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The Daily Movie Quote: Some Like It Hot

Updated on September 30, 2010
Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot
Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot

"Jerry, Jerry, will you take my advice? Forget about the whole thing, will ya? Just keep telling yourself: you're a boy, you're a boy." - Joe, Some Like It Hot (1959)

MGM, unrated, 120 minutes.

Directed By: Billy Wilder


Tony Curtis - Joe/Josephine/Shell Oil Junior

Jack Lemmon - Jerry/Daphne

Marilyn Monroe  - Sugar Kane Kowalczyk

George Raft - Spats Colombo

Domestic Box Office Gross: $25,000,000

Synopsis: Two down and out musicians high-tail it out of Chicago after witnessing the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Disguised as female band members things take a turn towards hilarity as Joe/Josephine falls for a female band mate and Jerry/Daphne is pursued by an over zealous, wealthy suitor.

Fact: Billy Wilder was exasperated with Marilyn Monroe because it would take upwards of 40 takes even for the simplest of scenes. She was not invited to the wrap party.

Trivia: The Roman Catholic Legion of Decency gave Some Like It Hot a rare "Condemned" rating.

Movie Mistake: The opening chase has the police driving by a Chevron gas station. Chevron was actually Standard Oil in 1929.

My Take: Some Like It Hot is pretty much on every top comedy list and for good reason because it's a riot. I realize that this is my second Billy Wilder film this week but I wanted to pay homage to Tony Curtis who died yesterday. RIP Tony.

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    • Skaditch profile image

      Skaditch 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Nice, Pauladance :-)

    • profile image

      PAULADANCE.CO.UK 6 years ago

      Definitely my favourite movie. But my favourite quote is during the Spoof Tango, Joe E. Brown to Jack Lemmon in drag: 'You're leading again, Daphne!' I think they may have now cut this line...Pity!!!! It says it all!

      Almost as bad as cutting 'Thou Swell' (Genius Lyric!) from Bing Crosby 'A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur'.