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The Sexy Scorpio Man

Updated on August 11, 2008

Chris Noth ~ November 13, 1954

Joaquin Phoenix ~ October 28, 1974

David Schwimmer ~ November 2, 1966

Matthew McConaughey ~ November 4, 1969

Ethan Hawke ~ November 6, 1970


The Sexy Scorpio Man

October 24 ~ November 22

Looking for love with a Scorpio Man? Lustful and passionate would be the accurate adjectives to describe what you are about to encounter. The Scorpio Man will challenge you to travel to the depths of your soul. For you see, his love-making is to be experienced by only the very daring. Extreme intimacy will be easily realized. It might take you aback ah just how sensual this man can be. But, if you can last with equal intensity, then this will be the most ultimate lover ever encountered.

Amazingly, passion runs in all facets of the Scorpio Man's life. His descriptive words and excited hand gestures will show you just how much or how little certain things mean to him. Overly dramatic, perhaps. But his point needs to come across loud and clear. It's his way. His very sexy way.

If safety is what you seek, then turn around now, and please close the door quietly behind you. The Scorpio Man prefers to live life to it's fullest. That could mean deciding to take on every hot-blooded woman in his path or it could just mean deciding to decorate his home in the finest luxuries. A bit excessive, probably. But his choices can lead to an intriguing lifestyle. One brimming with ideas and mystery. The Scorpio Man favors a high intellect. He searches for real meaning to his existence. You could even say it's one of his favorite pastimes. He also values an honest opinion, and in return isn't afraid to give it either. If your dress is dull, he'll let you know. If you take his breath away, he'll whisper with the utmost sincerity just how beautiful you look. If you seek truth, then grab his arm. The world awaits.

With passion can come with danger at times. Beware the seething Scorpio temper. It is not to be taken lightly. In fact, if it can be at all avoided, please do so at all costs. Tornadoes and hale storms combined wouldn't begin to show you how devastating this collision would be to pass through. Although, it too shall pass. Once the smoke and haze clears, your wide-eyed innocent Scorpio will look at you with bewilderment in his eyes and hope that all will be forgiven. And, forgiven he will be. He's just that good.

The Scorpio Man is inquisitive. Questions will need to be answered. It's a bit deceiving to think that the Scorpio Man is trusting. Sadly, paranoid and suspicious would be more likely. Words from his lips might sting if he feels betrayed. Jealousy is always quietly looming. An undeniable fury is brewing at all times. Be very careful if you have even the slightest flirtatious nature. If you pass the rigor of tests he has diligently prepared for you, then romance will no doubt begin gloriously.

The Scorpio Man will lavish you with loyalty. Never doubt how much he values your love. You'd only have to look into his eyes to know just how much. Sincerity and honest are highly valued here. The Scorpio Man has an uncanny ability to see through lies and shallow words. Thought should always be considered carefully before speaking.

The Scorpio Man can make for an amazing father. Stern when it is called for and wise beyond his years. Especially, when his young need to be advised. The head of the table is custom made for this honorable man. Family is always his top priority.

At the end of a long day, the Scorpio Man will be the one you curl up with. He will hold you, comfort you, and express every so eloquently how deeply you are cherished. There has never been a man quite like him in your life before. He is most remarkable, and stands miles apart from all others. Be wise. Accept all challenges that are extended in the name of love. In all his fantastic glory, majestic presence, you will never be the same again.

Nick Lachey ~ November 9, 1973

Owen Wilson ~ November 18, 1968

Dylan McDermott ~ October 26, 1961

Leonardo Dicaprio ~ November 11, 1974


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