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Theories The Good Place Show Getting Out of The Comfort Zone

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 3 Part 3 of 7

The Episode were Chidi looks like he might die a second time.
The Episode were Chidi looks like he might die a second time. | Source

Learning New Things

Michael, Janet and Chidi

Michael wants Chidi to discover a new hobby and get out of his comfort zone.

First Hobby

Photojournalism - this has to do with taking pictures and reporting them. Chidi does not like this idea. It makes him nervous.

Learn that more people are in the Bad Place

-Brooklyn Trail Blazers are in the bad place.

Who are they? They are a day camp for kids in Brooklyn. I don't know how all of them be in the bad place.

There is no sports team under that name in Brooklyn unless she means the Portland Trail Blazers. But, Janet should have all her facts strait.

What is going on? Is this a glitch of some kind?

Theory: Janet's information has been hacked for some reason. Someone knew that Michael was going to use her as an assistant.

-Christoper Columbus is in the bad place.

He is a guy that is said to have discovered the new world. He landed somewhere in the Americas. It is unknown where he landed in North America.

Everyone loves Tahani. Everyone in the neighborhood says that.

People still find happiness though what is going on around them.

Eleanor notes that the items look a little burnt that Tahani has brought. Tahani looks worried. Then, Eleanor complements her.

Trying New Things, Again

Michael, Janet and Chidi

Michael want him to be a newspaper editor and chief -- he does not liked deadlines. This is wrong for him. Also, he never named dog.

Michael wants The Good Place to be positive for Chidi.

He is in no way attracted to Janet.

Theory: He might be gay. Or, he sees Eleanor as the woman for him for the rest of his after life. There is no more looking around. Eleanor is it for him.

Belonging Here

Tahani, Tahani's soul mate, and Eleanor

Eleanor has spent the entire day with Tahani. She wants to figure out if Tahani sent the note.

What did Tahani mean by saying the words "Belong Here"?

Tahani is still doing skin care regiments in The Good Place. She is dead. Why twelve steps? That is a lot.

Tahani loves tea.

Theory: This could be a remark on how culture is not the same. Coffee is the norm where Eleanor died and Tahani likes tea were she died.

Note: I have read many books. And, the female drinks coffee when they are in the United States of America. Yet, when they are the place were Tahani lives they drink tea. This is taken to the extreme in most Romance novels. The people drink coffee, or tea. Someone might be drinking water but there is normally those two choices.

Eleanor does some investigating by looking around the room and under the couch. She finds a diary.

This supports my claim that she was an investigator in life or an undercover journalist.

Another Hobby

Micheal Janet and Chidi

Welding - Make something with hands. Chidi does not want to be there in that room with Janet and sparks flying off of a machine.

Chidi wants to keep working on his paper. The paper is all over the place. And, it is very large.

His work takes too long to read. My guess is that it does not have enough examples make sure the reader is fallowing what is written on the page.

Chidi's audience is those of like minded people: other professors.The average person who attends college would not be able to understand the body of work.

Michael wants Chidi to get out of his comfort zone.

What does this mean? In order to find who he was in life or is now in the after life, Chidi needs to find out what he has always wanted to do. If Chidi wants to change something about himself he will needs to research where he wants to be in the future.

Work though the fear and find the fun.

The sign on the walls is, 'Notice: Have fun'.

The fear is there for a reason. But, is it rational? Could the boundaries be pushed without something horrible happening?

What does the person want? How to get it? What is the person afraid of? Are their ways to work though the fear so that the person gets what they want in life?

In this case, it is not life. Chidi would be working on his life's work in the after life.

Chidi does not experience anxiety well.

Theory: He died of a heart attack. Or, he died of stomach cancer.

Strange theory: All of this people are not dead they have all been put in a comas to deal with there illnesses.


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