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How To Fight Fatigue and Keep Your Energy While Traveling On Tour

Updated on April 4, 2013

As a singer, I travel a lot and stay up long hours either at a show, in the studio or during some other event. Keeping my energy up and fighting fatigue are vital to everything I do. Of course rest is highly important and I certainly take advantage of it when I get it but when I'm on go, stopping is something I can't afford to do. I've learned some extremely helpful tips and tricks to keep me going with vigor!

1. Develop A Routine

No matter how much things change or how much you are doing, there will always be certain regular things you need to do on a consistent basis. Make sure you identify them and figure out when is the best time to do them. Use apps to help you get things straightened out.

These tasks could be weekly, monthly or just something that needs a little attention everyday. Write them all in order of when it would be most efficient and important to tackle them in order to create your routine.

2. Don't Forget to Eat!

You're out and about, you're performing, you're talking to the crowd that came to see you, you're driving and then it hits you like a baseball bat - you haven't eaten in hours! You realize just how tired you are and want few things more in life than food.

Unfortunately, there will be times when food couldn't be further than water from the Sahara Desert. Always have a stash of some healthy treats with you. Make sure they are not super sugary or salty because it will most likely cause you to crash and you will probably still be hungry.

Protein bars and shakes can be a life saver. I Personally like the "PowerBall" bars and the "Luna" bars are not bad. I'm about to try the "Designer Whey" brand and have heard some good things about it. Let me know how you liked it if you've tried them. These type of treats are a great meal substitute in situations like this. Otherwise you may be stuck with vending machine food or the treats at the local gas station and that ain't always cool.

3. Move Your Body!

You should not excuse yourself from exercising while you're on tour and traveling. It may be hard to fit in with all the extra things and moving around that you're doing but it needs to be done. Fighting fatigue and keeping a high or at least normal level of energy calls for good health.

This doesn't mean you have to go to the gym at your hotel or head to one near a house your staying at. You can exercise from anywhere. If you have the band all with you get your exercise in with a group activity. Play basketball, go rollerblading or skating (my preference), sprint through the park. Make it as much fun as you can and really just knock it out and your body will feel better in addition to you having a boost in confidence for pushing yourself.

There are plenty of videos and exercises you can access for free as well. Youtube alone has a plethora but MarC and Brandon Carter get me pumped the most to workout from right where I am!

4. Get Rest!

The number one thing that can always stand to give you a bit of an instant charge is to let your body rest. When you allow your body to be in a resting state, you allow it to heal itself from whatever the day or week has thrown at it. Really think of a rechargeable battery, if you allow it to sit on the charger and fully charge you will get the best use out of it rather than removing it to check on it or use it every 10 minutes.

Plus this is the time your body repairs your muscles after a workout, so if you're looking for a more defined body and energy, sleep is your friend!


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