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Top 10 Holiday Destinations For 2010

Updated on January 14, 2013

In 2010 The World is Your Oyster

Hot Travel Destinations For 2010

In 2009 the Top ten Travel Destinations were dictated by the Credit Crunch, people wanted good holidays at affordable prices and could not really afford the luxurious resorts that they would normally visit.

2010 is no different the Credit crunch is still hurting a lot of people and the cheaper end of the holiday market is still the way to go for most people, there are a few changes from the list of 2009 because some travel operators are making the more luxurious resorts more affordable by cutting prices to try to encourage you to go with them.

Now you can visit the more exotic parts of the world if you so desire.

10 Sunny Beach Bulgaria

9 Fuerteventura Beach

8 Sharm El Sheikh


Number 10


Bulgaria was the number 1 choice for Holiday makers last year, with its many resorts along the Black sea coast, and the Balkan mountains Bulgaria is perfect for tourists who don't have too much money to spend because the prices of items and food in the country are very cheap.

Bulgarian resorts are mainly made up of 4 star accommodation and you get the luxury of an expensive holiday at a fraction of the price.

Number 9


Fuerteventura, has always been popular with the tourist especially if you are into water sports, if you prefer though you could always take a jeep safari across the rugged Volcanic landscape, the beach is one of the safest in the world especially if you have children and most of the accommodation in the resort is an impressive 3 stars rated.


Number 8


When you think of Egypt the Sphinx and the Pyramids are the first things that come into your head, a great destination for sightseeing and for a slow relaxing sail down the Nile.

There is a lot more to Egypt though than you may think, if you want the watersports and the relaxing by the pool vacation Egypt also offers that in the resort of Sharm El Sheikh, this luxurious destination has an average hotel star rating of 4 and people love this destination so much that they return year after year.

7 The Algarve

6 Corfu

5 Tunisia

4 Spain

Top Destinations

Number 7

The Algarve

Portugals Algarve is always a popular destination and at number 7 for 2010 people are flocking to it again this year, plenty of sea sand and guaranteed sunshine, keeps this resort busy and tourists return year after year.

Golfers have a great choice of courses in the algarve and there is a multitude of bars and Nightclubs 24/7 the Algarve is alive and with a range of activities and shops there is something for everyone, Algarve hotels have an average 3-5 star rating.

Of course there is a mix of the new and the old in the algarve too with many historical places to visit.

Number 6


One of the most popular of the Greek Islands, Corfu has a plethora of beach resorts, including Kavos for the night life young people swarm too, a picturesque island Corfu has a long and interesting history and you can explore the many old buildings and ruins until your heart is content,.

There is a lot to be said about relaxing on the beach and there are many resorts in Corfu that are very laid back and chilled out.

most hotels in Corfu have a 3-5 star rating and they are very reasonably priced.

Number 5


Tunisia a non Euro destination is popular this year for many reasons including the low price of food and other items, of course tunisia has a long and varied history making it the perfect getaway for sight seeing, with plenty of old roman ruins merged with the old tunisian style buildings. for the beach buffs there is an array of choice in many resorts there are peaceful beaches and touristy beaches where you can try out a full range of watersports.

Tunisian hotels are rated between 3-5 stars and they are well maintained and low cost.

Number 4


With a whole country to choose fromSpain has everything that anyone could ever want out of a holiday, take a trip to the magnificent city of Barcelona, or to any of the thousands of seaside resorts, there is always the quieter option of a break in the countryside for a whle week or 2 of complete and utter relaxation, it is a big country and the choice is yours Spain is also quite cheap compared to many european countries.

Accommodation in spain depends on what you pay for and is rated from 1-5 stars a last minute deal with your travelagent can save you a few hundred.


Want More take a look here

3 Tenerife

2 Menorca


Top 3 Destinations for 2010

Number 3


Another year in and year out favorite destination Tenerife is always popular with sun seekers, there are a plethora of waterparks, golf courses, and of course there are plenty of beaches to choose from , there is also a chance to do some whale and dolphin watching.

The night life in tenerife Is very lively with plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose from.

most accommodation here is rated 3-5 stars and the price is right for most of us.

Number 2


Menorca is full of unspoiled resorts and secluded beaches perfect for that peaceful getaway, there are markets and shops a plenty and there is also an active night life with many bars and restraunts open till the wee small hours, food lovers enjoy British, French and Spanish influenced styles of cooking which offers a very wide variety.

