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Top 10 Best The Walking Dead Characters

Updated on March 19, 2014

After 4 awesome seasons, it’s undeniable that AMC’s The Walking Dead deserves to be renowned as one of the most exciting and famous TV series today. The show easily captured the heart of millions across the globe with its intense and unpredictable story, intriguing characters, and impressive Hollywood-worthy special effects. But what truly made this show a huge success is how it represents various types of people to the extent that each of us can find ourselves in at least one of its characters. We all have different favorites. Others admire Rick Grime’s never-say-die attitude while some fell in love with Daryl Dixon’s innate toughness and badassery.

Who among the many Walking Dead Characters do you like most? Browse through this list and discover which of them I find interesting and are likely to represent majority of us if ever a worldwide zombie virus outbreak happens in the near future.

Carol Peletier is a mother at heart. She was highly tested when she lost her daughter but was able to pull out from the emotional stress with the help of the one we least expected, Daryl Dixon. She was undeniably the weakest when walkers started to roam the streets but she managed to cope and even survive on her own after being sent out by Rick due to avoid conflict with Tyrese. Carol did not let age and gender stop her from surviving. She is definitely a The Walking Dead character worth looking forward to as the group continues their efforts to find shelter in a forsaken world.

Andrea once tried to commit suicide but was convinced by Dale to live on. This only shows how emotionally weak she was at the start of the series. However, everything changed when she had an affair with Shane. Rick’s best friend trained her to become one of the groups’ best snipers. In fact, she almost killed Daryl after mistaking him to be a walker. Andrea’s death was the doing of no other than the governor. If she had not taken the side of the governor, Andrea might have lived until now surviving alongside with Michonne and the others. But of course her death was not in vain since it led to the first downfall of the governor.

Not a single show will be entertaining with just a group of heroes. An equally annoying villain is a must and Merle Dixon was a perfect fit. He is the complete opposite of Daryl, his younger brother. He thinks of no one else other than himself and will only look up to people who are stronger than him. Merle is highly capable combat wise. He is fearless and boasts insane survivability which was proven when he managed to live despite cutting off his arm and being surrounded by walkers. Merle died after being betrayed by the governor and cornered by a group of zombies. But despite his nasty way of talking and twisted mind, Merle somehow made a realization in the end after he captured Michonne. If he happened to survive that day, he might have become one of Rick’s most valuable allies.

Yes, Shane Walsh ended up as an antagonist but only a few admired him as dependable protector. Without Shane’s help, it’s likely that Rick would have lost his wife and son when the outbreak started. Shane was also the group’s trainer in handling guns. He was there when Rick lost almost every bit of hope and gave him the needed push to move on and be the leader he is expected to be. Losing Shane greatly crippled the group. Although Michonne managed to fill up his role effectively, Shane will constantly remind Rick not to trust anyone and bother his conscience about killing his own best friend for the groups’ sake.

Glenn Rhee is the sole Asian representative in this series. He started out as a runner, someone good at collecting supplies and evading walkers. But such strategy is not applicable at all times which pushed him to evolve. Glen is now capable of protecting himself and others using almost any kind of weapon available. He developed a relationship with Maggy which made him more eager to protect the group from any kind of harm. Although he recently manifested selfishness by choosing to find Maggy over anything else, this only shows how much he truly loves her. I really hope our Asian lover-boy will continue to evade or overcome the dangers that go his way and eventually meet up with the love of his life before it’s too late.

Michonne decapitates walkers with her katana like slicing butter. She is one of Rick’s most dependable members especially if under serious threat regardless if it is caused by walkers or other group of survivors. She is fast and is skilled in keeping herself hidden. Michonne is also Carl’s best friend, playing a crucial role in keeping Rick’s son emotionally stable and well protected. This young lady proved herself worthy of becoming one of the group’s core members. Michonne is a survivor despite losing the people dear to her at the start of the epidemic, making her more fascinating.

Hershel Greene became the group’s leader when Rick was mentally unstable and he carried the task well. Many admire his reasoning and how he finds just solutions to even the hardest dilemma. Despite being old, Hershel is no near from being a burden since he is quite adept in handling a shotgun. He was able to prove this when his farm was overrun by walkers and he was the only one backing up the escape of his family members and some of Rick’s group. Sad to say, Hershel’s journey was recently ended when the governor returned. I’m pretty sure Rick and the rest of the group will miss his healing hands and father-like advices.

Almost everyone considered Carl Grimes nothing but a heavy burden during the first seasons and I myself agree to this idea. But then again, he was just a kid back then so it’s just normal for him to be emotionally unstable and incapable of helping the group. But surprisingly, he grew up to be a brave young man. The fact that he acknowledges his own weaknesses and admits fear is a clear proof that he is maturing. He was well trained in handling a gun so there’s no question whether he can protect himself or others. If he continues to grow and end up as a noble man like his father, it’s likely that Carl will sooner or later gain their group’s trust and eventually lead them.

Daryl Dixon is probably the most-loved character in the series. We can’t blame the fans to react this way since his character is what all of us would want to be if ever a zombie apocalypse happens. At first glance, he looks like a merciless thug who won’t hesitate to pick on someone who does not share his ideals. But as the series progressed, he proved to us all that he has a gentle heart hidden beneath his leather jacket. Daryl is very dependable in both ranged and close combat. He was able to take out a group of zombies on his own in multiple occasions in the series. But what made him very admirable is how he treats every group member as family. He will do anything within his capability to keep them safe even if it might lead him to danger.

Rick Grimes top this list not just because he is the series’ main protagonist but mainly due to his ability to effectively cope with any situation regardless how dire it may be. No voting or any of the same kind happened to appoint him as the groups’ leader but it naturally happened. This is clear indication that the group members themselves are convinced that Rick Grimes has what it takes to lead them. Being a fine policeman before the epidemic spread trained him to handle guns with amazing precision. He is also wise in making critical decisions even under eminent danger. Although there was several times in the series when his leadership skill and saneness were questioned, he never failed to prove his members wrong. Without Rick Grimes, it would be impossible for the whole group to make it this far while holding on to a strong bond of trust among each other.

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    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 4 years ago from Davao City

      Thanks Mark. Glad you liked it.

    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 4 years ago from Italy

      I think I still vote for Rick Grimes as the best character in that TV Series. Thanks for sharing. This is exciting.