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The Rant: A Monday Morning View - CNN News

Updated on February 22, 2013

A rant about news may seem silly but I’ve just got to vent. CNN is my news outlet of choice. I don’t choose it because I think it’s the best which probably doesn’t say a lot about my logical mind. I watch CNN because I like most of the anchors. The key word here is “most”.


The Anchors at CNN

CNN became my first choice for news a couple of years ago when I found anchor Kyra Phillips to be fun. She had a big personality, was a bit unconventional, and had an infectious laugh. Kyra Phillips was also a staunch advocate for our men and women in uniform and, she was daring enough to fly with the Blue Angels.

Anderson Cooper soon became my favorite news anchor. What endeared me to Anderson Cooper was his heart. When he covered the stories of suffering from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, he did it with compassion. He was clearly outraged by the lack of relief provided by FEMA and wasn’t afraid to say it. Since then, he has covered some of the most horrendous stories of my lifetime and through it all, he has been outspoken regarding human rights and the dignity that all human beings deserve. What sets Anderson Cooper apart? Personal tragedy. Anderson Cooper grew up with fame. His famous mother (Gloria Vanderbilt) had two sons, Carter and Anderson. Carter tragically killed himself in 1988. Anderson Cooper knows the pain of loss and he has not let it harden his heart and it is evident in his work.

The recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has made me a fan of Don Lemon who has expressed such profound sorrow over the loss of life. Day after day he has reported on the lives lost and the survivors whose lives have been changed forever. He has shown the viewers his heart and tears and that makes him a giant in my book. Don Lemon is an accomplished anchor in the area of human rights. He has won awards for his reporting on the DC Snipers and for his reports on AIDS in Africa and Hurricane Katrina. Don Lemon isn't afraid to face the human emotion of tragic situations or to show his emotions.

I am also a fan of Soledad O’Brien, for her dedicated series on Race in America. It is a topic most would not tackle and as a biracial woman, she has done it with grace. She may be physically tiny but she is large in character and commitment.

Now, for the rant

By now you’re probably asking why I want to rant about CNN if I like all the anchors so much. Well, I’m going to rant because CNN employs two anchors that just make my skin crawl. That’s a southern phrase for those of you who have never heard it.

Each night I turn on CNN to watch Anderson Cooper. Following him is Piers Morgan, who just pisses me off before he even opens his mouth. He is the most arrogant anchor ever employed by CNN. He has an opinion about everything and seems to think it’s the only valid opinion on the planet. I guess since he discovered Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, he is an authority on everything. Well, he seems to think so anyway.

Piers Morgan replaced Larry King last year and not a minute too soon, in my opinion. But, now, after almost a year, I find myself wishing Larry King would return. What bothers me the most about Piers Morgan is how boldly he expresses his opinion on US politics. I have tried to research him, to find out if he has US citizenship but I cannot find confirming evidence of anything but British citizenship. So, why does CNN let him be so outspoken and opinionated about our political system that has no impact on Mr. Morgan? I could almost tolerate his bad behavior if he was complaining about the political scene in his own country but he needs to leave my country out of his complaints.

Mr. Morgan also has a bad habit of trying to mislead us. Just this week he took one statement made by President Obama completely out of context and tried to make us think our President is going to ban guns in our nation. He is creating widespread fear and panic where none should exist. All Mr. Obama said was that he would do everything in his power to prevent another tragedy such as the one in Newtown, Connecticut where twenty innocent children and six adults were brutally murdered in an act of senseless violence. Shame on you Mr. Morgan!


Finally, this rant would not be complete about a similar discussion of Wolf Blitzer, another CNN anchor. I used to like Mr. Blitzer but his ego has outgrown his talent, in my opinion. Lately, it seems he is more interested in telling the world who he has rubbed elbows with than reporting the news. I don’t give a flip if he had breakfast with Ted Turner or Santa Claus. I want to know what is happening in the world and I don’t need it over-dramatized. Mr. Blitzer seems to have a flare for drama. It makes me wonder if he is suffering from “little man syndrome” or, is he feeling threatened by the sincere, legitimate anchors on the CNN payroll. Maybe there are some viewers who enjoy a monotone, dramatized account of the latest fat-enhanced menu item from the fast food giant but it’s a real channel changer for me. There’s enough drama in the world without a reporter creating more where none exists and doing it void of human emotion or respect. I want to remind Mr. Blitzer that there is no "I" in the word "team" and CNN claims to be a team.