With beach resorts for sun worshippers, historic buildings for sightseers and a great night life Menorca is the second most booked resort in travelagecies this year.

accommodation ranges from 3-5 stars and is priced very reasonably.

Number 1 destination for 2010


Being a non Euro destination means that Turkey is cheap for all of your holiday needs , with a fine history and a multitude of beach resorts Turkey has a lot on offer at very low prices and it is number 1 this year because it falls into a price category that almost anyone can afford.

Turkey is improving for tourism year in and year out and the tiny resort of Mamaris has become a must for British tourists.

Relax on the beach, try out the watersports, trail around the many ruins and old buildings then go out on the town for a fantastic night out with a wide range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Accommodation ranges from 3-5 stars but you can book a 5 star accommodation for less than it would cost for a 3 star accommodation in most other destinations on this list.


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    • travel2 profile image

      travel2 6 years ago from London, England

      Would be interested to see a top destinations for 2012 hub. Thanks for sharing this one

    • bagsofwater profile image

      bagsofwater 6 years ago from USA

      really good stuff here! how about top destinations for 2012? I also like how you aren't choosing the obvious destinations and providing solid insight into places some people may not know anything about

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi Jimmy, these are all places I've never thought of visiting...hmmmm I am intrigued. Blessings to you always.

    • XyberSpace profile image

      XyberSpace 6 years ago

      Awesome Hub! Wish I have enough money to travel to all those places.

    • profile image

      julia 7 years ago

      what about mexico mate?

    • lyndre profile image

      lyndre 7 years ago from Scotland

      I think Tunisia will drop out the top ten for 2011 Jimmy :lol:.

    • positivevibestech profile image

      positivevibestech 7 years ago

      awesome pics i would love to travel somewhere warm this time of year

    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      i guess I need to check out Turkey, Menorca really is beautiful though!

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Great hub, Jimmy. Glad to see you back.

    • profile image

      Amrapali 7 years ago

      I'd love to go to Turkey,its so beautiful and unlike the cliched places that are marked for holidays.

    • billrobinson profile image

      billrobinson 7 years ago from CA, USA

      Got good points. I guess to each his own.

    • profile image

      adfg 7 years ago

      i don't agree... london london london

    • profile image

      :) 7 years ago

      your number one choice was great

      iam mean Turkey is the ideal place to go its so beautiful i been there a couple time hte people are very welcoming and the place is magnificant i recomad it to everyone btw very infomative and great pictures job well done once again!!!!

    • profile image

      s.prakash 7 years ago

      Nice article but you did not listed India while India has great holiday destinations which attracts to tourists from all over the world.

    • profile image

      Sarochka 7 years ago

      Tunisia comes at the fifth ranking because it has got more interesting tourist product than what you have mentioned.Tunisia hasn't got only peaceful beaches or rich culture and history,it is known for interesting golf courses,stunning desert and affordable super thalasso-therapy services.That is why UK tourists are chosing it this year as the best new destination.Thanks a lot....

    • solar.power profile image

      solar.power 7 years ago from Brisbane

      How come Australia doesn't get a mention?

    • profile image

      jf 7 years ago

      gosh man! Las vegas?

    • Rismayanti profile image

      Rismayanti 8 years ago from Tropical Island

      INformative hub..

    • FashionFame profile image

      FashionFame 8 years ago from California

      Very nice hub. I want to visit all of the 10 destinations.

    • profile image

      ashwani 8 years ago

      bihar should be in top 10 because it has varieties in every thing . i recommend every american to visit it , its liffe time experience is in india .

    • pinkhawk profile image

      pinkhawk 8 years ago from Pearl of the Orient

      ...I want to see the real beauty of the world...want to be in these places someday!!! Thank you for introducing me to some of the great places thru this hub! :)

    • borge_009 profile image

      borge_009 8 years ago from Philippines

      Wow. I really want to go to Egypt and Spain. Thanks for the info

    • DanPowers profile image

      DanPowers 8 years ago from Tokyo

      Oh come on man, where is Torquay????

    • profile image

      james 8 years ago

      Where is DUBAI??

      IT's the best places in the world!!!

    • profile image

      Maleny 8 years ago

      Well our good old little town does not compare to any of those! They are some beautiful looking destinations. I hope you got to experience them first hand Jimmy!

    • Minilady profile image

      Minilady 8 years ago

      Nice list..I love Europe but the euro makes it really Bulgaria sounds good!

