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Theory The Good Place Show Consequences

Updated on December 5, 2016

The Good Place


Meeting The Neighbor

Her neighbor is not use to interacting with others that is not in her inner circle. Theory: She treats her best friends the way she treats Eleanor. This could be inside joke. She might see so much resemblance that she sees a connection right away.

Eleanor does not feel the same way toward her neighbor.

Theory: Her neighbor loves to put on parts very often on Earth. So, often that she thinks that everyone wants to join her. There must have been some guests that loved to attend her parties. She feels obliged to do her best because this is what is expected of her.

Theory: Eleanor does not comfortable with sharing anything good about her life. She hides the good side of herself because others might expect too much out of her.

Eleanor's Former Life

Flashback: There is a young man that wants to talk about the environment. But, she insults him and litters. When he comments she says “to pick up it up”.

--I think she think that this kid is fake. He does not really care about the environment. He only wants to talk about it. Then, get others to pick up trash to make him feel better.

--Theory: This guy is interrupting an important call. Eleanor looks at the cell phone with a look of disappointment.

Whom is calling her in this flashback? This guy should move on to the next person and not focus on her.

-Why her? There is a guy in back of her when she exited the escalator. There is even a guy in back of of him. Eleanor must have done something to make him want to focus in on her.

Theory: The guy that wants her to save the environment wants to take advantage of her. He is getting her information, so that he can steal her information.

More Backstory for Eleanor

She has not killed anyone, set fire to things, and has never too cash out of someone’s wallet.

The last thing on this list is a longer story. But, I think Eleanor had her wallet stolen that way. That is why she is so angry about it.

She really does hate her home and it is creepy. Why would her house be creepy? She does not like that she died. She does not think anyone cared.

New information about Eleanor: does care about her soul mate, her parents are divorced, crummy when they were alive, and they are both dead. –she was “not Gondi”, she says she “was a medium person,”

Also, Chidi, her soul mate, finds the large clown door creepy.

Going To A Party

There are many people that deserve to be in The Good Place.

Theory: There infinite food and drink in The Good Place. But, the person has to know what to ask for. Eleanor see the giant shrimp. She wants more. Why? She could have more sent to her home.

-She wants to stand out because Eleanor does not want to stay at that party. Eleanor wants to get thrown out.

Tennis: 36 regulation tennis courts at the house that is throwing the party? Why that many? There are only 322 people in the neighborhood. There are only two people living in the home.

Strange Theory: There will be tennis championships in the future. The other homes are big, too. There might be other sports championships at other homes. There could even be Olympics held there in The Good Place.

Eleanor does not like her neighborhood so she steals. Why? She can get all this stuff. Stealing should have no meaning.


Eleanor awakes to storm. Which could note that there’s are others that do not want to be there. The storm might be the people lashing out against their situation.

Crow sounds: This is about death. But, everyone is already dead in The Good Place. Theory: Her assigned soul mate is in pain without his true soul mate. He will suffer unless he gets to be with this person. If one is in pain the other might be in pain, too.

Music- Everyone loves music or I am guessing most of them.

People are running= Panic. Eleanor is not scared of what is going on. She is confused. Why is she not running with the rest of the people? Also, her neighbor that hosted the party is not confused?

Theory: This could be a sign of people running from their own problems.

Theory: Her neighbor is use to fixing other people’s problems. This is second nature to her.

Giant lady bug= Eleanor speaks against her neighbor. For this ladybug to be that big, there has to be others that are speaking out against their neighbors.

Fork= cursing. Someone said the real word. Who? This is not Eleanor.

Rockets of different color smoke- There are problems with current relationships. This could be foreshadowed as being a problem for milt-people in the series.

she is wearing different clothing then everyone else- she is also in grey. She is nutria to everyone else. And, she sees herself as different than the others in The Good Place.

dust in the air or something-problems that are coming to Eleanor. This might indicate that everyone is having problems with The Good Place.

Theory: I think that the dust could be that the people running away don't understand how to deal with being dead. Michael is a nice guy but he is not a firm guy.

