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The Luscious Libra Man

Updated on July 23, 2008

Eminem ~ October 17, 1972

Will Smith ~ September 25, 1968

Matt Damon ~ October 8, 1970

Zac Efron ~ October 18, 1987

Hugh Jackman ~ October 12, 1968


The Luscious Libra Man

September 24~ October 23

The Libra Man is known to be able, to quite easily, infuse his charm and undeniable magnetic personality into every aspect of a deep candlelit conversation. His eyes will pierce through you. Most times, leaving you blushing and wondering how he seems to know your inner most thoughts. It's a Libran trait that is always used for the devices of good rather than evil. No worries, though. There is never a reason to fear, the Libra Man is about to take you on a journey, a trip of sorts for your mind, spirit and soul. If you're lucky enough to be asked along, your days will begin to be filled with brilliant persuasion and nights with the most incredible ecstasy.

The Libra Man has an innate desire to find answers to the world's age-old mysteries. In his quest for enlightenment, he may express varying views of his new found realizations. Somehow, even confusing himself at times. You will adore his insight and hang onto his every new theory. Most charmingly, he will attempt to explain with gusto his new point of view. Here is where you will most likely look into his deep beckoning eyes and agree. "The earth is actually square you say" "but, of course".

The Libra Man's voice will enchantingly be heard in your dreams. He is strong-minded and even more strong-willed. A real may, if you will, one of honesty, integrity and unwaivering fairness. The Libra Man's most notable talent will be his ability to listen. Very few men can listen as seductively or with such locked-in intent. He hears your every word. You will gratefully smile, when your poor friends describe how their lovers just nod their heads never having heard a word they said. Poor lasses, if only all were so lucky to have a Libra Man to call their own.

The Libra Man sometimes has difficulty deciding between a romantic trek across the globe or a simple bottle of the finest wine amid a roaring fire. Which would be more suitable to celebrate your new found love? Decisions like these sometimes may slow him in his tracks. Either way, his taste is discerning and his love for you immense. Romance is always sure to be had. Lovemaking is always intense, and immeasurable beyond compare.

Many women will vie for the attention of the Libra Man. He will revel in the array of exquisite creatures he may choose from. The Libra Man, however, will be sensitive and selective in choice. It will ultimately be a heartfelt struggle to decide. For you see, his warmth and adoration is for keeps. His eyes may wander, but it will be you he will forever cherish. In his arms divine bliss will be sure to be found. His kiss so burning, his touch passionately intense, that you will find yourself breathless with nowhere to go. And why would you want to go? A Libra Man that shows you a glimpse of heaven on earth is of a rare breed. To deny such pleasure would be sheer insanity.

In those younger days of the Libra Man, he will weigh the pros and cons of his collection of feminine admirers. Each will be scrutinized and dissected. The shallow will be discarded, the obsessive will have managed to be forgotten, the timid unnoticed, and the callous played like a fine song. The woman who will win his affection, will be made of pure grace, a seductive spirit and a truly gentle heart. Imagine her rewards. She will bathe in his sensual touch and linger in the thought of his pensive gaze. What more could any woman want or need? If you find yourself in love with a Libra Man, cast away all notion of ever leaving. Every fantasy dared imagined will exceed earthly expectations. Hold him with all of your being, once in his amazing arms, trust that you will never dare want to let go.

Sting ~ October 2, 1951

John Mayer ~ October 16, 1977

Tim Robbins ~ October 16, 1958

John Lennon ~ October 9, 1940


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Cool! I'm a Libra men October 13. I love to compliments girls and its too hard for me to be single.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Libra male smile kills me..........I often die for her smile


    • ceholmes profile image


      8 years ago from Chicago

      ps. btw, they are pranksters!!!

    • ceholmes profile image


      8 years ago from Chicago

      I am a Cap and was in a relationship with a libra man. Loved him to death, but at times drove me crazy with the indecisiveness/money habits. Libra men are excellent partners because they are good listeners to a point, and TRY to understand the other side. They are passionate about human rights--as mine was!! lol, a LOT, and seek fairness and justice (I guess this is where the scale comes into play :). VERY artistically inclined--my guy is a talented artist and therefore, almost obsessed with the perfect form, beauty (esp. beautiful women) and anything aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Make good friends--as we both agreed :) and are hopeless romantics. One thing that can be a HUGE turnoff, esp. for us Caps though, is that Libras can be fickle with money. If they are fortunate to make a lot, they spend on things that I don't quite agree with YET they don't indulge in things that they SHOULD be investing in. They can be CHEAP!!!, but let them tell it, they are frugal. Instead of spending money on quality, they opt for quantity.

    • compu-smart profile image

      Tony T 

      10 years ago from London UK

      I could and would not possibly reveal my star sign, ever, but i have to agree with this hub about Libra men!!;)


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