    • azizzii profile image

      azizzii 8 years ago from Right from Haven

      Egypt is always dreamland

    • Better Yourself profile image

      Better Yourself 8 years ago from North Carolina

      Great hub Jimmy! Great destinations for Summer.

    • festersporling1 profile image

      Daniel Christian 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I have been to Bulgaria. Sofia as well as Sunny Beach. Great time!

    • RealEstateHelper profile image

      RealEstateHelper 8 years ago

      That's a nice list

      I have this desire to travel to Egypt and Turkey. I look forward to plan a trip soon.

    • Shinkicker profile image

      Shinkicker 8 years ago from Scotland

      Great list Jimmy.

      I personally love Italy and France but they are so expensive. Turkey seems the ideal choice for No.1, nice blend of beautiful locations and cheap prices

    • profile image

      fotowomen 8 years ago

      Just got back from two weeks in Egypt and Jordan. Found Jordan quite exceptional and would go back especially to dive/snorkel in the Red Sea.

    • profile image

      Happily Married 8 years ago

      Egypt is absolutely beautiful. I have been there several times and it has always been amazing.

    • profile image

      AAA 8 years ago

      I will take this hub to tell your friends really good thank you very much for the article you posted.

    • profile image

      maliwan 8 years ago

      I as a hub for the benefit of this. And I found it here. Thanks for this article, I will come often.

    • profile image

      aritsamun 8 years ago

      This is very interesting. Thank you for your good article.

    • profile image

      pu 8 years ago

      Thanks for the great article. I will come back again because of this hub is useful to me.

    • Jenna Pope profile image

      Jenna Pope 8 years ago from Southern California

      My husband I are looking for some vacation spots. I never would have thought of some of the vacation places that you wrote about. Thanks!

    • antonrosa profile image

      antonrosa 8 years ago from USA

      Great Vacation picks!

    • profile image

      TattoGuy 8 years ago

      Always fancied a trip to Egypt, maybe someday, nice hub Jimmy !

    • Jersey Jess profile image

      Jersey Jess 8 years ago from USA

      Wow, very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      muscat 8 years ago

      Great hub ! oman is a greatplace to visit too.

    • Jesse-James profile image

      Jesse-James 8 years ago

      This was absolutely wonderful. Great Job.

    • khurram's world profile image

      Khurram Sikandar 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Very well listed destinations. Though there are some very good holiday destinations as well but still good selection. I love to go to Egypt.

    • profile image

      Nicks 8 years ago

      I was glad to see Spain listed (where i live) - a great country and well worth visiting. Has anyone been to the Alhambra, for example, a truly wonderful, world status. Moorish castle?

    • askjanbrass profile image

      askjanbrass 8 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      I've always wanted to go to Egypt, so I'm definitely not surprised to see it mentioned on this list.

      Got some great travels ideas from reading this. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Good hub with nice pics - you've done it again, Jimmy.

      Tricia will be going on holiday with her tent (and her Wonderful Husband). Pat will be going anywhere that relatives can put her up (and put up with her Wonderful Husband).

    • Greg Cremia profile image

      Greg Cremia 8 years ago from Outer Banks

      Now I have more places to add to my bucket list of destinations.

    • gramsmith profile image

      gramsmith 8 years ago

      My interest lies on exploring my country from North to South and East to West.I love traveling good places.You just gave brilliant places to go and enjoy my tour.Thanks.........

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 8 years ago from India

      Thanks for the nice info jummy.. though i would have liked mention of Himalayas too in top ten destinations but quite informative.

    • emievil profile image

      emievil 8 years ago from Philippines

      Nice places jimmy and very cool pictures too! Now if I only have the money, I'll go to any one of these places. I'll go for Spain first, then Turkey, then Tenerife (I'm dreaming, ignore me LOL). Thanks for sharing.

    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 8 years ago from UK

      I see from you hub that Benidorm has dropped out of sight, when once it was the most popular destination for British holidaymakers. That'll be yet more bars closing down this year!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      A well put together hub. Thank you for sharing.

    • hafeezrm profile image

      hafeezrm 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Good hub. I have been to about 80% of the places you mentioned in your hub. It leaves 20%. As per 80:20 rule of Pareto, these 20% would eat up 80% of my life time spending in sightseeing.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      You missed Motown! Happy New Year, Jimmy!

    • LizzyBoo profile image

      LizzyBoo 8 years ago from Czech Republic

      Well Done Jimmy. You picked up some excellent destinations.