Some will say this rant is rather useless but I am hoping it serves to remind all of us that we have choices. I do not have to watch CNN for news. To be honest, I can go the website and turn the volume off and get the latest news. I could, but I won’t. I don’t want to live in a world devoid of human emotion. I’ll take less drama but I don’t want to give up emotion. In a perfect world, I could turn on the news and get a factual accounting of what is happening in the world, infused with the perfect amount of emotion and respect for the human condition. It would be a world where the downtrodden were not exploited for the sake of a story; where the big story of the day was about the kindness of a stranger. What if the headline one day reads “Homelessness has been Eradicated” or “No More Veterans on the Waiting List”? Could we stand the excitement of reading “Human Trafficking Ends” or “Domestic Violence at an All Time Low”?

I don’t know if CNN will notice when I change the channel or if the ratings will reflect that I only watch anchors who have a heart but I have to give it a try.

© 2012 Linda Crist, All rights reserved.

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  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Hi Temi. Thanks for the visit. I'm glad you enjoyed my rant and if it inspired you, well that's even better. Have fun with your rant.

  • Temi Benjamin profile image

    Temi Benjamin 5 years ago from Europe.

    Great rant! I personally have a few CNN anchor favorites of my own and share a mutual dislike for Piers Morgan. You did a good job stating the obvious and venting without it seeming personal and vengeful. This just inspired me to go on and create a "vent-ful read" of my own! Voted up and shared!

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Mary, judos to you. I still have cable but rarely watch more than a few minutes of news anymore. The sensationalism of stories of real people hurting became too depressing and I began limiting my exposure. I am interested enough in world events to stay connected, for now though. Thanks for reading and for voting up.

  • mary615 profile image

    Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

    Your rant makes me even more glad I no longer have cable TV. I used to watch these news shows and I would get so upset, my day would be ruined.

    When I was returning to a frugal life, I had my cable disconnected, and I haven't missed it once.

    Voted UP.

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Leslie, you rock! I don't mind your opinion because you have written 115 hubs on why my President is a loser because he won't take away everyone's guns. I don't mind opinions. What irks me is that Piers has hardly done a show on anything but guns since the Newtown shooting. Where was he when all those kids were gunned down at Virginia Tech or Columbine? I know, I'm preaching to the choir. The other difference between you and Piers is that I honestly think you care about people and Piers thinks he's the only worthy human on the planet. NOT! Well, there are lots of other differences between you too but I'll save that for another hub. lol

    Nope, the funny button hasn't been pushed. I guess there are only a few of us with twisted senses of humor. I'm happy to be in that class with you.

  • ImKarn23 profile image

    Karen Silverman 5 years ago

    USELESS??? How could this possibly be useless when it made me laugh so hard i am almost rolling? omg..

    i just adore you, Linda - now - tell us how you REALLY feel,

    i could not agree more - i love cnn and hln as well (Kyra's over there now too...) I CANNOT stand Wolfie, but, as you say - he loves himself enough for all of

    As far as Anderson goes - let's not forget that being 'different' ie GAY - all his life also amps up his 'compassion' meter - no one understands the pain of in justice and hatred better than those who have felt the wrath thereof... Piers..i agree he's an arrogant cocky dislikable so-n-so..BUT - i am from canada and have no problem discussing 'your' politics and social issues...NONE - as you -prolly already

    I hope i don't come across as cold as piers - because i TRULY care (and don't give a shit about 'ratings' lol), but - i feel i (and he) both have 'the right' because anything that happens in the states - affects the world - especially canada - where, for instance - we get a TON of your illegal gun spillage..

    up and sharing on, and...still giggling...

    (hmmmm..i notice no one's pushed the 'funny' button?? Did i miss something? Or...did i add something?...LOL..)

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Hi Joos99! A bit of an arse' is an understatement. lol I wrote this one after getting so miffed at Piers one night that I wanted to reach into the television and choke him. Instead, I decided to have a bit of fun at his expense. Since then, I can't even watch him. He makes my blood pressure rise. :-)

    Thanks for the visit and for sharing my pain.

