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The Silver Conductor | sophisticated music for the adult music lover in you

Updated on August 1, 2011

The Silver Conductor

Musical hello, I would love to make your acquaintance @ my blog ,so I can get to know you, and you can get to know a little about me. please visit today.
Musical hello, I would love to make your acquaintance @ my blog ,so I can get to know you, and you can get to know a little about me. please visit today. | Source

The Silver Conductor

A musical hello to you all, I go by The Silver Conductor for obvious reasons :-) as you can see, but don't let the tux fool you, I'm self described as unconventional to say the least, but I feel you will be most surprised in my musical direction, from my soft "VioSax" love ballad, where a violin and saxaphone fall in love and play to each other in the most Romantic melody since Kenny G's all time great "Songbird", to my politically charged "Change Up" an uptempo piece aimed at "We the people" making a conscious effort in treating each other better as fellow human beings. So as you might discover, I'm sophisticated as well as diverse in my approach to bringing you an alternative from today's much to be desired deliveries. If you would be so kind as to 'Like' me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, and of course watch me on YouTube :-) nothing would be more fascinating. or simply check out my blog.

Know who Loves you always.

"Infectious" radio's Hot! new morning song

The Silver Conductor's first single "Infectious" off the "Best of Vol-1" cd, is already taking radio by storm as the new theme song for early morning wake up shows all over the planet. His music has been described as "Refreshing" by the master George Duke, given a 5 star rating by itunes, and is wildly on it's way up the charts both jazz grooves and top 40.

The Silver Conductor's motto: "Sophisticated music for the Adult music lover in you" is by no surprise catching the eyes and ears of music lovers, whose indiscriminate taste for the unique, is just that of his on private musical taste as he says, "It's like fine wine that must be sipped and savored to be thoroughly enjoyed"

You be the judge, for you are the final judge in all things consumed anyway. I'm sure you to will find it to be "Infectious" beyond reproach of your own liking or thirst.

By: Nuwri Ghostleaf

"Infectious" the video

The Music Industry Dead or Dying?

Wow! that's all we hear on a daily basis, "The Music Industry Dead or Dying" I find it very odd to hear major old school artist like Bon Jovi say in many recent articles that Steve Jobs and itunes killed the record industry, when in reality it has been the free downloading sites that have stymied our industry. It's also been said that the Internet is dead (Prince) in an recent article, the internet is the future and the future is Now! The world really could not function to the degree that it has evolved to without the Internet.

I see and hear artist complaining in many articles about social media, just stop for a moment and realize the power that "Social Media " and the "Internet" has done for Indie Artist, more Freedom, more Creative control, more everything your attorney was in there fighting to get, but now that the ball has been placed in your lap to do with as you please,you complain? are we or should I dare say are we that lazy, to do our own bidding now that the opportunity has been laid in our laps? I say embrace the new Industry and reach whatever destiny you see for yourself.

With this new platform I have the #1 March Madness video and theme song, so it works if you work it. go to and see what I've been up to, also Facebook, Twitter which by the way is a day planner of all your daily moves, just keeping fans , friends and curiosity seekers abreast of your interesting life, so keep it Real, amusing but most of all Interesting. You can also catch me on YouTube :-) The Music Industry Dead or Dying? no, it is alive and well in a new medium of delivery that's all.

Just one more thing, " Know who Loves you Always"

The Silver Conductor

The Silver Conductor video - "Change Up"

The Silver Conductor's | How to Secret

Knowledge is power, and power is knowledge, The Silver Conductor likes to tell those of inquiring minds. There's something in the way you Look, Sound and Exude when you do what you do, some call it the IT factor, some say it's just luck, right place at the right time. Call it what you will, you must make the best of what is available to you at any given time. When given the chance to let your wares be seen or your talent emerge. I've seen many a wanna be artist just fold under the pressure and that will never cut it in this industry, so if you ever get the opportunity to shine, be ready at the drop of a dime.

What do you do? ask the Hit producer? and he or she budding artist freezes, knowing that the elevator is coming to a stop within 10 seconds, so SING! my god this could be it, the chance you've waited a life time for and you FREEZE! that was Quincy Jones, Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Clive Davis, David Foster, Diane Warren. Do you know the power of the people on this list ?, how influential they are in the industry? one call and you are in. So the moral to what I'm telling you if you are a musician, singer, songwriter or producer, BE READY! you never know when opportunity may knock again,  these people are human just like you and me, they eat, shop,get gas just like anyone else, so BE READY!

