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The Daily Movie Quote: 40 Year Old Virgin

Updated on August 27, 2010
Steve Carrell as Andy Spitzer
Steve Carrell as Andy Spitzer

"You know what? I respect women! I love women! I respect them so much that I completely stay away from them!" - Andy Sptizer, 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

Universal Pictures, 116 minutes

Directed By: Judd Apatow


Steve Carrell - Andy Spitzer

Catherine Keener - Trish

Paul Rudd - David

Seth Rogan - Cal

Elizabeth Banks - Beth

Jane Lynch - Paula

Domestic Box Office Gross: $109,499,237

Synopsis: Andy is a 40 year old virgin who embarks on a relationship with a mother of three who wants a sex free relationship.

Fact: 15 minutes of the film had been removed to avoid an NC-17 rating.

Trivia: Andy and Trish spend their first date dining at Benihanas.

Movie Mistake: While performing magic, Andy's sleeves alternate from his wrists to his elbows.

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