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The Vampire Diaries-- The Killer

Updated on November 15, 2012

Within a couple of hours before the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries’ We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes, I’m finally watching last week’s episode, The Killer. I remember the days when I couldn’t wait to watch a new episode of The Vampire Diaries; now I have to make myself watch it, because I keep putting it off until I have to do it.

The problem is there’s really nothing for me personally to look forward to on the show. No promise of a couple I like actually happening or any real character development for any of the characters. I don’t care how many times Julie Plec yammers on about Stefan and Elena being an epic couple, I can give you a long list for why they aren’t. There isn’t any element of Damon and Elena that even meets any type of criteria for being romantic. And none of the other couples are the least bit interesting to me.

The problem is Julie Plec is writing the show for what the shippers want. Some of these shippers actually ship incest and think there’s nothing wrong for doing so. Which may explain why so many of these couples Plec is pushing are just wallowing in ugliness.

The Prof told Connor he had plans for Bonnie and wanted his assurance he wouldn’t harm her. When Connor wouldn’t give it, The Prof invited Bonnie to his office where he hypnotized her for seven hours and told her she couldn’t do magic because she was afraid. He got her to try and light a candle and she managed to light all the candles around the room. However, she wasn’t able to light the candle she was trying to light. So I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing.

One of the big gross out moments this week was Connor carrying around a decapitated head and extracting wolf venom from it. One of the unintentionally funny moments had to be The Prof and Connor discussing how hard it is to kill a hybrid. Are you kidding me? They’re easy to kill. The show was definitely trying to do a retcon claiming you had to rip out their heart and cut off their heads to kill them, when last season killing them was like killing the walking mannequins in Silent Hill 2. You just have to whack them in the head with your stick and they’re dead.

Anyway, the show started with the stars of our show doing dueling diary entries. Elena was blah blah blahing about poor her and how she hates being a vampire, but is only hanging on because of Jeremy. And I’m like, “Have you even shared a scene with Jeremy since you became a vampire?” And then we had Stefan yapping about how since Elena became a vampire he doesn’t recognize her anymore. The fake vampires like Stefan and Caroline go around pretending that even though they’re a member of the living dead and feed on blood they’re just the same as they were when they were humans. The real vampires like Damon and Katherine accept what they are and own it and know that they’ve completely changed from when they were a human. So sorry, Steffy, but little Elena isn’t acting like she’s still the same when she isn’t. She hasn’t perfected the art of denying what she is like you have.

Connor returns to town and takes Jeremy, Matt and the unfortunate April hostage. When Connor talks about the hour he and Jeremy spent together, Jeremy realizes someone compelled him not to remember. Connor mentors Jeremy in the art of the slayer while threatening to kill him. Connor recalls killing a friend who was a vampire when they couldn’t control what they are when Jeremy says they’re not all bad.

Jeremy says he has a friend whose a vampire and maybe he was talking about Damon. Caroline ratted him out and helped him and Bonnie break out, so I doubt think he’s friend with Vampire Barbie. Jeremy’s never really taken well to Stefan. Or maybe he meant Alaric or Kol. There’s so many of them it’s hard to tell who people are talking about when they don’t mention names.

Stefan is in quite a pickle when Damon and company want to storm the Bastille [The Mystic Grille] and whack Connor. He keeps trying to find ways to stop them without telling anyone why. He even vervains Damon and steals his daylight ring.

I saw a lot of Stefan fans going on about how many times he’s saved everyone and I had to scratch my head, as I don’t remember him saving anyone. Even now, he was more about saving Connor than saving Jeremy, Matt and April. Season one while Stefan was having a good time at Founder’s Day it was Damon that was trying to save everyone. Season two it was Damon who saved Caroline and Tyler while Stefan was off taking a walk in the woods with Elena ala Bella and Edward. Season three Stefan put everyone in danger by stealing Klaus’ coffins. It’s great to be a fan of a character, but try being realistic. Stefan only saved Matt because Elena told him to.

Anyway, Stefan sort of saves the day and then takes off with Connor. Unfortunately, because he hasn’t told anyone why he’s so hot to protect Connor, all his lies and deceptions are for naught, as an outraged Elena snaps Connor’s neck and kills him, not knowing he was the key to her no longer being a vampire. Damon had to shove his hand through Stefan’s chest and squeeze his heart before he finally spilled the truth to Damon.

Damon offers to find the non-existent cure by finding one of the other one of five vampire slayers, not realizing they have one under their nose in Jeremy, who sees Connor’s tattoo appear on his own hand after Connor is dead. I thought when Damon heard there was a possible cure for vampirism that Damon was thinking he could be cured, himself, while all Stefan can think of is curing Elena.

After Elena has realized she killed Connor, she throws quite the pity party for herself. She actually blames Damon for killing Connor since he told her to. Yeah, and since when does she do what Damon tells her. Nice cop-out honey, but for once in you passing-the-blame existence, would you take blame for your own actions. And as for her going on about how she killed someone, it’s not like this is the first person’s death she’s cause. It’s only the first person she actually did the dirty herself. I mean, do the names John, Jenna, and Abby [to name but a few] ring a bell with her.

Anyway, she starts having delusions. Her bathroom is full of blood and the word KILLER is written on her mirror in blood. Speaking of blood, the second gross-out moment of this episode is Elena running around with blood all over her chin and not like thinking of wiping it off on her sleeve or something like most people do when they feel something all over their face.

I guess my favorite moment of the night was Hayley treating Caroline like the insignificant insect that she is. Seems Hayley and Tyler have teamed up for Operation: Free The Hybrids from Klaus’ control. They explain to Vampire Barbie that’s what they’re up to, but they’re letting Klaus think they’re fooling around with each other, because if he finds out they’re planning to free his slaves he’ll kill them.

Finally, I have to ask why the fans who were clamoring for Elena to become a vampire, think she’ll become a bad-@ss vampire. She wasn’t a bad-@ss as a human, so why would she be one as a vampire?

Rest In Peace, Connor. I’ll miss you. You were the most interesting character on the show this season. That’s for bringing some life to the show. And for bringing forth the concept that the vampires aren’t the good guys. You’ll be missed.


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