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Things I'm Sick of Seeing in Commercials!

Updated on November 27, 2013
I'm disgusted! Photo by anankkml at
I'm disgusted! Photo by anankkml at

Remember when products used to try to come up with their own unique commercial? Nobody copied each other, because they wanted theirs to be different. Not anymore! It seems to me they all copy whatever the other guy is doing and here are some examples. I am not going to go into brand names but I'm sure most of you will know the commercials I'm referring to.


The first complaint is dancing. There is the diet plan commercial where they are going to be hot and skinny the next time you see them and they all do a dance after they have lost the weight.

There are several food commercials, that are set in offices, where everyone has to get up and dance after having whatever food they're pushing. These are just a couple of examples, there are many more!

I don't mind fact I love dancing, but these people can't dance. I think they are suppose to be good in the diet commercial, but almost all of them aren't. Most of the other commercials have goofy dancing, obviously going for the humor. Sometimes it can be funny, but most of the time not. I'm a little tired of seeing people make fools out of themselves. It loses the humor along the way.


Car commercials almost always have people driving very fast and adventurously. It seems to me this is a bad image to be projecting, especially to teens. Now, we all have maybe dreamed of driving like that, but in reality, not such a good idea.

I would like to see more responsible and practical driving in these commercials. Maybe even something that gives you the idea that if you drive this car you will have a pleasant, peaceful trip. Wouldn't that be nice? I guess danger and excitement outsell peace these days.


The science project goes awry and spews a volcano of goop...can you imagine cleaning that up?

The little girl is getting her turn at using the electric beater and tilts it so the contents in the bowl go all over the kitchen...ugh. The father even holds up a paper towel over the baby in the highchair, smiling the whole time!

The mother playfully turns the kitchen sink sprayer on her son after he sprays soda all over the place...what a mess.

We're suppose to think this is cute, i guess! Maybe I'm too serious or a neatnik, but all I can think of is the incredible mess this would make and how absurd the commercial is. A roll of paper towels is not going to clean up these messes! Not to mention how far-spread the goo would go and how you'd be finding it stuck to things forever.

If it's a single spill, like a glass on a counter, fine, but stuff that flies everywhere is just too much!


I will mention one brand name and that is Clorox bleach. Watching the grandma dangle chickens from poles, a guy cleaning a fish on the counter top, the child having used the tub as a toilet, the other child spilling urine from his potty across the floor...I find these commercials disgusting. I don't know what Clorox is thinking!


We are barraged with commercials for different drugs for everything from dry eyes to arthritis to heart diseases. I personally think the drug companies are doing themselves more harm than good. After hearing the possible side effects of most of these drugs, who would want to take them?

But my main objection is that we are constantly being reminded of what we might get. Our world these days is so full of worries and anxiety that this certainly doesn't help. And what is the deal anyway with "Ask your doctor if (insert drug name here) is right for you." Shouldn't my doctor be telling me about the drug and suggesting it? I don't get it. I have to tell him which drug I want to take? Hmmm....

Well, these are just some of the things that really bug me about commercials these days. A silly subject maybe, but one I wanted to vent about! Please tell me what bugs you!

How many of you watch commercials?

Are you a commercial watcher?

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