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The Transformers Age Of Extinction Movie Review....

Updated on July 8, 2014

The Transformers Age Of Extinction Movie Review….

It is my wont not to have read any opposing critics reviews before I venture out to see a movie that I myself may critique and I am happy to have done so before seeing the new Transformers movie, minus, apparently, the troubled Shia Labeouf. I must confess too that when I went to the movies, I had intended to see a movie called, ‘The Signal,’ but alas, it was not playing… so I had to settle for the Transformers. In the past, the Transformers movie franchise is not to my liking, but because of Mark Walberg’s involvement, I decided to give the Autobots a chance to impress me and impressed me they did. In the continuing internecine, saga between the Autobots and the Decepticons, the former who have placed their lives at risk for Earthlings… are devastated that the humans have become ungrateful and are now hunting Optimus Prime and his cohorts.

It is quite a Judas-like scene to see humans hunting the Autobots and the latter having to hide from their former allies and beneficiaries… but so it is like real life that emotions and alliances are fickle in an era that represents the Janet Jackson ode, ‘what have you done for me lately.’ Now, there might be cause for the rupture between the Autobots and the humans, especially since many citizens lost their lives and the Windy City was virtually destroyed on account of the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, which, to many was a war between Alien forces. And like our modern politics, there are those who have taken advantage, albeit selfishly of the fragile Human/Autobots alliance, and widened the chasm by way of xenophobia.

The task of causing malignant mistrust between humans and Autobots is done with aplomb by the brilliant Kelsey Grammer, who, if one looks closely at the glint in his eyes, is enjoying being one of the baddies in the movie. I have often wondered why Mr. Grammer does get to be the bad guy in many more movies because he has the acting chops to pull it off. Mr. Grammer character is motivated by greed and the fact that he has done much for God and country as an ex-soldier/CIA operative and has nothing materially to show for it. Grammer’s character is also a mover and shaker in Washington, and, as such, has the ears of the power elites to get bad things done and so it goes.

Lest I forget, the new star of the Transformers, Mark Walberg, is a failed widower engineer, tinkering on his foreclosed farm, and trying to be a father to a benign, rebellious teenage girl. Of course, fortuitously, Mr. Walberg gets his hands on what looks like an old truck - but it is the Autobots’ intrepid leader, Optimus Prime… and because the Autobots are out of favor with humans, there is a bounty on Prime’s head, especially since he is the leader. To make matters worse is also the fact that there is an alien bounty hunter also seeking Optimus Prime’s whereabouts. All of these happenings place Mark Walberg and his family in the cross-hairs of many nefarious interests now that he has in his possession a badly wounded Optimus Prime… who is in need of a doctor/engineer to patch him up.

Michael Bay’s directing is kinetic and one wonders how he manages to create such orderly chaos in the fast moving action scenes – its akin to seeing giants pirouetting/dancing the ballet with bloodletting and machine parts being ripped apart. There is that balance of humor, portrayed by the dependable Stanley Tucci, who says to Mark Walberg that he may have started the Apocalypse, but Mark brought along his family. In addition, the frightening chaos provided by the fight scenes between the Alien bounty hunter and the Autobots seem so real that I can only imagined what Hollywood is going to come up with in the near future. At this juncture, I should give props to Optimus Prime whose iron-clad demeanor and commanding voice make you - human or nonhuman- to fight to the death.

The thing about Optimus Prime is that he is like a walking, breathing Exclamation Mark who commands respect... case in point, there is a seminal scene that takes place in China where Optimus Prime must convince his historical enemy, the Decepticons, to join him and fight a greater enemy… Prime’s speech extolling the benisons of freedom and rallying and convincing his enemy was almost like hearing a human battle-field commander motivating the troops before the carnage of war. In addition to the fray is also the situation where fathers/parents are clueless about what their children are ‘doing’ and there is that human element involved in the movie when the Walberg character realizes that his daughter is not that innocent little girl anymore, but that she is a woman with a boyfriend… the latter who has taken the father’s place in her life.

Is the most recent Transformers’ movie perfect - of course not… but it is what a summer-block-buster should be… mostly action and not too cerebral; and Michael Bay has brought together the elements that make up a rollicking summer-block-buster. Make no mistake, there are more Transformers movies to be had because, apparently, the Autobots are owned by the makers… who want their properties (Autobots/Decepticons) back and that is why there are alien bounty hunters seeking Autobots to bring them back to their owners/masters. And once again, it is why we love Optimus Prime because we see him gazing skywards and hears his positive arrogant warning to his Makers that he is coming to them and that they need not send any alien bounty hunters after him and his Autobots!


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