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Best science books for kids

Updated on August 4, 2011

It wasn't easy to decide on the best science books for kids, as there are many very good science books out there. The books that I decided on do not just inform, they also entertain and inspire.

The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book

This is a book of science experiments, for kids. All of which you can do at home. For most of the experiments you probably already have all the required items.

The book is organized around ideas like 'Acids'. In the 'Acids' category there will be a number of acid related experiments of varying difficulty. Once you have worked through the experiments in a category it gives you a fairly good knowledge of the category subject.

The experiment which I found to be the easiest, while at the same time very impressive, is the one where you dissolve an eggshell while keeping the egg inside intact.

Basher Science: Periodic Table

Periodic Table is a good introduction to chemistry for upper elementary to middle school kids. It is about 100 pages long and each element has it own page.

Each element has a description written as a narrative. Strontium says: " I'm Scottish, named after the town of Strontian where I was discovered. You may see me as a shy, run-of-the-mill, silver-colored metal, but I've got a few surprises..." The idea being that children associate an element's characteristics with it's name and have some fun while learning.

The Way Science Works

The way science works is a introduction to the advances man has made in understanding the natural world and to the deductive process of scientific discovery. It has 60 experiments which kids can try at home. The book does a great job at explaining the working of complex concepts like gravity, the atom, optical illusions and gravity.

I would recommend the book for all kids aged 10 and older.

The Art of Construction: Projects and Principles for Beginning Engineers

This is a great book for kids ages 9 and up who have an interest in civil engineering or architecture. In this book they can find out how buildings are designed and the methods which go into constructing them.

The book isn't just about buildings, they look also look at different types of bridges, tunnels and other structures.

Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus books are some of the best science books for young kids. I would recommend them for ages 4 to 8.

Inside the human body
In this book the kids go on the bus and then the bus shrinks to the size of a chip. It then enters someone's body through the mouth and works it's way through the digestive system.

In the time of dinosaurs
In this one the kids go off to a paleontologist dig site. From there they time travel back to the age of the dinosaurs. Of course a book like this can't cover dinosaurs in detail. It does however do an excellent job of wetting a child's appetite for science.

The authors really are good at creating adventurous and educational books. They make effective use of comic book style drawings and text, to keep the kids interested. Children learn quite a bit without even realizing it.

The Grapes Of Math

The Grapes Of Math is a series of counting riddles written by Greg Tang. The book challenges kids to find faster ways to solve math problems. As you finish each problem the book leads you into the next problem.

The Grapes Of Math is written in verse and great at teaching children grouping, pattern recognition and multi-step thinking. The rhymes, hints and lively illustrations provides great mental stimulation.

In the pattern recognition riddles you have to 'see' rectangles and squares within more complex shapes. Patterns being repeated leads into multiplication riddles.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

This book is part of the let's read and find out series. The books shares the magic of how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.It's perfect for spring time!

The tone of From Caterpillar to Butterfly is very kid-friendly. It's one of those books that teach kids important facts without them realizing they are learning.

The book is aimed at kids ages 4 to 8.

Muscles: Our Muscular System

This is a great book for kids with an interest in Biology. It has great close up photos of things like muscle cells.

In the book Seymour Simon addresses the anatomy and function of muscles and bones. He describes bones as being like 'the frame of a building'. The book also discusses how the muscles of your body, protect organs and how blood cells are manufactured.

Muscles is on of the books in the Seymour Simon body series.

The book is aimed at kids but teens and adults will also enjoy this interesting book and it's great pictures.

If you enjoyed best science books for kids you should also read best nonfiction books for children and best poetry books for children.

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Organic sell
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