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Top Comedy's that I could watch again and again.. and still find funny!

Updated on December 16, 2011

In no particular oder, let the laughter begin...

I know it's not just me, because I have met others who do the same thing. You find a movie you can't stop watching. You are compelled to use phrases from it, you push it on your friends, you still use phrases and one liners from it, because you're the only ones who gets them, and you laugh again and again!

Take My Cousin Vinny for an example, any time my friends who have seen the movie hear the worth "youths" we laugh! Because Vinny is from New York and with his NY accent he calls them "Yoots!" As Fred Gwen (Herman Munster) as the judge in court, correcting him making it even more funny than it was! A great flick for those of you who need a giggle from start to finish! It's also one I'll never tire of watching!

Since I am that person who puts my movies in order from color (I learned to do this as a former blind person.) 

Not all are G rated as my other hub on THIS list of comedies, but I made that one mostly "family" and "older-child friendly" so if you want, any one of those would be good for FAMILY NIGHT (and a good way to keep a teenager in off of the streets!)
Which I think more families should take a look at my child friendly comedy hub! Some you may have seen, but as I mention, there is always the wonderful database of Netflix - which I highly recommend and even if you get the deal with ordering one movie a month, you can get blu ray (if you have a blu ray player) and the color is AMAZINGLY brilliant! Especially when the room darker a colorful movie is super bright!

I also would recommend a blu ray that is in 3-D. I have Coraline in 3-D (A children's movie) and it's amazingly neat! It looks like the characters are going to walk right into your living room. The kids I know who have it, LOVE IT! -Best Wishes!

Smiley Face
Smiley Face

Smiley Face: Anna Faris, Danny Masterson, John Krasinski, Marion Ross, John Cho, Adam Brody!

  • Quite a cute lil' movie. Jane F, lives with her roommate, who is big into Star Wars and Sci-Fi movies! While Jane is a nice kind of quiet girl, he has a habit of not really getting things done in order!

Jane's day begins with an adventure just to get through morning! She has an interview for a TV commercial, which she cannot miss! Her agent has set everything up, and has even gone a bit out of his way to make sure he put in a good word for her to help her get an acting job. Her problem begins by playing a simple video game, then a little breakfast that turns into quite a feast! Next thing she knows, a bit of time slipped away while playing the game, and she might be late getting to the interview! Quickly she gets busy and makes a plan to get her on her way to that interview! Of course, she writes down the plan, but does she take it with her?

A string of hysterical events happen on Jane's journey to the interview, as she forgets things, doesn't know how to pay a bus driver because she usually drives herself, from there you embark on an adventure with Jane to just GET THROUGH THE DAY!

This is a Must see for those of you who like a little natural substance with your cupcakes! Not for kids, or those who wouldn't get the gist of WHY poor Jane acts so strangely while trying to muddle through her day!

WARNING: It could cause a case of the hungries, or muncho's so, have them ready before watching, Smiley Face! And please remember what is edible and what is not! :)

The Stupids
The Stupids

The Stupids: Tom Arnold, Jessica Lundy

  • The Stupids are baffled! At EVERYTHING! Some reason someone is coming and stealing the garbage! Stanley (Tom) decides to wait up and follow the culprits. While he does find himself in a true crime, and uncover the evil Mr. Sender! Mr. Sender is very mysterious! But Stanley is ON THE CASE! They have to darling children, who are afraid because the police have kidnapped their mother! But the mother is very afraid because she believes their mother has been kidnapped too!
    At one point, Stanley does get a moment where he recognizes the whole truth and nothing but the truth, the question is, will Stanley withhold the information, or will it go as quickly as it came! Their children, Buster and Petunia are adorable, and tenacious on the quest to find their parents!They are little crime solvers and they're doing everything from taking the gold fish for a morning walk, to helping to solve the crime of the evil MR. SENDER!

My Stepmother Is An Alien
My Stepmother Is An Alien

My Stepmother is an Alien: Kim Basinger, Dan Aykroyd

  • Alien (Kim Basinger) comes to Earth to learn our ways, she learns that she likes it better here after falling in love with a very frumpy Scientist, Dan Aykroyd, his daughter and dog. Her boss is in her purse as she tries to fit in! Who wants to listen to a bossy purse ya know!

