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Top 10 Electronic Music Tracks that Will Send You To Heaven

Updated on January 21, 2012

Just Some of My Favorite Tracks

Just a personal list of some of the songs that I love. I am actually into making electronic music as well, and the songs in this list have influenced me a lot and inspired me to keep on making music. In this top 10 list, I try to talk about why I think these songs deserve to be in this list.

I do feel that I perceive music differently being that I really try to savor and maximize what the sound waves have to offer. There really is a lot of synesthesia going on when I listen to music and a lot of imagery, tastes, and feelings arise. The artists that are on this list are really an inspiration to me. Also, the songs I have put here are all very special to me. The songs are in no particular order.

Deadmau5 - Some Chords

This is just a showcase of Joel Zimmerman's masterful skill in making music. I don't think I'll ever get sick of this song. One thing you'll notice about musicians like Deadmau5 would be their attention to detail. It is as if everything is planned and even the littlest of sounds are significant. Deadmau5 is really an example of someone who has superior perception when it comes to electronic orchestration.

I'm actually following him on Twitter and Facebook and have read a lot about him. You'll really see that his music is from the heart, so unpretentious, and very refreshing. The skill and intentions underlying the song is just so undeniable. Truly one of my all-time favorites.

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Mix)

Surely this list wouldn't exist without dubstep. Bassnectar's mix of Elli Gouldling's Lights isn't even the dirty, in your face, kind of dubstep with the heavy drop and complex bass wobbles that will invade your brain. And I think that's exactly what makes this remix beautiful is that it leaves you longing for more. It's almost tragic that it is never able to reach that point of no return but it does show you a glimpse of what it's like. You'll really see Bassnectar's expertise at how delicately he was able to handle this track. 

Muffler - Embrace

Drum and Bass is something that is very close to my heart and Embrace by Muffler is one of my most favorite DNB songs ever. This track will really take you somewhere else. The visuals and imagery is so vivid. I guess that is something I look for when I'm listening to music. Do you ever get that when listening to a song? It's as if a music video is playing on your head? This song never fails to do just that to my consciousness.

Moby - Porcelain (Atlantic Conncetion Remix)

This is a brilliant drum and bass remix of the classic chillout song Porcelain by Moby. The guy who uploaded the song even refers to the song as "the anthem of chillout". It is really very hard to create a decent remix of something that is such a classic as Porcelain. The drum and bass beat added to this already beautiful song is really the icing to the cake. 

Rank 1 - Airwave (Aaron Static 2009 Remix)

As I have said, attempting to remix a classic is also a risk of destroying the song and only very few are able to pull off such acts. Rank 1's Airwave is probably the most classic trance song that is embedded in the minds of musicians and music lovers everywhere. Aaron Static's remix makes it even more beautiful with the added keyboards and chillout pads and synths.

ATB feat Flanders - Behind (EDX Remix)

ATB's Future Memories album is probably one of my most favorite albums ever. It is also surely one of the most played in my car and mp3 player. I do love the original version and the ambient version is surely one of the best songs I've ever heard. But this list is not all about what's beautiful. The EDX remix is so surprising and uplifting. The chords are almost like in reverse of what you'd expect. It made the original version even stronger and more powerful.

Above & Beyond - Good For Me (album version)

Let's take it slow for a while and chill with Above & Beyond's album version of their track "Good For Me". This song is proof that you don't need heavy drums or synths in order to produce a beautiful track. I actually heard this song just a while back but it was an instant favorite that makes it to this list. There was a time when I wanted to remix it but realized that the song was already so beautiful in itself and needed nothing more.

BT - Flaming June

BT is another musical artist who really has an in-depth and intricate style of music production. Generally, I do enjoy his more complex stuff just as the one's in his "This Binary Universe" album. Flaming June is another classic. It is almost timeless, really. Just as many of the classics that are here. BT really emphasizes on the artistry and deeper side of music production. 

Leonid Rudenko ft. Daniella - Summerfish (Matakena Remix)

This song is very special to me. It just really takes me back to beautiful places everytime I listen to it. There's actually a more chill version of it in youtube but I figured this version is perfect for this list. There's also the more popular version that was included in one of Tiesto's albums. Another song that is a necessity for this list to exist.

Underworld - Born Slippy (Harry Santos remix)

Of course, last but not least, would be my very own remix of the Underworld's classic track "Born Slippy". It wouldn't really be complete without a bit of egotistical gratification. But hey, lots of people really like this track, from all over the world, some even saying that it is better than other more known remixes. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from this remix and get emails from people asking for a copy all the time. If you love the original track, then this remix is surely a must-hear. It's like a different perspective.

If you are interested in producing your own music or making your own remixes then check out the article I wrote on How to Make Your Own Music or Remix Songs.

I hope this Top 10 list was able to help somehow and I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for taking time to read it. Feel free to comment or suggest songs that you think I have failed to mention in this list.


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