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The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Updated on May 24, 2012

Marta Zawierucha, a Polish friend of mine, told me a supposedly true story of a bear hunter who ended up shooting himself while hunting. As he was taking aim at his target, the bear picked up a bicycle and started riding away on it! The hunter was so astounded that he fell out of his hunting booth. He landed right on his rifle, which in turn discharged and shot him! Luckily, he was rumored to live. Here is how it all happened.

This took place in a region of Poland, Europe, which is not known to be inhabited by bears. A platoon of soldiers were stationed there. A high ranking commander from a nearby country visited them. After some talking, they all discovered that they had a common passion for hunting. The commander told the soldiers, “My ambition in life is to hunt and kill a bear, which I have yet to accomplish. If you could point me in the direction where I could find a bear to shoot, I will give you a lot of money.”

The soldiers agreed. They took the commander’s money and told him that they would search out a bear for him to shoot. There was only one problem: there were no bears in that region. However, that did not dissuade the soldiers. They came up with a plan. They would buy an old bear from a circus, one that would soon be put under. They actually found one such bear and purchased it.

The bear was old and tame, so it didn’t give the soldiers much problems. They took it to a location near a hunting booth. Then, they left it there to go and tell the commander that they had found his bear. In the meantime, an old man on a bike was riding along a trail near the bear. Coming face-to-face with the bear, he was so frightened that he dropped his bike and ran for his life. After that, the commander arrived on the scene.

The commander got into the hunting booth with his loaded rifle. As he was lining the bear up in his sights, the circus bear picked up the bike and, as a result of his circus training, started riding away on it. Then, the commander fell out of his booth and shot himself!

This story is just too unbelievable to be fiction. You can’t make this kind of stuff up! Share this with all of your friends so that they could have a good laugh.

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