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The Haves And Have Nots -- It's A Miracle!

Updated on June 18, 2014

How bad is Jim? He's really bad!

If anyone had any fond memories of John Schneider as the lovable Bo Duke, this episode surely wiped them out. Jim Cryer has not a drop of Bo Duke in him. He makes Boss Hogg look like a choir boy, in fact.

Jim went to visit Candace, supposedly to learn what she knew about Amanda, then seemed to forget he was supposed to find out why his whackjob daughter was spinning out of control. Instead he got Candace to sign a bunch of papers says she's was a whackjob stalking him and that she imagined her entire relationship with him, not to mention ending Amanda's lawsuit and signing over the title to the car he bought her. After she did all that signing thinking he'd let her go, he coldly tells Mama Rose to kill her. Mama Rose wasn't kidding about the dude being the devil. He's a cold-hearted snake. He also has ties to the mob. Just the type of dude you want to get elected to public office.

Jim also went over and spread the sunshine to David wanting to know when he was going to pry the car loose from his horrible harpy wife's sharp pointy claws. David was all like, "Don't go talking about my wife like that. Do I trash your wife." And Jim's all like, "Feel free. I'll even join in with you insulting her." David reveals that he left Veronica, and he's under the mistaken impression Veronica will want him back bad enough to give him the car. Talk about living in a fool's paradise. That car is the only way she's going to keep an iron grip on Jeffrey's jewels, so she isn't going to give it up just to get David back. Meanwhile Maggie makes her move on David and tries to lure him into her bed, but so far it isn't working.

Jim does do a drive-by at Amanda's place and speaks to the gossipy maintenance man who reveals Jim is really out of touch with his daughter's life. He's informed Amanda has dropped out of school. Since Amanda's not there, Jim goes on his evil way. Meanwhile another evil man is waiting for Amanda when she comes home. It's Candace's Baby Daddy Quincy. He thinks Candy Cane has his son, so he didn't kill the kid like I'd begun to suspect. So only Candace knows what really happened to the kid. Amanda is shocked that Candace kept so much from her, but Quincy plays along with her when she says that Candace's mother is dead, and doesn't reveal his mama is really Horrible Hanna. Amanda invites him to dinner and good old Quincy starts eying Amanda in a rather predatory fashion. Girl better watch out or she's going to get herself raped for a second time.

Meanwhile, Jim's himbo son, decides it's a good idea to visit the grave of the little girl he ran down and weep all over her headstone. Yeah, you just sort of got cleared with being charged with killing her, so going to visit her grave is a really good idea. Unfortunately for Wyatt, Crack Mama and Granddaddy Michael also visit and when Crack Mama sees Wyatt she starts shrieking that's the man that kill my baby. Wyatt takes off, but the damage is done.

Granddaddy Michael goes squatting on Horrible Hanna's doorstep. This is after the foul heifer was absolutely vile and horrible to him. Anyway, she vows that she's going to help Michael nail Wyatt cause she knows he's guilty. Wonder if Michael knows this foul hypocrite is the reason Wyatt got arrested and she sat through his grandbaby's funeral and didn't say one word.

Seriously, since this heifer is going to go on some crusade to put Kathryn's son in jail for the rest of his life, while Kathryn is footing the bills for the fancy doctor and hospital that gave her back her son, Kathryn needs to present this ungrateful heifer for a bill for the hospital charges. Let her pray to Jesus, who she claims is her own person God, for the money to pay the bills.

Speaking of Benny, he makes a miraculous recovery. Tony the kidney thief scurries away realizing he won't be getting a kidney and apparently having no other interest but that when it comes to Benny. The first person Benny asks for is Candace and asks Horrible Hanna to call her. Want to bet she doesn't do it. She also sugarcoats the fact she blackmailed Candace for info on Benny's condition by saying she told Candace about him. Mama doesn't want Baby Boy to ever see what she's really like and to continue to buy her holier than thou act she puts on.

To be honest I don't think Horrible Hanna even gets it's an act and that she's a foul piece of crap. She honestly thinks she's holier than thou. And that she's God's chosen one. That's how sick and twisted she truly is.

Now she's even got Benny's doctor spouting her crap about how Benny's recovery is a miracle. The miracle was he got the best care money could buy and that's why he recovered.

We also had Celine making a remark for the third week in a row about Jim's children. This time was how it was sad he wasn't as attentive to all of his children the way he is with Wyatt. Seriously, we're being hit over the head with this. Celine had to have had Jim's kid. The question is does Kathryn know about it? And is her kid one of Jim and Kathryn's kids or is it some unseen kid we've yet to meet yet? Celine was also putting the moves on Jim, again. Seriously, how many times does the dude have to kick her in the teeth before she gets it. He doesn't want what she's offering.

And that's where we leave things. Candace has just gotten a death sentence. Horrible Hanna is going on some crusade against Wyatt when Kathryn has been footing all of Benny's medical bills and if not for her Benny wouldn't even be alive. Quincy is sidling up to Amanda. And Maggie made it clear she'd like to ride David's hockey stick.


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