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The Have And Have Nots -- Where Do We Go From Here?

Updated on May 31, 2014

How dumb is Candace?

Pretty dumb.

Okay, here's the situation. You pushed your rich and powerful sugar daddy too far and he has you drugged and kidnapped. You wake up with a sack over your head and tied to a chair. And yet you're so conceited and delusional you think you're in charge and start ordering your kidnappers to let you go.

I don't know what plain of existence this dumb bimbo lives on but it isn't anywhere near reality. If she had any sense of reality she'd know she'd pushed her sugar daddy too far and now he's done playing with her. She'd get she's in real danger. But not this brainless dingbat.

She'd also realize no one is even going to notice she's gone. Crazy Amanda is off living on another plain of existence, herself. Jeffrey might have noticed her gone, but he's moved out. And since Benny's alive Hanna will forget she even exists. As for Jim, she pushed him too far, so he isn't going to come to her rescue. So wake up and smell the roses, bimbo, and stop thinking you're in charge.

Anyway, that's how we leave the ever delusional Candace.

By the way, have to laugh at Jim picking a woman as her captor. Guess Candy Cane won't be able to use her super va-jay-jay on her to make her her slave.

Back at the police station we picked up where we left off with Kathryn finding out Hanna turned her son in, while Kathryn was out saving Benny's life. Hanna gave Kathryn a pious little speech about how she was doing the right thing and maybe Wyatt needs to take responsibility for his actions, that Kathryn bought into. Of course, much like her bible thumping, it came off as self-righteous BS. Hanna lost the right to claim she was doing the right thing a long time ago. About the time she sat in that little girl's funeral and kept her mouth shut about what she knew. Or how nasty she was to Michael, the grandfather of the dead little girl, when he was only trying to be nice to her. No, she only told when she thought her son was dead and she thought Jim had had her arrested. In short her motives where revenge not because it was the right thing to do. Hey, Hanna, revenge is mind sayeth the Lord. Just another of those bible phrases she tends to forget when it suits her.

Kathryn asked Hanna to just go but she had to stay there preaching on and on until Jim arrived and then he tried to take a strip off of Hanna's self-righteous hide. It was kind of like Clash of the Self-Righteous Titans with both trying to cut the other down to size, but neither managed to make a dent. Thankfully, finally Hanna heeded Kathryn's plea and left.

It appears Jim's going to be pretty hard core this season and be the bastard Kathryn always said he was. He was upset to hear that Benny was alive and Kathryn was to blame for that. Makes you wonder if Jim didn't have a hand in Tony winning his court case to have the plug pulled on Benny. I also can't help but wonder if Jim didn't have a hand in the drug-addicted Baby Mama not showing up to identify Wyatt in a line-up. Like could he have had her killed and made it look like a drug overdose.

It's also nice to see Kathryn has gotten her fire back. She was pretty neutered from most of the season letting Jim handle everything. I must be sick to admit this, but I get a kick out of Jim and Kathryn when they're being nasty to each other. It's almost like they're making love. Nastiest remark has to go to Jim who said when Kathryn asked if the reason the DA has an axe to grind with him if it's because she's one of his numbers. His reply was that he had her stashed in the room next to theirs on their honeymoon and every time Kathryn fell asleep he went into her to shine her shoes.

Even though Hanna ratted her son out and is the reason he's in jail, Kathryn is still paying for Benny's medical care. Hanna got a real culture shock when she entered the hospital and the staff was courteous to her and the doctor came right away to tell her about Benny's condition. Seems the county doctor was wrong and Benny isn't brain dead after all. The doctor wants to try a radical treatment with Benny and try to take him off life support and Hanna gives the go ahead, feeling the first real hope that Benny may come back to her. Of course, Hanna starts thanking God. Honey, God had nothing to do with it, Kathryn did and Benny could have been there sooner if you hadn't turned your nose up Kathryn's offer of help. If Benny comes back to you thank Kathryn, cause she's the one whose giving you your son back with the help of her money.

Meanwhile David is growing weary of Veronica and he doesn't even know what she's been up to behind his back. He says she's changed and not for the better when she informs David she will not cotton to her son with a white woman, she wants him married to a black woman. To try and deflect David she starts accusing him of having an affair with Maggie. Better watch out, Veronica. When David finds out all you've done, including blackmailing your son, he just may decide to get a little cream in his coffee instead of taking it black, if you get my meaning.

Finally, the DA gets the detective in charge of the case to trick Wyatt into confessing before he can lawyer up. He lies to him that his father isn't there, when Jim is trying to get in to see Wyatt. And he also lies that the drug-addicted Baby Mama has already identified him when she has yet to show up. Since Wyatt is essentially weak he caves and spills his guts, admitting to everything. So whatever plan Jim had in place, it doesn't seem like it's going to work now.

So far the second half of season two is kicking off to a fine start. Which is good, as I was starting to lose interest during the first half of the season. Here's hoping they can keep it up.


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