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The M- Audio Pro Axiom Series Keyboard

Updated on January 11, 2016
The M-Audio Pro Axiom Series Keyboard or Control Surface
The M-Audio Pro Axiom Series Keyboard or Control Surface | Source

Pro Axiom Form M-Audio

The M-audio Pro Axiom Series KeyBoard

M-audio Keyboards are like none other, these puppies will astound even a professional keybard player that has not layed his slick fingers on semi-weighted keyboard keys .The M-audio keyboard is called a "Control Surface," and foe good reasons, the unit rely's upon a usb connection into your mainframe computer or brain of your Mixer in order to receive tones from this.Please do not go out an buy one of these if your not prepared knowing what it can do.The sounds are null if you plug it up to your outlet at home and start banging on the keys nothing will come out of it, why? Well it's an M- Audio product geared to work with Pro Tools and other leading Pro Recording gear and software. The control surface when connected via USB connection no ther power needed is a multitude of instruments when installed with Pro Tools version 8 or 9 , This machine comes to life. The Pro Tools software comes with 7 Virtual Instruments , yes Virtual Grand Piano,( that sounds impeccably clean and well rounded), three Synths with their own Virtual capacities are also included as a Drum machine called "Boom", and that explains why there are 8 pads on the Pro Axiom 49 and 61 meaning keys in the numbers.The Pro Axiom comes in 25 keys ,49 keys(Preferred) and 61 keys.I have played and own the 49 Keyboard and the 61 and there is no difference except for the number of keys.In my opinion the 49 Keyboard is all you need ,since you have an Data Octave switch that easily transforms the Octaves on these keys while you are playing this Instrument.It is one way cool control surface and i have just scratched the surface of these units,let's see what else it has.

The Pro axiom 49 and 61 as I said above are basically twins except for the expense and more keys, they both have what is called ,"Hyper- Control" .Hyper - control is the ability to use this m-audio keyboard as a mixer when running Pro Tools 8 or 9 . In other words forget the computer key board , you can remove that and put your control surface in front of your monitor and adjust every setting your software uses, with the control knobs of the Axiom and that makes it handy when you have 40 presets in in your control surface and want to switch out to another instrument while playing a song, it's just a breeze, you will have to go to your M-Audio dealer to see this in action.It's amazing, even if your not into recording music, it will make you like it if you have the toys I have mentioned, almost anyone will soung like a pro if given the right tools,and the right tools are what I am writing about.

The setup is the tricky part as I have running my home recording studio a quad 8 gigabyte Ram with two external hard drives for the music itself. The system never cuts out and I have had this system for over 6 months pushing 48 tracks of synth and guitar plus vocal inputs.The system just does not give up, keeps performing like a jewel, and that makes me happy.

Here are some of the specifications that may drive you toward the m-audio keyboard, The features are semi-weighted keys,large dynamic trigger pads to use for drums,while having use of the Encoding knobs ,faders and buttons which deliver complete control over the hardware and software of this control surface and your Pro Tools software.Direct-Link Mode provides direct access to common DAW, digital Audio Workstation functions.This includes transport,mixer,track,pan,and virtual instrument parameters and the design is a rugged stainless steel casing that will last any bump and grind you put it through.

The Pro Axiom series is like a machine that runs a machine and yet it's a musical instrument that surpasses any I have pplayed on in my life, the Pro Tools software is as reliable as the hardware they provide for their products,and if you are on a budget, M-audio seems to address this with no issue, as their are different size hardware as well as software where almost anyone can afford these,and if you own Pro Tools, it will spit out an Mp3 for you to sell on I Tune's just after your mix down,so you can make money,if your good enough.The m-audio keyboard pays for itself in the end , you buy the product you make the music and then sell it, hopefully.I hope this gives you a rundown on this magnificent machine the Pro Axiom Series is outstanding, and the company,M-Audio needs to put me on their payroll with an article like this, yet I believe in a product like the M-Audio Keyboard or Control surface more than ever I let the world know about it. Go get yours today and amazon is ver competitive in price and shipping cost, that is where I purchased mine.Go to your local store and you will pay out a little more, just a hint to you.


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