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"The Walking Dead" Guidelines

Updated on February 13, 2012
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

I just spent most of yesterday, and a lot of the night before watching The Walking Dead marathons and just finished the return of season two. Immediately I got wrapped up into the show, because there really are no other zombie shows out there to enjoy. With a lot more time to work with (than 120minutes or so), the show can really focus on the psychological effect of the zombie apocalypse on a variety of people. Although both seasons have their differences, the ever-changing group dynamics maintained its interest throughout. In all honesty, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the first season, while the personal dramas of the second season seemed to distract from the larger issues at hand. Here are a few survival guidelines that I picked up from the series so far.

1. You’re either a hero or a survivor. You pretty much look out for yourself or look out for others, which is how it breaks down among the men. Now, if you’re a woman or child you pretty much have the option of being completely dependent on those around you (Andrea [Laurie Holden] being the most independent). Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) easily falls into the appropriate role of Hero, and thus the natural leader of this mixed bag of characters. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), being Rick’s wife, is pretty much the first lady – literally it’s said by another character and we’re all pretty much thinking it. Shane (Jon Berthnal) is pretty much a survivor, and goes crazy at all the pressing moments. Then there’s Daryl (Norman Reedus), probably my favorite character, who starts out as a survivor, but makes a lovely transformation into a hero – bit by bit.

2. Humanity v. Survival; throughout the series it seems like there is this constant balancing between maintaining one’s humanity and staying alive. As people are struggling to list reasons to keep on going, humanity seems to be what most people are trying to hold on to, along with their sanity. Those who are “heroes” like to keep their humanity just a little bit longer than those who are just out to survive, but everyone has their doubts.

3. If something can go wrong, it will. I think that point pretty much explains itself. Almost every character on the show has the worst luck and something always goes wrong. It definitely makes for exciting and intense television, but damn – can their luck really be that bad? It really just makes me think the characters are at the whim of the writers’ sick humor.

4. Lying is stupid. This is mostly an issue in the second season (the only real secret in the first season was the whole Lori and Shane relationship). You would think with so many crises happening, such as a missing daughter and man-eating “Walkers” about, that people would avoid the personal dramas by being open and honest with one another. But what I’ve learned from media everywhere is that, apparently, everyone lies and has a secret. It causes a lot of rifts within the group, which is always on shaky ground as is, and creates drama where there really shouldn’t be.

I’m really enjoying the show, and am pretty satisfied by the story through and through. But I’m really curious as to where the story will go now, only because the first half of the second season was the group looking, rather hopelessly, for a little girl. Now that she’s been found (in a way I was somewhat expecting), and the search can be called off how will the writers shake the story up once again? Will they keep the excitement up with the group travelling from one place to another, or have the excitement come to them?


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    • RANDOMTHTS4ALL profile image

      Daniele Paulson 6 years ago from Redding CA

      I love the show too. I am curious as to where its going to lead as well. I was bored one day and started watching the 1st season marathon last year that lead to the second season. It quickly became addicting. I am not really into zombies, and I dont think that is how the world will end. However, its great entertainment on a Sunday evening.