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The Daily Movie Quote: Oceans Thirteen

Updated on August 27, 2010
Matt Damon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Oceans Thirteen
Matt Damon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Oceans Thirteen

"You shook Sinatra's hand. You should know better." - Daniel Ocean, Oceans Thirteen (2007)

Warner Brothers, Rated PG-13, 122 minutes

Directed By: Steven Soderbergh


George Clooney - Daniel Ocean

Brad Pitt - Rusty Ryan

Matt Damon - Linus Caldwell

Elliott Gould - Rueben Tishkoff

Al Pacino - Willy Bank

Eddie Jemison - Livingston Dell

Don Cheadle - Basher Tarr

Shaobo Qin - Yen

Casey Affleck - Virgil Malloy

Scott Cahn - Turk Malloy

Bernie Mac - Frank Catton

Carl Reiner - Saul Bloom

Ellen Barkin - Abigail Sponder

Andy Garcia - Terry Benedict

Domestic Box Office Gross: $117,144,465

Synopsis: Casino and resort magnet, Willy Bank, double crosses Rueben on a new casino deal. This double cross sends Rueben into a mental coma and prompts the Ocean crew to get revenge in a heist that is not only worth a half a billion but would ruin Willy Bank as well.

Fact: Clooney and Pitt have fun with each other at the end of the film when Pitt tells Clooney to keep the weight off and Clooney returns the favor by telling him to settle down and have some kids.

Trivia: Rusty's ring tone is The Human Leagues 'Don't You Want Me'.

Movie Mistake: While flying over Las Vegas, Ocean looks out of square windows. When he exits the plane the windows are round.

My Take: This is one of those franchises that I wish would just keep pumping them out. They're not great movies but they're great veg-out movies. The cast is awesome the stories are good and, bottom line, they're fun. The Oceans movies don't take themselves serious and don't expect you to either.

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