songs of April 2012!
This one was actually shown to me by a friend. So, thank him too!
It has strong beats and bass and the vocals make a perfect figure in this trance song! The bass is also very good adjusted to the vocals as well as the vocals go very well inphase with the rhythm of this trance song.

2. Trance Chill-out || Boesgaard - Afflictions

Trance Chill-out || Boesgaard - Afflictions

I had it very hard to decide upon number one for this month.
That unbelievably great trance tune was created by my friend Boesgaard! He really is a master in creating Trance Chill-out. This song is full of emotions and power. It has "wide" and powerful beats in it and the whole composition makes up a damn mind-blowing trance track!! I missed such trance tracks, where you listen once to them and you think: Damn, this was epic!!
Well done Boesgaard!!

1. Sem - Forever (Manox Remix)

Sem - Forever (Manox Remix)

This one is such a beautiful and yet headbanging trance song with a love theme. It has a perfect exposition and the vocals make the atmosphere more dynamic at the beginning. At 0:55 circa and ongoing they appear the first time fully and after 1:20, its full power and intensity is unleashed. The chorus at 2:05 is a marvellous part in this trance song and it keeps getting better throughout the whole trance song! They vocals become heartouching at about 2:40 and the power of this part is just OVERWHELMING!! The flow gains a lot of power after this and is just breathtakingly good!
I've chosen this one as number one and not the previous one, because firstly, it has a lot of depth in the singers voice, which also evokes these deep euphoric feelings and secondly, the whole trance song was just slightly more awesome.
Don't agree with me? Tell me in the comments below!

Every month will have an own top ten playlist of the best trance music songs and tunes. I will give my best to provide you with the best and most marvellous songs and tunes the trance world has to offer.
If you would like to keep track of my releases, then you can either sign up here on HubPages (what takes like two minutes) and go onto my profile and click on the follow button or you either visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to me, as I will always post a link when the latest top ten is published.
Tell me about your personal number one trance song in the comments section just below and leave a rating please! :D
Please don't hesitate to share this on Facebook (to your right is the LIKE button) with your friends or anywhere else! And leave your opinion in the rating and comments section below please!

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