A super cute family film that is very funny from the beginning to the end! Nobody wants to believe a kid, but geeze, sometimes kids are just RIGHT! A super cute movie, and watching Kim Basingers funny ways of learning Earths habits are quite funny too! Dan Aykroyd and his awe with Kim's beauty, but it leaves him blind to the facts going on behind him! Ok, no plot spoiler here, just watch and laugh! :)

Easy Money
Easy Money

Easy Money: Rodney Dangerfield

  • One year of straight and narrow for Rodney? I dunno.... he's a tricky dude! But what some wouldn't endure for a large sum of cold hard cash!

Not really for kids although there is his own children in the movie! In fact, the daughter helps to keep dad on the straight and narrow path! Hey, sometimes, you should just listen to the kids, and don't ever underestimate the knowledge of a kid, sometimes they know more than you think they do!

Rodney does his best to keep his older daughter from growing up and becoming a wife to the man who loves her dearly! While he is willing to do anything to gain the love of his daughter, she's still sticking to daddy's rules... even after they are married! So cute! All she remembers is "Daddy said no." What daddy left out was, "no until you are married" although I don't think he minds his daughter still willing to uphold his values! For a man with every problem from over eating and over indulging in lives big no-no's, he still finds time to teach his children values! A SUPER funny film, that maybe you could enjoy if you have teenage kids who need to learn, you still need the advice of your parents even after they are grown up!

Relative Strangers
Relative Strangers

Relative Strangers: Nev Cambell, Danny DeVito, Kathy Bates, Ron Livingston, Beverly DeAngelo

  • Parents vs. Adoptive parents. Kathy Bates steals the show in this one! Hysterical all the way through. Has a heartwarming comedy,for a loud and boisterous set of in-laws!

A SUPER funny movie, from the beginning to the end! A jealous brother reveals a family secret as alcohol will sometimes make one not know when to shut up, but it turns out that his blurting out the truth, leads to not only a hysterical journey to learn the roots of why little brother is so different that big brother, you laugh all the way through, until you get to the heart warming end!

While some of the language might be a bit colorful, I still recommend this as a family movie!

Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy: Chris Farley, David Spade

  • Thought a dummy, Tommy is going to lose his fathers business, but business friend, and REAL friend, tries to help him get it back, backfire, as Tommy pulls everyone through the tough time with tons of laugther and loyalty to his dad!

Never tell a child who loves their parent to not follow his dreams or foot steps if that's what he wants! In the world of big business, sometimes it takes some good ground work, actually getting your hands dirty and driving across country in a car falling apart, but if you have someone who believes in a dream, this is a movie that will show you all the reasons NOT to give up on that dream! Dad would be proud of his son Tommy, as Tommy might appear to be a "Dummy" but his "dummy" days show loyalty to his father and his fathers company! A lot of life lessons in this comedy, it will have you laughing, and gasping "uh oh" as well as giving you a great feeling at the end! I highly recommend Tommy boy!

Animal House
Animal House

Animal House: John Belushi, Donald Sutherland, Karen Allen

  • It might have a few years under it's belt, but this movie is going to go down in history for the best college cult comedy ever. If you've never seen it, and you're into old school cult comedy, then you'll love this one. Best party scenes, and crazy plots! One try, you'll be hooked!

Some have tired, but in my opinion have failed! There is no other move in the history of a Frat house that takes the cake of Animal House! It has everything from sillyness, values, values of teachers and their students, and 101 reason WHY you should NOT grow up to be like these particular Frat boys! Ah, heck, even if it is funny and some parts politically incorrect, even though there is no political issues about this movie, other than the silly speeches that are given in this comedy of love, and growing up, and WHEN IT'S TIME TO GROW UP! If you're a teacher of any kind, just keep in mind, that these Frat boys could turn out to be some in your class! These Frat boys are more interested in the next TOGA TOGA TOGA party, than they are interested in class, you might want to remind them that in order to get through college, THIS IS NOT the way to do it!

