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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Rose

Updated on July 25, 2011

Contender For Worst Episode

I really didn't like this episode, at all. There isn't much I can say I liked about it. This episode kicks off the story that ruled the show for the rest of the season. Elena is the doppelganger and everyone must protect her from Elijah, Klaus and herself.

A man in a clown mask kidnapped Elena at the end of Masquerade. When Stefan learns his squeeze is missing, he thinks Katherine did it, and Damon lied about locking her in the crypt. You know, Stefan, if you want something done, do it yourself, instead of leaving your brother to do the dirty work while you keep your hands clean, per usual.

Elena is taken to a dilapidated mansion where Trevor and Rose intend to trade her to Elijah for their freedom from Klaus. Probably the grossest scene in the episode was Elijah showing up and sniffing at Elena like a dog. It would have only been grosser if he'd licked her face with his tongue. YUCK! Elijah knocking Trevor's head off his shoulder and sending it flying across the room wasn't as gross as the sniffing.

I'm no fan of Stefan's so having to hear Rose say twice how he's one of the good guys had me rolling my eyes in disgust. That coupled with Stefan equating himself as Ripper Stefan as being just like Damon. And then trying to get Damon to say he was in love with Elena was enough to have me wanting to throw something at my TV. Then Stefan was kind of gloating that he could drink blood just like Stefan. By the time the brothers had their one decent scene of the night, what came before pretty much ruined it. Besides, I think the only reason Stefan offered Damon an apology for getting Damon to complete his transformation into a vampire was because he knew he needed Damon to help him protect Elena and didn't want them to be fighting. So that little apology was more self-motivated than anything else.

To sum it up: Bonnie and Jeremy both bled to find Elena and save her. Damon and Stefan rushed to Elena's rescue and Damon had a totally duh moment when he thought Elena was rushing to run into his arms. She ran into Stefan's and mouthed, "Thank you." to him. Then after Stefan's little self-motivated apology, Damon went to Elena to tell her he loves her, then compelled her to forget, saying he didn't deserve her, Stefan did. Did I mention before this episode was a major Stefan butt-kissing episode?

There's a lot of Vampire Diaries episodes I'd love to rewatch; this isn't one of them.


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