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The Night I Scared My Mom

Updated on January 14, 2011

The Plan

About 12 years ago my parents bought a new house in the valley. This was a big change for us being we always lived in a small town with plenty of people and houses surrounding us. I was 18 when we moved. One night a few days after the move I decided to play a joke on my unsuspecting mother. How funny was this going to be? At least for me anyway. I planned it out for a few hours exactly how this would take place. My father was working 3rd shift at the time so I knew I had to wait until he left the house at about 10:00 pm. After all I didn't want to face the consequence of Dad if I happened to scare him in the process too. My curfew was for 11:00 pm so I had to be percise with my timing. Oh, Was this going to be classic.

Following Through

It is about 9:50 pm. The night is warm being it is the end of July. I drive up the road behind my parents house and park the car out of sight. I grab a black coat and a scary witches mask out the back seat and I am ready. I sneak down through the tree filled yard making sure no one sees me. I wait just behind one of the trees until my father pulls out of the driveway. Off to work he goes right on time.

I put on the black coat and my scary mask and make my way to the large kitchen window that looks out into the big back yard. Creeping slowly, laughing to myself at how funny this will be, I make it to my destination. I am standing still, looking in the window at my mother. She is cleaning the face of her alarm clock, she has no idea I am looking in at her. I tap the window. She looks up quickly and says to my sister, "What was that??" Just as the words finish coming out of her mouth she spots me. The alarm clock drops to the table as her arms begin flailing in the air. The sound that came from her mouth was like nothing I heard a human make before. It kind of sounded like a fire alarm that starts off lower and quickly rises to a louder sound. waaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA she pauses briefly to catch her breath, her arms stay bent in an upward direction but not flailing, but she soon starts again. Arms begin to flail and that sound same as before waaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I only stand there about 1 to 2 minutes, frozen in place, hysteracally laughing like I had never laughed before, while my poor poor mother is frozen in fear and hysteracally screaming. I finally run. I run as fast as I can, up through the yard, to my car and I quickly drive away. As I was running I could here my mom yelling to my sister to lock the door. It is about 10:30, I don't have to be home for another half hour. So I sit in my car laughing and laughing at how funny my mom looked and sounded. But also thinking how much trouble I will be in when she realizes it was me. I guess all the trouble in the world was worth it to be able to laugh that hard.

Facing Mom

It is now 11:00 pm and I was driving up the driveway to our house. I park my car, get out, and walk in the house like nothing strange happened to me today. I guess she knew instantly it was me by some look I did not realize was on my face. She began to yell as I began to laugh all over again. "What is wrong with you?, I couldn't move I was so scared!!!!, I am suppose to be able to protect you and your sister. What if I took a heart attack??, None of the neighbors could even hear me yelling." I couldn't answer any of her questions because I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. I went to my room and laughed myself to sleep. I think I even woke up laughing the next day, and I do remember laughing for about the next 2 weeks. Even when I was at work I would be laughing telling the customers the story about how I scared my mom.

Still until this day it brings me to tears in laughter when I picture her sitting there frozen in her seat, with her arms flailing, and her screaming. She has learned to laugh at the situation now many years later. But for a long time she did not find it at all funny.

Would I do it again given the chance??? Definitely!!! I just hope my children don't do it to me.


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    • Stressed 24\7 profile image

      Stressed 24\7 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      This is just to funny. I feel bad for your mother!!

    • JillKostow profile image

      Jill Kostowskie 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I'm dreading my payback, but I am sure whoever gets me will atleast have a good laugh!!:)

    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      That was funny as well as mean. My husband always tries to scare me and sometimes I feel as though I will actually have a heart attack. Then I do it back at him so he knows how it feels. You may just get yours one day...! Funny, anyways!