  • Jools99 profile image

    Jools99 5 years ago from North-East UK

    Linda, I had to laugh at this - I detest Piers Morgan. he was editor of the Daily Mirror, a tabloid newspaper and had to resign for some dodgy reporting. He was then on Britain's Got Talent (a contradiction in terms most of the time, it should be called 'Britain's Got Mediocre Talent') and was pretty arrogant on that. I think most of the British public were cheering and also somewhat aghast when he got Larry's old job - he must have a good agent because apart from getting people's backs up, he's a bit of an ass ('arse' in my part of the world!)

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Linda, thanks for the visit. Seriously, my problem with Piers is that he isn't a citizen of this country but consistently tries to tell us how we should be doing things. His recent obsession with the gun laws has made it painful to watch him. %^%&*$#%(*

    Glad you had a bit of fun here thought.

  • Sunshine625 profile image

    Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

    I am also a fan of CNN and Anderson Cooper. I used to be a fan of Piers, but he just doesn't have the capability to keep his opinion to himself. I follow him on Twitter and a few times I noticed he shared "his" opinion, but the public went the other he flip-flopped. Pleaseeee Piers we can "see" you! Wolf is OK, I don't watch him as often. I guess that's a good thing. Fun hub!:)

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Nell, you can have him back. He makes me totally crazy. :-)

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Hi MizB! I havebeen haunted by those images day after day too and every time I think I have run out of tears, they show another sad story and I have another torrent of tears. I heard a report tonight that the members of the community were having to leave home 2 hours early to attend the funerals today due to the high traffic caused by the media and outsiders who descended on the town of Newport. That's just too much. But, I do hope that the conversations won't stop once the satellite trucks pull out. Things have to change in this country; lots of things.

    MizB, I wish you and MrB the best of the holidays!

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

    Lol! we have had to put up with piers morgan for years! being English we threw him on a plane and gave him to you! he used to own a newspaper back in the day, until one day he made up a story about our Troops doing something wrong that was a total lie, he resigned, got on tv more and we got stuck with him since! now hes on britains got talent, or he was, you can keep him over there! haha!

  • MizBejabbers profile image

    Doris James-MizBejabbers 5 years ago

    I prefer to get my news from the CBS affiliate in our town, but Mr. B. keeps CNN on a lot. I told him I get tired of the talking heads, yada, yada, yada.... However, they are more informative than Fox, so I guess I shouldn't complain to him too much. I am appalled at the overdoing of the shooting in CT by all the news channels. We need a reminder of our society's ills, but to parade these grief stricken people by for days is ludicrous. The third night after the shooting I had nightmares about it, and that is something that I never do. We agreed it was time to turn to the history channel and watch the rednecks goof up. I agree with you, my friend, Linda, and I do like Soledad O'Brien. Voted you up ++.

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Hello toknowinfo! Thank you for visiting my hub/rant. I beieve you are correct; media is rarely objective these days. Piers Morgan - although I appreciate his efforts this week, has been quite rude to his quests with his screaming/talking over top of them. Personally, I think he needs to go home. lol I have tried to watch MSNBC and found the same issues, as you have said. These rants are more fun that useful but sometimes you just have to express yourself. :-)

  • toknowinfo profile image

    toknowinfo 5 years ago

    Hi Linda, I enjoyed your rant about CNN.I agree about your opinion about Don Lemon, he is so genuine in his reporting. I don't like Piers Morgan either, but this week I have a love hate relationship when he has been tearing into the pro gun guests he has on his show. I find CNN as a whole is not always objective when they report on Middle East issues and so they are my channel of choice sometimes. I think it is the nature of anchors to irritate us because MSNBC, has equal, if not more annoying anchors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • bravewarrior profile image

    Shauna L Bowling 5 years ago from Central Florida

    I'm glad you think so, Linda. Sometimes I right on and sometimes I just hide in my bubble so as to not be affected. :-( Not sure what that says about me, but it's me nonetheless.

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    My other ego, you are precious!

  • bravewarrior profile image

    Shauna L Bowling 5 years ago from Central Florida

    I find my bubble is a good place. Hardship, murder, undo strife, theft, etc. does not come into my world. That helps me to touch others in a positive way. I have overcome atrocity myself. Between my bubble and my rose-colored glasses, I still see the beauty in life.

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    LOL Shauna, sounds like your bubble is working just fine for you. That's the one area where we are different. I like knowing what is happening in the world because I am driven to make it a better place. But, I also surround myself with a lot of positive folks to balance it all out. I also enjoy solitude. It keeps me from becoming totally jaded.

