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The Burden Of Love

Updated on May 29, 2013

The Unattainable Quest ~ A Lifetime Of Telling Her, Once Again, "I Love You"

I don't count myself a poet . . . perhaps a word-smith of sorts, but not a genuine poet. However, I was interested to hear what others might think of my little scratchings so I began to go through a stack of poems I've written through the years with the intent to post them here. My assumption is that some will think them almost cute, some will count them pretty lame, and most will agree with me - I am not a poet. But, as I am nearing 60, and as they are my poems, written over a lifetime, I found myself moved by them.

Some are a full page and some are merely a single phrase, but there are several recurring themes in my 'poetry'. One particular idea that is touched on year after year is my never-ending interest to express the epic nature of my love for my wife. Words are all I had - we've always lived paycheck to paycheck and I've never had the resources to do something grand for our wedding anniversaries and Valentine's Day . . . for over 40 years, year after year, all my Pixie got from me was a failed attempt to find the words that could fully convey to her what I felt in my heart. As I say, these are my expressions through many years to my wife, so I don't expect anyone else to be moved by them as they move me, but I'm curious just how they might be viewed by others.

"I Love You" #1

There's so much I want to say, like 'without you what does anything mean?',

But when I look at you I can only say 'you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen'.

I know how much I love you, and there's nothing to compare,

But every time I try to tell you, mere words leave me in despair.

As melody and lyric make song, my soul delights that it's true,

My heart to yours does belong, I can't be me without saying . . . I love you.

"I Love You" #2

Is there anything handy, some tool that I can use,

Is there some easy way to do this, anyone got any clues?

There's got to be some trick or some secret to find out,

I've got to find the words to use so you feel what I'm talking about;

I think about you when you're in my arms and when you're not around,

Your face is the most beautiful sight to me, your voice the prettiest sound;

I've told you that I love you so many times that it gives me this fear,

I dread that you can't hear it, because it goes on year after year after year.

"I Love You" #3

Once again I'm on my quest,

And I fear it will never end;

The business of life to some is real,

But I know it's all pretend.

It tries to hold my attention,

But it's my quest that grips my heart;

I never know where it may lead,

But I'll always remember it's start.

No matter how distant and far away,

Time can never erase;

The day I recklessly lifted my head,

And became a prisoner of your face.

Time after time and year after year,

My quest is for something new;

But every time it comes out the same,

Please listen again while I say "I love you".

"I Love You" #4

I'd love to take you out, but you know we'll stay at home;

I'd love to give you ten thousand roses, but you know you'll get poem.

Once Again I'll try to tell you, that nothing is above;

The way I feel when I look at you, the volume of my love.

and, just to break the heart-aching monotony . . .

I know if you don't get what you want, you'll scream and throw a fit;

Well your Valentine is that for 40 years, I've put up with all your shit.

Our house is the ugliest in house town, but I can't seem to care;

Our home is the most beautiful home around, because my Pixie is there.

MCN: W340C-9WX8V-6TD5V

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