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Top 10 movies for kids

Updated on August 4, 2011

You will find some great movies for kids as well as some movies which the whole family can enjoy, in our top 10 movies for kids list.

In all cases we have a link to the DVD and then the Blu-ray disk, to the right of the movie review.


Up is the story of Car,l a lonely widower, whose home is going to be bulldozed. Being a retired balloon vendor, Carl ties a thousand brightly colored balloons to his house and flies away.

Unbeknown to Carl a plucky kid, Russell, stows away on Carl's porch. This is the beginning of an adventure which will see them defeat a villain and help Russell earn his scouting badge.

Up is for everyone. It will make you laugh and make your cry.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the latest installment in the movie series. In my opinion what makes these movies so successful is their ability to transport the viewer to a magical realm.

One where the forces of good led by Harry Potter defeat the forces of evil led by the dark and powerful wizard Lord Voldemort.

The movie isn't as good as the book. Still it is a nice entertaining family film and for that reason I recommend it.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The third installment in the Ice Age series is as cute and fun as the first one. I would even go so far as to call this the funniest Ice Age movie yet.

IMy favorite character remains Scrat the sabre-tooth squirrel and his acorn.

It's worth getting the DVD as this is the kind of movie kids like to watch again and again.

Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc. is a classic kids animated movie. In the move a little girl named Boo manages to enter the monster world.The relationship that grows between Sully (a big blue fur ball) and Boo, lies at the heart of the movie.

Kids like the idea that monsters are actually more afraid of children, than children are afraid of monsters.

Kids as young as 3 years will love this beautifully told and animated tale.

Monsters vs. Aliens

The main character in Monsters vs. Aliens is Susan (voice acting by Reece Witherspoon). On her wedding day she is hit by a meteor and grows to 49 feet. The army captures her and moves her to a secret base for monsters. Talk about having a bad day.

When aliens invade Susan and the other monsters are called on to save the earth.

The whole family will enjoy watching Monsters vs. Aliens.


Cars is the heart warming story of a race car called Lightning McQueen . Lighting has become far too full of himself.

One day he stumbles off the beaten path and onto the backroads of route 66. There he finds the space to grow into the person he was always meant to be.  McQueen finds friendship, beauty, and love.


This is the best animated Pixar movie so far. They really have brought the street of Paris alive and the characters look great.

In the movie Remy the rat teams up with a clueless scullery boy to be come the greatest chef in Paris.

Remy's creations are a hit with the customers and the critics, but nobody knows about their real creator.

Star Trek

The new Star Trek is an action packed movie that the whole family will enjoy. As a fan of the Star Trek series, but not a die hard Trekie I approve of the more accessible turn the franchise has made.

This Star Trek is a prequel to initial series. The cast is great. In the movie they just completed graduation from Star Trek academy and they haven't yet found their confidence. However you can see the personalities develop into what will become the great heroes of the Star Trek series.


Wall-E has the most endearing robots I have ever seen in a movie. The story is a little bit too green for my taste, but other than that it's top notch entertainment.

Wall-E is a lonely little trash compactor robot. People left earth 700 years ago to escape the planet's environmental collapse. The earth again becomes able to sustain life. Wall-E unwittingly sets out to bring humanity back to earth.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

I had fairly low expectations for this Tinker Bell movie. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it to be a charming little animated movie.

At it's heart Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a movie about friendship and responsibility.

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Top 10 kids movies
Top 10 kids movies
Top ten movies for kids
Top ten movies for kids


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    • profile image

      Yuli 6 years ago

      You forgot toy story

    • ohohkay profile image

      ohohkay 7 years ago from Rule Britannia

      Kids love these films, what I find amazing is they always manage to throw in enough adult jokes to keep us supervisers happy as well! And they are often jokes that kids simply don't notice, rather than don't understand! I am not a sap for films and I never cried at a film, until these came out, is it just me, or is 'UP' one of the saddest films!?! Thanks for this :)

    • tony0724 profile image

      tony0724 8 years ago from san diego calif

      I would like to thow in " The Lion King " also ! Evenus big kids like that one . And the kids have worn out the DVD.