  • bravewarrior profile image

    Shauna L Bowling 5 years ago from Central Florida

    Linda, I don't watch the news because all they choose to report is the bad. Maybe I bury my head in the sand, but it keeps me sane. I watch sitcoms, cooking shows, Lifetime and DIY shows when I watch TV. It's worked for me so far. I am sick to death of hearing about the ills of the world. No one talks about the good. And there is plenty of good out there!

    I live in a bubble where I wear my rose-colored glasses. I like it there.

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Hi Lipnancy! I agree. I get mad at myself for even watching sometimes but I like to know what's going on in the world too much to quit. lol

  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    Don't get me started on how much the media thinks that they control our thinking ( for we cannot form our own opinions). and unfortunately they do manage to scare many people. They just continually disappoint me.

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Hi Carol. Thanks so much. My rants are just a bit of fun. I try to rant about something meaningful without making it too serious. These are minor problems compared to what is happening in the world but it helps to let off a little steam. :-)

  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

    yes the good thing is that we have a choice..and can change channels or turn of the TV. As always I enjoy your rants...they are so justified but told so well.

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Hi Rich. You are right except the lat line should read "bad entertainment". Sometimes I just get so irritated I have to spew, like a volcano. :-)

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    MH, hi. My rants, they are so harmless. I should really call the vent sessions instead.

  • rcrumple profile image

    Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

    Linda - Sensationalism and controversy sells advertising. That's the entire reason any network keeps anyone. The second the ratings go down, out the door they go. Morgan and Blitzer are two peas in a pod, if their heads could fit in one. Yet, the controversy and arrogance they display bring in viewers. Since all news is either sensationalized or slanted by all networks, the have to vie for the most obnoxious to draw viewers. News isn't news anymore, it's entertainment! Sad, but true.

  • Mhatter99 profile image

    Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

    Love your rants. If you want to have some "fun" with CNN, a group of people to get active on twitter and FB. If you can generate a flare up CNN will take notice. Bad news works best.

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    lol SilverGenes, it would take more than chamomile tea to calm me down aboutt PM. He has pissed me off so badly in the last couple of days that I can hardly see straight. I should get rid of my television too but I have got to wean myself from my news addiction first. :-) Thanks for sharing my rant.

  • profile image

    SilverGenes 5 years ago

    I don't own a television anymore either but when I did, CNN used to tick me off! The drama and idiocy was overwhelming! You know, even The Weather Network is guilty of the same stupid tactics. (rant rant rant)

    When it comes to PM (the Valdemort of news), just remember he was fired from a crappy tabloid in Britain before coming to the U.S. where his accent takes him to the land of 'I sound proper so I must be smart'. Blame CNN for giving that man air time. In case you couldn't tell, I am TOTALLY with you on the news rant. I really need to go drink some chamomile tea or something...

  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    Jaye, kudos to you for going "simple" and not allowing the brainwashing. I'm working on it, one step at a time. But, I am an admitted news junkie. Is there a treatment program for that? lol

  • JayeWisdom profile image

    Jaye Denman 5 years ago from Deep South, USA

    These are some of the reasons I don't watch TV news, but read what I choose to read online (and avoid those opinionated pieces that will make my blood pressure rise).

    In my long-ago youth, I toyed with the idea of becoming a journalist. This was back in the days when journalists--print or broadcast--were not supposed to inject their personal opinions into news reports, but just...REPORT THE NEWS in an objective, unbiased manner.

    These days, TV news has to compete for the TV "god" ratings, and therein lies the problem. The "news" is no longer unbiased. It's so slanted that facts often get lost in the mix.

    I don't have cable, but could watch the local NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates, as well as PBS if I chose, with an indoor antenna. I choose not to do so because I don't want opinions which I find distasteful (or abhorrent) spoon fed with the meager helping of actual "news."

    Great rant!


  • lrc7815 profile image

    Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

    lol Bill, I knew this one would soar over your head but that's ok. You know exactly where I'm coming from. Just substitute CNN for the name of your local paper. It's mostly all the same anyway.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

    Well my dear, I love your rants, but since I don't have tv, I am in the dark on this one. I'll just agree with you, since that seems the safest choice. a general rule I try to avoid all of these idiots and their slanted way of looking at facts. :)


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