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The Breakfast Club: Analysis of the Character Allison Reynolds; the "Basket Case".

Updated on April 28, 2014

A Non-bias Analysis

This analysis is on the character Allison Reynolds. It is important to identify what Allison says about herself compared to what the other characters say about her. This analysis identifies the characteristics that Allison states herself. Solely basing this analysis on how she acts and what she says will not reflect any bias from the other characters. It is important to distance the stereotypes other students have of her during this analysis as to not include false inferences.

Identifying Data

Allison Reynolds is a white, female adolescent. Her current marital status is single. Allison goes to Shermer High School, located in a suburb outside of Chicago, which is classified as a “typical school”. A typical school, labeled as such, portrays some strengths in various subjects and weaknesses in others. These weaknesses are not viewed as deterents, but something that can be improved slightly.

Background Information

Further detail will be provided in the section titled: Overall Observations.

Allison lives at home with both parents. Allison often wears clothes that are not typical of the average adolescent. Allison’s physical appearance looks generally healthy, however there are concerns about proper upkeep that should be discussed.

This is Allison Reynolds.
This is Allison Reynolds. | Source

Environmental Factors

Allison’s environment has major negative connotations that she must live in. Her school environment, for one, accepts her as an outsider. Authority figures do not know her name as well, if at all, as the other students. Second, Allison does not receive any positive reinforcement from her parents. Allison states “My parents ignore me” several times which would explain her outward projection of avoidance. There was no interaction between Allison and her parents when she was dropped off, even though Allison made an attempt.

Along the lines of positive reinforcement received by Allison was when Claire Standish improved her appearance with makeup. Both Brian Johnson and Andrew Clark remarked her newfound beauty. Third, Allison states the reason why she is in detention as because she “had nothing better to do”. Allison has removed herself from the community so far as to not be involved in any outside recreational activities. It’s even apparent that authority figures do not even know that Allison isn’t supposed to be in detention. Last, Allison states “I don’t have any friends”. Allison receives her parent’s insensitivity towards herself as a means of becoming an adolescent living in solitude.

Overall Observations

Allison Reynolds lives in a predominantly white suburb outside of Chicago where there is little racial mix. Allison is a great artist and draws rather well. She has aspirations to travel around the world at some point in her lifetime. Allison shows a caring side, even through her thick outer shell. She is concerned about the heart dying, particularly because the heart is a symbol of love and affection.

Allison lives with her parents but states that she is unsatisfied with home life. This non-satisfaction of home life has grown from her parents ignoring her. To further this notion, Allison outwardly displays herself as different in order to gain attention from others – both positively and negatively. Allison’s style of dress is vastly different in terms of average adolescent clothing of the time period. Allison’s unkempt appearance is also an attempt to gain any form of recognition by others. Allison’s “odd” habits originate from this loneliness at home as well. Allison bites her nails, somewhat obnoxiously, in this rudimentary form of attention grabbing. Allison’s dandruff is a side effect of this unkempt appearance and should be addressed for health concerns. Allison’s bizarre diet is another health concern. As a way to stand out to her peers, Allison will put on a display of her (what seems like strange) combinations of food. Allison’s thievery is another attempt at gaining recognition from her peers. Allison is not a thief, in the conventional use of the word, however she acts the part of a thief to gain attention. Allison also mentions that she is a compulsive liar, but this can be disregarded, as the lies attract attention by others. For example, Allison says she is sexually active and a nymphomaniac. She later dispels the statement as a lie.


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