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The best theme songs from movies

Updated on March 26, 2015

Enjoy the sound!


Anything but Oridinary!

Here comes that music again.

Great songs that stand on their own.

These were the songs made us enjoy and remember or forget the movies they accompanied more than we would have. Even though this is a fun, entertainment hub, it will spark some controversy. I am sure that my friend Rob Wright will chime in (LOL) as he is always welcome too.

I made this list with the songs in mind, that can stand by themselves. In other words, if you separate them from the movie, we still love these songs. Yes, the music made the movie in Jaws and Halloween, but no I do not sit around rocking out to Deh neh, neh neh, ( Jaws). These are the songs that we love as songs not scores. I will do a list of the best accompanying music from the movies quite soon.

I also did not like Somewhere out there and Time of my Life...SORRY!

The ones I almost included: Got You Where I Want You-The Flies-From: Disturbing Behavior Unchained Melody-From: Ghost - Theme from a Summer Place . The Rainbow Connection - Muppet Movie. My Heart will go on- Titanic- Just not a Celine fan.

Here is where the story begins!

12. Ordinary- Train- From: Spiderman 3. I am not a Train fan but this was a great one!

11. Wake Up-Rage against the Machine. From :The Matrix.This is the song that they play when Neo (Keanu Reeves) leaves the phone booth at the end of the movie. I do not care for the band at all, but the song is great!


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    • Wavecritter profile image

      Wavecritter 6 years ago from Cocoa Beach

      "Yes, the music made the movie in Jaws and Halloween, but no I do not sit around rocking out to Deh neh, neh neh, ( Jaws)." LOL =) Great list and awesome presentation, thanks!

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Well, I could do without Whitney Houston; but I truly like all of the others listed! :-p