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Top 10 Most Unusual Hotels of the World

Updated on August 22, 2016

1. Al Maha Desert Resort (Dubai, UAE)

The first place in our top of the most unusual hotels of the world is for an exclusive oasis, which is located in the desert near Dubai. On the outside it looks like a Bedouin camp, but on the inside it features pools, spas and all the luxury you can imagine. Among the entertainment offered for visitors - safari (walking or by Jeep), camel riding and falconry watching.

2. Anatolian Houses (Goreme, Turkey)

The hotel is located in surreal volcanic terrain in Cappadocia, a territory included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. The hotel offers luxurious suits with the broad range of amenities - from LCD to the jakuzzi. And Cappadocia itself offers lots of attractions and entertainment.

3. Baron Island (Spain)

This natural reserve of more than 220 acres is the largest and the only inhabited of four volcanic islands inside the 'Mar Menor', a secluded 20 by 8 mile lagoon, near the ancient port of Cartagena, on the Mediterranean coast of Southern Spain. Its coast is mostly beaches ideal for swimming and diving. The island can accept up to 12 guests who can be placed in cottages or observation tower built in the 50s.

4. The Tree House (Punta Uva, Costa Rica)

Another unusual hotel is located on the Carribean coast of Costa Rica. The Tree House is built from three trees which fell in jungles. It offers two rooms which can accommodate up to 6 people, amazing views on the forest and private beach of more than 300 meters long where you can do surfing or rafting.

5. ICEHOTEL (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)

This hotel is the world's first ice hotel, which was followed by similar projects in Canada, Norway, Romania and Finland. It is rebuilt each winter and can accommodate more than 100 guests in unique ice rooms. The hotel also offers an ice church, an art gallery and the Icebar.

6. Jules' Undersea (Key Largo, FL, USA)

This hotel is located 30 feet under the water in the Emerald Lagoon. It can be accessed only by divers. For non-certified divers diving lessons are offered. The hotel can accommodate 4 people in two rooms. The rooms have a common area with a kitchen and a dining place.

7. Kube Hotel (Paris, France)

This designer boutique hotel offers 41 unusual rooms in sleek modern style. The unique feature is that doors to the rooms open by means of fingerprints scanning.

8. Ngong House (Nairobi, Kenya)

The hotel is secluded in 10 acres of private land. The guests are accommodated in tree houses, cottages and wooden huts raised 15 feet above the ground which allows great views.

9. Pitcher Inn and Spa (Warren, VT, USA)

The hotel is located at the foot of the ski and golf resort and offers 10 rooms. "Mountain" room reminds a room of a Ranger with fireplace, pictures of the surrounding landscapes and real equipment for skiing, climbing and hiking. Also hotel offers rooms in fishing and hunting styles.

10. Winvian (Litchfield, CT, USA)

There are no rooms in this hotel, but 18 themed cottages created by 15 different architects. Each of the cottages offers its unique style - beaver hut, helicopter, camping, greenhouse an others.


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    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 6 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Shane, totally agree with you!

      £500 per night seems ridiculously high, especially if to take into consideration that it's actually really cold there, so if you are not in a warm sleeping bag, it's not a pleasant experience. I'm afraid to think what happens if you need, say, to go to a bathroom at night... The experience shouldn't be pleasant, I guess...

    • Shane Reed profile image

      Shane Reed 6 years ago from Wilts, UK

      I've heard of the IceHotel before and decided to check it out after reading this hub. I have to pay Adult prices for children over 12 (There's not a (sensible) country in the world that would consider a 13 year old to be an adult - why does the hotel charge more?). It works out to be a shade under £500 PER NIGHT for the 3 of us to stay in the Snow Suite. More than I'm willing to pay. Cool though it is, I'm not going :-(

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      I live in Florida and didn't even know about the Jules Hotel. This is an awesome hub!!


    • Better Yourself profile image

      Better Yourself 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks for sharing - it's amazing how creative these places are!