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The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Updated on November 2, 2009

JR Tolkien Lord of The Rings

Escape the your daily thoughts with a good fantasy flick. A few weekends ago I devoted my entire weekend to these 3 mighty films. It feels like decades ago I first read the Lord of The rings and the Hobbit. They were amazing books that really carried my mind off into a different direction. So I have come to watch these such movies on dreary days of bad weather or news.

So here are some thoughts on each movie without depicting what actually goes on as I would never want to spoil a movie for some one who has not watched it yet.

The first movie starts out as a classic fantasy tale. Mostly revolving around the main character, Frodo. As he accepts his quest and sets out he stumbles across a few more characters that will aid him on his quest. After a few flirtations with death, Frodo makes it to Rivendell where the true fellowship comes together.

The first part of the film depicts Frodo as innocent and naive. But later on he becomes engulfed in the twisted world of the ring. As the ring starts to lure Frodo into a world of death and destruction his good friend Sam pulls him back to reality. The fellowship must take the long route through some unwanted paths that again, almost claim the life of the ring bearer. While fighting many kinds of monsters in the caves one of their members will fall.

With a brief recap of the first film, our second film jumps off to an exciting start. Now that our parties have separated on their own quests, the weight is now heavily placed on Frodo's shoulders. Our path is the first big war in the film, one set against the evil wizard Sauruman. He has destroyed much land/ trees to build his army against man. 2 of our little friends have escaped and ran into the forest where the most unpredictable thing happened. The forest came to life.

The mystic " Ent's" or tree herders have whisked away our characters straight to the evil wizard for his wrong doings to the forest. The other members of the fellowship sweep the lands and gather a small army after replenishing the health of Rohan and their king. Our hero's are against odds they cannot win. Its not until a surprising force comes to save them at the last minute, but will it be enough?

Amongst all of this Frodo has crossed paths with a previous ring bearer, Golem. One that Frodo feels the utmost pity for and cannot kill him. Golem seems to help out Frodo by taking him to where the ring can be destroyed. So they now have a guide to take them in the right direction. However, Golem should not be trusted, as his world was once torn apart by this very ring. Golem would do anything to get it back.

While the first big battle is coming to an end at Rohan, the Ents are now taking over management of the Two towers, the eyes start to see the bigger picture. A war for all mankind is in the works. The battle is over but the war is coming. Our hero's will surly not give up with out a fight. A quick but enjoyable ending to the 2nd film.

The second film really explores the other characters personalities and attributes while the first one mainly pertained to Frodo and the development of the fellowship.

I would love to go over the third movie but I think it would spoil the first 2. The third movie does has great battles scenes trying friendships, love,sadness and a little Dwarf humor to keep things on an even keel.

If you are so inclined to read about the 3rd film then please visit amazon or eBay as they have many reviews of the movies. I know on amazon there's actually a large number of Lord of The Ring Fans and have created several groups for peers to share input. I definitely suggest giving it a quick read, as there is cool information to be learned. Many people enjoy comparing these movies to the actual books, and who knows, you might learn somehting you did't know before !

I have seen very few movies with such an avid fan base as this series. It actually still makes me laugh when someone tells me they have never seen these films or they didn't enjoy them. I find this hard to believe. But to each his own.


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    • Midasfx profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I read the Hobbit, Because My dad was a huge fan when he was a kid. He was so excited that they made movies out of the books. HE took me to the theaters to watch them. I think because 1 father son thing, 2 he wanted to relieve some classic memories of him being a kid. I thought it was so cool that my dad and I had some common ground. Great movies and thanks Ralwus for the comment!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am a huge fan of all the books and have been since a kid. I really enjoyed the movies. I first read about the hobbit.

    • Midasfx profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks for the comment! I remember like 10 years ago I read the hard cover copy of the Hobbit. The prelude to this series. I enjoyed reading the hobbit, great read for anyone who enjoys the lord of the rings.

    • theherbivorehippi profile image


      8 years ago from Holly, MI

      One of the best movies (all three)! I actually bought the book...the huge hardcover giant one that is too heavy to actually read. I need to buy it in paperback! lol Great Hub!


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