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The Purge: Election Year (No spoiler Review)

Updated on July 19, 2016

The Annual Fail

The Purge: Election Year is the third installment of the purge movie series that fails annually. This mess stars Frank Grillo, and Elizabeth Mitchell. Although this movie had "FAIL" written all over it, I was extremely disappointed because it was actually worse than I though it would be.

In the last few years, the movie making industry has been focusing more on making sequels to make money rather than writing a compelling story. This is certainly the case with The Purge: Election Year. Hopefully this is the CONCLUDING movie because the stories simply revolve in Hollywood clich├ęs, jump scares with crazy people in dumb shitty masks, and loud music that just ANNOYS your eardrums. No spoilers of course, but there was a certain scene with an axe with a double blade that simply made me laugh. I actually LAUGHED because I could not believe how ridiculously dumb the characters in the story were. There were a few scenes with a group of schoolgirls that made want to hit myself.

There were times where I found myself actually enjoying the movie but overall it's just not worth the price of admission. The acting in this movie was laughable except for the performances by Frank Grillo and Elizabeth Mitchell who basically carried the film. The movie had such a horrible script that it was really hard for me to get involved with the movie or anyone else for that matter, which was proven to me when a person in the seat behind me started snoring. Most of the audience was restless in their seats and part of that is due to the lack of quality storytelling and the lack of quality acting. Simply put: The acting was shitty, the story was shitty, and the movie was shitty.


Although the whole concept of the purge is unbelievable because there is no way in hell anyone in their right mind could approve of it (except Donald Trump), I was extremely disappointed The Purge Trilogy couldn't deliver better quality performances, and more realistic storytelling. Like I said before, I seriously hope this is the last Purge movie because all the movies have failed to deliver. Film makers need to focus more on telling quality stories rather than making movies simply for revenue. I recommend you do not watch this movie unless you get a discount or watch it for free.

The Annual Fail!


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