I think some are troubled about the sudden move to The Good Place. They want to see their families(or dead ones.) They don't understand the limitations of The Good Place.

There are still so many questions. And, Michael just tells them that, "Everything is fine." How can everything be fine when they don't understand what is going on around them.

flying shrimp- Eleanor did take the shrimp. But, why is it flying? Everyone wants to experience new and creative things in The Good Place. But, creativity is a good thing in The Good Place.

giant frog= Many people are having a hard time with this new place.

loud music (Ariana Grande)- This singer does have some sexual themes to her music. This might note that the relationship is starting to fast.

disco type of lights: Not sure. This might relate to someone else. This is a foreshadowing to parties in the future. But, another character looks shocked to hear the music playing in the background. This might be a problem with him, too.

large pill bottles-This could be anyone. Eleanor did sell pills. But, many people might have had jobs that they don’t want to do.

Theory: Eleanor had a choice of two bottles to sell. There are more than two rolling around. So, I think that some of the people are taking drugs in The Good Place.

This is not Eleanor's problem. She has not taken or sold any drug in The Good Place.

Tulips interacting with each other-fighting= anger at charity. This might be related to Eleanor’s past. She might have received a lot of fake charity in her life because of her parents divorcing then dyeing. Also, this could be about other people not believing that what is going on around them.

They might not be happy with the soul mate that The Good Place picked for them.

Theory: This reflects the anger that other people have to their new soundings. They were told in life that they would go to a location or no location after they died. Someone lied to them. They want to take out their anger on someone. But, they can't take it out on people that are so Good.

They bottle their feeling up inside them. IE Chidi's (Eleanor's soul mate) stomach hurting.

People in The Good Place may be asking for drugs to make the pain stop.

Giraffes- Eleanor compared her neighbor to one of these. I don’t know why there are more than one. Someone else must have said the same thing.

blue and yellow suits- The suits might be to note that everything is going to be alright.

(References at end of article for the list of things that appear. The theories are my own questions or speculations about what is happening.)

What Else Might Be Going On

Why does Eleanor not have the suit on when she wakes up? She puts her night clothing in the middle of night. The clothing could have changed on everyone at mid-night.

What I know: The fork might be from anyone. People in the neighbor do not like cursing. This had to have started before she said something. So, this rule created the change. There are only two of the things that she might be responsible for the shrimp and the giraffe. But, she mentions giant animals.

Theory: This happens as a warning to all neighborhoods. Michael might not be involved in the early clean up in every neighborhood because he has never been in charge. If the other people in charge noticed something wrong they could always ask the assistant to fix it.

Theory: Deep down Eleanor believes she does belong there. She had done good things.

Theory: Eleanor wants to stay in The Good Place with her soul mate. She cares about him. Also, she realizes that her soul mate could not picked for The Good Place, either.

There is no way her soul mate can determine if she lives there or not. Why does she care? Her soul mate knows about Good People. Also, she knows that being good is not known to most of the religions. If she is not seen as Good, she wants to make sure that her soul mate stays in The Good Place.

Theory About Chidi

Eleanor’s soul mate (Chidi) could be making more appearances. He has been seen with her so many times already. Theory: He will be a permanent cast member. Yet, he does seem to be the guy before she meets the guy that is meant to be with her in the series.

This might help in story-lines were Eleanor becomes his friend. A romantic character will come a long for her but not until the end of the season. Also, this could turn into a running joke with her.

Theory: Eleanor might never get a soul mate. She might have to visit another neighborhood to find him. Which he already is a soul mate to someone else? Eleanor has to do that right thing and give up her what she thinks is her only shot at getting a real soul mate.

Theory: Chidi (Eleanor’s soul mate) is a spy. He want to expose what is going on in the neighborhoods. He belongs there to investigate how or why Michael picked the wrong neighborhood.

But, he finds it difficult to find things out when Eleanor who should not be there wishes for her soul mate to help her. Eleanor takes up a lot of his time.

Chidi somehow has Eleanor to spend more time away from him so that he can do his spy work.


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