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Those Photos That Tell A Story - About A Part Of You

Updated on March 14, 2013

There are photos that are an actual shot of you, a picture of you . . . and those photos can speak to those who know you, they see a look or a particular time in your life that they recognize. There are photos that are still images from life, things that happen . . . and those photos show important or memorable events in your life. All these tell a story, a story about you . . . there are also photos that can display a single aspect, a particular interest or passion that is so much a part of who you are that they too are among those photos that tell a story – a story about a part of you.

Between myself and my one daughter and one son who are still at home, this collection represents a shared passion in our home. When I was in my early teens, like, 1968 or so, I gradually and without plan or purpose began to unravel that what I was hearing in the music of my era (Rock & Roll like Little Richard and Dion, Motown and Atlantic Records Soul music, and then the British Invasion sound, etc) that touched me so deeply was American Blues music. Every style of popular Western music we listen to today, from Benny Goodman & Bing Crosby to Heavy Metal & Hip Hop, all comes from the Blues. So, all my kids grew-up listening to Blind Willie McTell, The Who, Louis Prima, John Lee Hooker, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, etc, etc, etc.

And when you understand the music that moves you, when you know where it comes from and what influences are carried from one form through another, when you ‘get’ the heart of the music, it’s hard not to participate a bit . . . my kids never listened to whatever was currently playing on the radio, they listened and played along with Buddy Guy, Savoy Brown, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc. And because of that, this photo tells a story, the very specific story of a passion shared by all in our home.

Now, I want to focus on one of these beauties in particular and share it with you. If you look in the first photo, the guitar right up front in the middle is mine, that’s the one in the photo just above, the one that’s been in this house longer than any there (which reminds me, one of the prettiest guitars of the bunch is not in the first photo – it’s currently in the shop). Mine, the one right up front and in the middle of the first photo, displays probably the only kind of ‘craft’ I’ve ever done. From here, from this shot, it’s looks like wood – but as we go in a bit closer . . .

. . . we begin to see that’s it’s not wood, but undefined, overlapping images . . .

. . . still closer and you can see what I’ve done. I’ve decoupaged (is there such a verb form?) images of some of my favorite players, then layered a dark yellow stain over the black & white photos, layer after layer until dark enough to appear to be wood from a distance.

It’s only as you get up close that you can begin to see the images of some of the great guitar players ever.

I’ve pointed out only some of the overlapping players here, so you can see the design here – you may be able to recognize others I’ve left unlabeled.

Some images are small, in between larger one, and some cover a whole section of the guitar with smaller images around them.

One of the great treats of my life has been this; B.B. King once held this guitar, looking carefully over all the images before announcing “Beautiful”.

Personally, I don’t care for guitars with flames or symbols or that are bright pink or purple, the guitar is such an evocative and beautiful instrument in the simplicity of it’s womanly design, I hate to see them cluttered-up with decals of demons or whatever – but this is a dull, wood-like finish and you only discover it’s hidden secrets as you draw-in close . . . and when you do see it’s design and recognize all the great players it presents, it tells a story, a story about a part of me.


All photos used in this hub are personal photos taken by me.

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