Dirty Work
Dirty Work

Dirty Work: Norm MacDonald, Jack Warden, Chevy Chase, Don Rickles

  • Two young boys grow up with a father who gives them one bit of life's advice. "Don't take crap from no one." You'll have to sit back and catch a few of the little jokes or you'll miss them. A really fun movie, about how to get back at people who do you wrong! Beware!

I don't recommend this for kids, although it has some funny parts kids would laugh at! What could be more funny than a fish in a wall! But I think it's best if kids don't even get the idea in their heads at all! This movie will keep you laughing, at the antics of all of the characters as Norm MacDonald plays the lead. Also having quite a hard time holding down a job! Him and his buddy decide to make a business of their own! They've got to gather the money to get their father a much needed heart transplant! These two will stop at nothing to get save the life of their pops, even if he is a bit on the funny but CREEPY side, and don't think he didn't hear that! :) (You'll understand that line more after you view the movie, you can't hide things from pop's, he might have a bad ticker, but he has quite a sharp ear!)

You Me & Dupree
You Me & Dupree

You, Me, and Dupree: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, Michael Douglas

  • Ladies, beware if your friend ever wants to let that "long lost" buddy in for a few days! Especially the one you've never ever heard of! Seriously hysterical!

Another movie I don't recommend for kids, but DO recommend highly for it's comedy factor, and maybe your older kids! Poor Kate, she's a newly wed, and would like to spend some quality time alone with her husband! But what happens when your old best buddy pops in so he can be the best man at his best friends wedding? Owen Wilson plays Dupree, who is one crazy guy from the moment he is on screen to the end! This movie has some crazy antics, but are so innocent in the eyes of Dupree! He means no harm, but he seems to have a dark cloud that follows him everywhere he goes! Just remember you might have to pause or back up to see certain parts again, as they're unbelievable, and as you begin to feel bad for Dupree, you also fall in love with his way of LOOKING AT LIFE! It's that "Carl-ness" in each of us, that makes us unique! That is significant to the movie so I'm not going to be a plot spoiler so if you've not seen it, get to the rental store and pick it up or use the much favored Netflix!

The Jerk
The Jerk
The Man With Two Brains
The Man With Two Brains | Source

The Jerk: Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters

  • Navin Johnson sets out to be on his own. He gets a job at a gas station, and luckily sends his family a few cents back home. He becomes a millaire for inventing the Opti-Grab. One of the funniest movies of the 20th century!

A rags to riches story, proving anyone can make it, regardless of an intelligence level, if you've got a good heart, live Navin Johnson's, and a good family, then you're sure to fall in love with the silly antics, even if he doesn't understand them, what he does understand is a good family value, can bring you from rags to riches, especially when you're least expecting it! (Kids version available.)
The Man With Two Brains
: Steve Martin, Kathleen Turner

  • If a man ever tells you he's fallen in love with your mind, THINK again! haha! This movie is Steve Martin in his classic self, you know, finding out Merv Griffen is a serial killer, and he's gotta keep that secret, plus some of his own! A STEVE MARTIN, MUST SEE!

I paired these two Steve Martin movies together. Again funny man Martin, shows that with the right brain, the body isn't what love is about. He might think that in the beginning, but realizes beauty lays in the brain, and too many people are focused on outside beauty, so while he gets both, loses one, he gains both! Wow, said in a Steve Martin humor! You'll get when you see this much passed over, underrated comedy! If I likea You, like you likea me, then we likea both the same! Watch it, you'll not be disappointed if you're a Steve Martin fan!

Christmas Vacation
Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation: Chevy Chase, Beverly DeAngelo & Juliet Lewis

  • European Vacation set this sequence rolling. From the first time I seen it and laughed all the way through, I was hooked. All the Vacation series are hysterical, with these two being my personal favorites. Randy Quaid comes to visit in Christmas Vacation, so you know it's going to have some laughs.. and sick laughs!