I flew from Los Angeles to Sacramento sitting right next to Jane Fonda and didn't realize it until the woman behind me pointed it out right before we exited the plane, just think if I wanted to get into acting, I just missed a golden opportunity, a captive audience for 1 hour, go into an act right there on the plane, let her ask you why you are crying, and play it off as if though your acting career depended on it, because it just might at that moment in time. Use your imagination, grab a sad memory and act man/woman, but DO SOMETHING!

I know what you are thinking right now, I'm a little off, NO! just trying to get you to see the seriousness of Being Ready! suppose she didn't wanna be bothered, well look at her body language, it will speak volumes. But suppose on the other hand she says that was Great! got a number you can be reach at? You are In baby.

An employee at Nike said it best when they came up with one of the world's most used slogans: " JUST DO IT" The Silver Conductor's simple secret is: Be Ready!

The Silver Conductor video - retro Miles,Barry & Howard

The Silver Conductor's - musical mentor

Maurice White, the guru behind the most successful R&B band to grace the planet, Earth, Wind and Fire. I The Silver Conductor have had the privilege and honor of working with him.  To him I humbly thank for my beginnings.
Maurice White, the guru behind the most successful R&B band to grace the planet, Earth, Wind and Fire. I The Silver Conductor have had the privilege and honor of working with him. To him I humbly thank for my beginnings. | Source

My Point of View - Silver Conductor style

To believe in the Doom and Gloom stories of the music Industry folding as it would be predicted by the naysayers as of late, myself and the many countless Independent Artist that grace the spectrum of the new digital industry,we would simply have to stop believing in the god given talents we all possess.

With the advent of the Internet and Social Media, there has never in the history of the music business, been a more prosperous time or level playing field where the musicians can take full control of their musical journey. From start to finish, a project where you have complete control. Artist FREEDOM! to choose the cover you like, the songs you want the public to enjoy, from distribution to credits, it's finally in your control, the only draw back will be the learning curve of how to pull it all together from the Social Media stand point, where it's really not that difficult when you open your mind to the understanding of what it all entails.

click here now!

I think the real challenge will be your willingness to take the necessary time to figure it all out, but that will mean time away from your musical genius time of creating Great! music.Well there is an answer to that also, it's called: "Outsourcing" having someone else do the work for you, but you will still need to provide them with the content, pictures, videos and all there is to know about you and your band or group if that applies. So anyway you look at it, if you want this to work in a big way, there is going to be some work involved.

I'm asking, me The Silver Conductor, that since this is my life's calling and my gift to you as a music lover, that you simply give me the chance to grow with you as a fan and friend, by visiting my blog @ , clicking the 'Like' button on Facebook, Following me on Twitter, and watching me on YouTube. If you feel my sonic vibe and sound, I'm yours (musically speaking). Like all good things in life, give it a chance, can't hurt now can it.?

Know who Loves you Always.

The Silver Conductor

The Silver Conductor asks - What's your Thoughts?

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber,Jay Z, Rhianna, The Silver Conductor ? what do they have in common? other than being in the recording industry, nothing. To understand my point and meaning further, you will have to ask yourself what are your musical tastes? Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Neo Soul, Old School,? once you've decided on your musical flavor, just for the sake of this article/thought questionnaire, please in your mind choose just one ok? great let's do this.

Oh I forgot the most influential category of all according to Billboard, the bible of the industry, RAP. OMG alot of you are probably thinking right about now, and why is that? because this genre of music if that's what you want to call it, is generating the highest revenues i.e. M&M oops! my bad, Eminem, corrupting entire generations mindsets just to name a few side effects.

So back to your thoughts:

  1. Do you feel music plays a vital role in social behavior?
  2. Should there be stronger guidelines on what is released by artists?
  3. If you have children, do you monitor their musical tastes?
  4. Some artists say their music doesn't influence buyers, what's your thoughts?
  5. Freedom of speech? or Disrespect for the art?
  6. How much is enough ?

You know this could go on and on and possibly turn into a debate because of the variance in musical tastes, so let's just stop here. What's the point to all this you might be asking inside of your head, and that would by the way be a fair thing to ask, but while you are pondering the thought now at least, remember to remember your thoughts are more important than you might be giving yourself credit for,  after all, you are the Final judge in mostly all your decisions, you do know that right? Right?

I simply want you to strongly consider The Silver Conductor's musical alternative, with it comes a little something for every music lovers tastes.


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