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Top 10 Crooked I Songs of All Time - Crooked I Music Videos

Updated on December 10, 2012
Crooked I
Crooked I

Crooked I

Crooked I is an American rapper from Long Beach, California and a member of the hip hop collective, Slaughterhouse alongside Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce Da 5'9". Crooked I is C.E.O of his own record label, Dynasty Entertainment and C.O.B Digital.

Crooked I was originally signed to Death Row Records before leaving to start his own label. Due to all of the legal issues pertaining to Suge knight and Death Row Records, Crooked I suffered many delays and ultimately was forced to leave.

Crooked I has collaborated with many well-known artist such as Tupac, Ja-Rule and Snoop Dogg. He has released 3 studio albums, 2 collaboration albums and 7 mixtapes throughout the years and is said to be still making music.

Here are my top 10 best Crooked I songs and music videos of all time. Enjoy.

Top 10 Crooked I Songs Of All Time - Crooked I Music Videos

  1. Drum Murder Ft. Horseshoe G.A.N.G
  2. Real Thugs
  3. Praise God Ft. K-Young
  4. Mr. Pigface
  5. Boom Boom Clap
  6. This Is How We Do This
  7. The Truth
  8. Guess Who's Back Ft. Snoop Dogg, Camille
  9. Music Is My Life
  10. Gangsta's Cry Ft. K-Young

Associated Artists: Tupac, Ja-Rule, Snoop Dogg, Joe Buddens


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