With Randy Quaid coming to visit for Christmas Vacation, and Chevy as Clarke decorating the house, everyone bumbling with happiness to get the house ready for relatives and loved ones, this eventful holiday begins with the hunt for the perfect décor for the Griswald Family Christmas! This is another movie that makes you laugh beginning to end, and seeing how family interact with each other and try their hardest not to judge, because the holiday is what it's meant to be about in real life. Families and even if Grandma shows up with a box that oozes goo and one that jumps around like a wild caged animal, they still pass no judgment on anyone's attire or gifts, or there lack of, they bring to you, WITH MANY MANY LAUGHS what Christmas is all about!

European Vacation
European Vacation

European Vacation: Chevy Chase, Beverly DeAngelo

  • European Vacation, the second of the Vacation series, set keeps this sequence rolling. From the first time I seen it and laughed all the way through, I was hooked. All the Vacation series are hysterical, with these two being my personal favorites!

Clark and the family win on a game show to go on an all expenses paid trip to Europe! While everything seems to be going great, except for the kids being miserable, Rusty just bored, and Audry missing her boyfriend back home, they still find time to enjoy their trip in Europe! Rusty finds an interesting love, and they all find adventure around every corner! This has everything from the most famous scenic sights to the

Young Frankenstein
Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein: Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Teri Garr, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman, Madeline Kahn, Gene Hackman.

  • Let's just say everyone finds their true mate, in this far fetched legendary film of FrankenStein. (Pronounced Frunken-Stiiiiiine)

This is an ALL STAR CAST! From the beautiful young Teri Garr, to the late great Peter Boyle! With mention of all of them at the top, you'll see, HOW CAN IT NOT BE FUNNY! This quirky group of people come to Dr. Fankenstein's home so he can complete the work of his late Grandfather Dr. FrankenSTEIN! Things don't end up to be quite as planned, as things get quite mixed up! um, or everyone gets mixed up! Gene Wilder is a college professor who is quite eager to teach his students HIS science, not that of the late Grandfather, which angers him, as he tries to hide it! BUT, to no avail. NO plot spoiler, you'll have to see how that unfolds yourself! If you've not seen this one, put it on your list! It's full of great one liners too!

Along Came Polly
Along Came Polly

Along Came Polly:- Ben Stiller, Jennifer Anniston
Rating this movie in both family and Grown up comedy, because it's surely going to make anyone laugh! And fall in love with Polly's cute little Ferret who just happens to be blind!

  • Reuben is a major germaphobe, and insurance analyst. Then he meets the girl of his dreams, and she is less than a germaphobe, in fact nothing phases her. She's down to earth, and if he wants to be with her, he'll have to get used to it, but does he?

When you're done commenting (if you're so kind to do so) then skip on over to my other "Comedy's for the whole family" hub! As this one surely fits in both categories, Certainly fit for kids too!

Super Troopers
Super Troopers

Super Troopers
Brian Cox

  • Just stay with it. No matter how much you love just the first 15 minutes of this film, the rest tends to let you drift off. But if you stay with it, it's funny all the way through!

After the first SUPER 15 minutes of this film, STAY ALERT! Just as I stated, it might seem to smooth out and not be as funny, but rest assured it IS! Believe it or not, this movie was actually helped to be written by REAL LIFE policemen and the crazy things they come cross while on duty! There are some "fun facts" if you look them up at the Internet Movie Data Base! You'll laugh at those too! From the crazy billboard scene to the poor girl who gets a bonk on the nose with a baseball, now I'm not sure if that really happened, but I sure hope it didn't!  See, that is NOT a plot spoiler, because who knows if it really happens or not! It'll be up to you to decide!
Not only is it a funny cast, it did so well at the box office, that I believe they came out with a sequel, but trust in one thing, this is a funny movie from the beginning to the end! AND YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK IT TWICE, as while you're laughing you might miss out on some of the funny parts of the movie! Look close, you don't want to miss a thing! Just let's laugh at this one after the kids are asleep, because we don't want kids to grow up with the thought that policemen are just funny, they have a serious side as well, and it's important that they know that!  Keep them happy knowing that regardless of the fact some policemen do have a great since of humor, it doesn't always apply in real life!

