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Food and Other Miscellanous Things You Need To Keep In The Studio While Recording

Updated on June 19, 2013

As I have been recording and working with other artists and producers for quite some time, there are a few key things I have noticed that all of us will always need - energy, rest and first aid lol. Here is how to keep your sessions going and not kill and frustrate yourself in the process.

1. Water

The last thing you want a musician to do is to get dehydrated. This is the main reason why whenever you see me about to record or even sing for an extended amount of time I will always have water with me or get some immediately!

Water will help keep you perky and your vocal chords ready to go. Just make sure your singers have room temperature or warm water because the cold warm will counteract any warmup they may have already done. Plus water is good for you anyway. Try drinking as much of it as possible, aim for 8 glasses a day. I used to think that was a bit much but it really isn't as intense as it may seem.

An easy and pretty cheap way of making sure you always have water is to keep at least one 24 pack of water at your studio or in your car. It will cost you just $3-$7 per pack, you won't have to worry about cups and you'll never be without water! lol

2. Healthy Snacks

You'll need to continuously be able to energize yourself and any musicians you work with so you'll need some type of food. Greasy foods that are notorious for being ordered by artists and producers like Chinese Food or any other fast food need not apply. If you can't get to a restaurant that has some healthier choices or even a fast food place that has some healthier options make sure you definitely have some healthy options available.

Protein and energy bars and shakes are sufficient meals substitutes. I say sufficient because they will give you the energy your body needs but nothing beats a meal. It's like having a cheat sheet on a test. Nuts like almonds, pecans and Macadamia's are great also for a boost of energy. You should also try to have some fruit with you. Of course it's shelf life is much shorter but your body will thank you for it later.

3. A First Aid Kit

Yes, I said it! Eventually you will need a first aid kit for something. With equipment being everywhere you can easily slam something on your foot, knock your head against a shelf or anything else and find blood gushing from your head - it's happened! lol. Make sure you have some bandaids, witch hazel because it will clean a wound but is milder than alcohol so less sting and some type of healing agent like Neosporin.

Do you drink enough water and make sure you're getting enough nutrition while you work?

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