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Top 10 Unmissable Moments in Disney's Frozen

Updated on January 5, 2015

It's Frozen


From Ten to One!

We're counting down the most memorable moments in Frozen from 10 to 1. Frozen is the biggest film and franchise of 2014 and it doesn't seem to be dampening down at all. It has been a sellout, raked in a fortune for Disney as well as made a lot of little girl's dreams come true! Whether or not you have seen it, you can't have completely missed it (surely?) Either way, you will enjoy this foray into the cool! Beware, this is spoiler-ville, but surely no one hasn't seen it yet!

Sven Isn't Hungry

Even Princesses Need Their Beauty Sleep!

10. Sven's Crowning Glory

Sven is the super-sweet reindeer pal of Kristoff and spends quite a bit of the film trying to munch Olaf's nose. But he is kind and honourable and that is why, when he gets the chance he gives it straight back. It is his crowning glory!

9. Anna Wakes Up

So Anna is a very beautiful princess, but to be fair even they look a bit rough in the morning. She needs a nice cup of tea and bit of snooze on the alarm clock. Failing that you get this fantastic scene, which deserves a laugh every time.

Blink and You'll Miss Her


8. Rapunzel Comes to the Coronation

It makes sense that they all live in the same world, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled come to the Coronation. You can see them pass Anna after she goes through the gate. You can also see Cinderella and Tiana in the ballroom talking/ dancing later in the film.

7. What Frozen Things Do In Summer

Poor Olaf, doesn't have much of a clue of what summer might bring. He imagines his snow up against the burning sand, but every lover of The Snowman will know that he is more likely to end up a puddle. Still this is his ditty imagining what summer will bring him, whatever the reality is.

Yoo Hoo, Fam-ily

6. Big Summer Blowout

With her frozen dress, Anna makes her way to Wandering Oaken's at the same time as Kristoff. I've always wondered where she kept her money, why she had money at all (she lives in a castle she isn't allowed to leave, why would she need it?) and thought it was lucky those boots fit her when I have to try on twenty or more pairs, but perhaps this is too much analysis. This has to be the funniest part of the film.

Some People Are Worth Melting For

5. Olaf's Melting Point

Did you know that some people are worth melting for? Olaf is the kookiest, cutest and sweetest character in history. He is prepared to melt for his best friend and be fair, Anna might be a bit annoying but she is certainly worth melting for!

Meet The Trolls!

4. My Friends Are Love Experts...

Whether it is the mushroom one has grown, the kidney stone another has passed or the first crystal one has earned, these guys are really, really cute. It's a wonder Kristoff didn't end up a bit crazy, although he does share his food with a reindeer, talk to a reindeer and pretend to do his voice, and has his tinkles in the woods. So, you know, maybe a bit...

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

3. It Doesn't Have to be a Snowman...

So the sisters grow up, and you track Anna and Elsa's very separate lives. Anna is bored, lonely and desperate. Elsa is miserable, isolated and fearful. If only things had been different they would have gown up close, but alas it was not to be.

Let It Go, Let It Go!

2. Let It Goooooooooo!

Yes, it had to be done. Let It Go is a very important part of Frozen. This is a very pinnacle point in the film, the moment where Elsa gets to cast off her old life and move into the new. Uplifting and free, sung beautifully it is fantastic. You can't help but sing along and be liberated.

Thawing a Frozen Heart

1. An Act of True Love

You think it's going to be all about Kristoff's kiss, but then what will happen to Elsa?? When Anna gives up her life to save the life of her sister, it is more than an act of true love. It is the saddest moment imaginable....but this is Disney. Really she is hope, a new beginning. It is a great ending that for once does not hinge on romantic love.

There We Are

So we've arrived at the end of the top ten of Frozen's unmissable bits. To be fair, if you are a five year old girl, they are all pretty brilliant and it hard to choose between them. Whether or not these are your top ones is another matter. I realise Hans doesn't feature and neither does Love is an Open Door, but I can't stop thinking about the spooky imagery it has to the Moon Door in Game of Thrones!

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