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The Difference Between An A MC And A Rapper

Updated on September 6, 2012

Hip Hop Q&A

What is the difference between an MC and a rapper? To understand the answer you must first understand the question. First off there are several types of MCs and rappers. Out of the two, rappers have more of a variety. Along with the declaration of MC or rapper comes techniques and skills that some have mastered and others have tried over to establish. There are many differences between to two but a lot stands out to help you differentiate. I will break down the stereotypes and also extra techniques that can make one unique.

First off I have to explain that there are types of rappers and MC's but an MC is more versatile as you can have Eminem rapping like Young Geezy but not Young Geezy rapping like Eminem. MCs even have the tendencies to easily change their style up and rappers mainly sound alike and are often hard to distinguish. Rappers can change their style up too but that would be most likely due to the instrumental. An MC is divine because he does not have to materialize his life to entertain. A true MC doesn't even need a beat to move the crowd. Here's a breakdown of the MC.

Let's start with the MC

(Microphone Controller - Mic Checker - Master Of Ceremonies)

1. An MC mentions hip hop. Loves hip hop and lives the embraces the culture

2. An MC is versatile and can rap on anything

3. An MC can freestyle and write songs

4. Is good with rhymes and not just words

5. Lyrical by means of similes, metaphors, compound words, and punchlines

Here's a quick breakdown of types of rappers:

1. Gangsta Rapper (lives a gangster lifestyle or acts to be) - Eazy E, Snoop Dogg - Scarface

2. Trap Rapper (raps about drug dealing) - Young Geezy, Birdman -

3. R&B Rapper (raps mostly on R&B instrumentals and/or sings) - Drake -

4. Freestyle Rappers (a rapper who can only freestyle) - Jin -

5. Shiny Rapper (glamorous style) - Fabulous - P Diddy -

6. Conscious Rapper (raps in dialogue or story telling with view ) - Game - Common -\

7. Story Teller (as the title says) -

Now that you know what types of rapper there are then I'll let you in on one. If it's on the rapper list then it's not a MC. An MC can be glamorous, conscious and shiny but it's how you hold yourself to the music. The dedication, intellect, wisdom of the culture, style and grace are attributes attributed to the MC who would do a show for free. That's not to say that rappers don't love hip hop, I'm just saying that they don't acknowledge it in their music.There's not many songs that say I love hip hop. Their screaming get money and F*7@ bitches and foreign cars and so forth but want the title of best MC.

Here are some techniques that rappers and/or MC's can obtain

1. Tongue Twisting (the ability to rap fast)

2. Singing (ability to sing and rap)

3. Lyrical Skills (ability to use metaphors, similes, punchlines, etc..)

Now types of rappers are not to be confused with regions. The hip hop boundaries are no longer. You can get a NY rapper sounding like an Atlanta rapper easily. I can't categorized types of rapper by East, West, North or South because that's the music aspect and not so much the artist because I assure you if you put NY rapper on a Southern instrumental that his style will change up.


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    • angeladale2 profile image

      Angela Dale 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      You are totally right! Voted up!! Awesome hub!!!