Summer Rental
Summer Rental

Summer Rental: John Candy, Beverly DeAngelo

  • Sometimes it might just be better to stay home! Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun, and fun for the whole family! Some vacations can be fun, and some just watching your family have fun! I guess the best thing about a Vacation is relaxing even if the dog knows how to close the door! :)

But taking the family on vacation would just not be fair to the family! Just remember the famous line, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." Some times things can get mixed up, like say an address, a post office box number, a date.. you just never know when! But when you're a father, it's your responsibility to make sure your family has a great time, and even if they can make the best of things, go ahead and let them! Because you'll end up being happy in the end when you finally get to come home and go back to work! It just might be more relaxing! You just NEVER KNOW these things! Isn't it hindsight that is 20/20? :)


Arthur: Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, John Geilgud

  • The most fun money can buy! In my opinion this will be a cult classic for Dudley Moore!

First of all I'd like to pay tribute to the late great Dudley Moore! May he rest in peace, as we not only lost a great funny man, wonderful person and actor, but a beautiful pianist as well. RIP: Dudley Moore.
Ah, where to begin on this great film! They tried to make a part 2, and it was a flop at the box office. The only reason, in my opinion being is NOTHING could top this one, I highly doubt I'll see it's remake, if I do, it'll be when I get over people trying to imitate him with great failures! From his first words "Girls  Girls Girls, to the ending Well it doesn't suck" you're not only going to be caught up in gales of laughter, it's going on a journey of Arthur's quest for TRUE LOVE, not purchased love as his family and Susan's family want! Again with this movie you'll have great one liners that will stick in your head for YEARS to come! You'll never think of a country smaller than Rhode Island at all.

Anger Management
Anger Management

Anger Management: Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, Marisa Tomei

  • Through a lot of hysterical laughter, Dave gets up his nerve to be a little less shy in public, bringing him and his fiancé much closer! I don't think anybody could stand this treatment without getting angry! Or going nuts!

Don't think for a minute that you don't have some pent up anger somewhere inside you, because if you do, you'll surely change your mind or at least wonder after you've viewed this film! Even if you really don't, and you're the most laid back person in the world, this 'Anger Management" class or therapy will surely bring it out in you! Just remember, don't hit the guy! lol Just go away mad and leave it at that, you'll get over it sooner or later!

My Cousin Vinny
My Cousin Vinny

My Cousin Vinny: Joe Pecsi, Marissa Tomai, & Fred Gwynne

  • Bill and Stan, two friends on their way from New York City to receive their UCLA scholarships, decide to take a ride through the good ol' south! While in a rural area in Alabama they decide to stop at a convenience store to get some snacks. Bill runs out of room to hold things and slips a can of tuna in his pocket! UH OH!

When the police pull them over, they're sure they're busted for the tuna, only to learn THE HARD WAY they are arrested for MURDER! Facing execution, and not having money for an attorney, Bill remembers he has a cousin who is an attorney! Of course he's not very experienced, and has never handled a murder case, so needless to say, they are more scared than ever! But what choice do they have but to let cousin Vinny help them out! Lucky they have a smart and witty picture taking Mona Lisa Vito (Marissa) who just happens to be a whiz at knowing the in's and outs of cars, and helps them out! It's hysterical watching the poor kids sweat this out as they watch their attorney and cousin botch things and be as disrespectful as any New Yorker could be in a small town in Alabama! It's one laugh after another as you wonder HOW is Cousin Vinny going to help them when he can't even get to court on time, or can he seem to get any sleep! They have no clue to what small southern towns are like! It takes a bit of work, but Vinny vows to stick together as families do, and do what it takes to get these guys freed! Watch everything unfold and see if these two innocent boys, only guilty of forgetting to pay for their tuna get to go free or not! It's one laugh and innuendo after another! Highly recommended!


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    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      9 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      I share many of the comedies you've listed here as movies I watch over and over, including the Vacation movies, Animal House, My Cousin Vinny and Young Frankenstein.

      I might go watch Vinny again right now!


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