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Top Korean Dramas of 2013: Fourth Review

Updated on September 19, 2013

5. Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire

Moon Geun Young once again takes on a cross-dressing role. As I did not see her previous effort, I can't compare but I would say she is doing fine here. Lee Sang Yoon, takes on the role of Gwang Hae, the second prince while Lee Kwang Soo (of Running Man fame) plays the eldest prince, who is also a troublemaker. Kim Bum takes the second lead role here as an orabeoni (older brother) of Jung (Moon Geun Young's character). What I find a little unbelievable though is how important pottery seems to be in terms of influencing the political happenings in the palace. Suspend that belief though, and the drama is watchable. My view: Watch this if you are free, because I could easily skip an episode without feeling like something was missing.

Tears Are Also Love by Baek Ah Yeon (Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire OST)

4. Who Are You?

Along with Master's Sun, this is another drama featuring a paranormal theme. So Yi Hyun stars as Yang Si On, a policewoman who went into coma for 6 years and then wakes up with the ability to see ghosts. Taecyeon of 2PM is a fellow policeman who works in the Lost and Found Department. Kim Jae Wook in his first drama after completing National Service, stars as Si On's boyfriend and fellow policeman who was killed during an investigation. Surprisingly, Taecyeon performs well as a cocky young policeman who is intrigued by Si On's ability.

Happy by Gajami Boy (Who Are You? OST)

3. Empire of Gold

This drama has attracted attention as the it has the same director, scriptwriter and one of the same leads (Son Hyun Joo as Min Jae) from last year's hit drama, The Chaser. Besides that, this drama marks Go Soo's comeback to dramaland after his army stint. I am so used to seeing Go Soo (as Tae Joo) take on the role of a good person, that it is quite interesting to see him act evil. He is doing better than I expected! The story spans 20 years and we see Tae Joo changing from a naive poor young man to a shrewd, and even cruel successful businessman. I like that the female lead, Seo Yoon, acted by Lee Yo Won, is also a smart businesswoman and a worthy enemy/ally to both Min Jae and Tae Joo. Unfortunately, their fight to be at the top of the empire becomes too draggy and repetitive, and I couldn't help but skip scenes in the later episodes.

Love Love Love by 4Men (Empire of Gold OST)

2. Master's Sun

The Master's Sun is the Hong Sisters' script of the year. I am glad to announce that they are back in good shape again after Big which was a huge disappointment in terms of plot. It is doubly good as Gong Hyo Jin shines in her role as Tae Gong Sil (nicknamed Taeyang, sun in Korean) who is able to see ghosts after going thorough a life-and-death situation. So Ji Sub is also good in his role as Joo Joong Won (nicknamed Joo Gun, master in Korean) in the first comedy I've seen him in. Their chemistry is excellent and the lines witty. Definitely recommended! As a bonus, Seo In Gook plays the second lead, competing with Joong Won for Gong Shil's attention. For Kpop fans, you will be glad to know that L (KIm Myung Soo) of INFINITE cameos as the younger Joong Won.

Day and Night by Gummy (Master's Sun OST)

1. Two Weeks

Based on the first two episodes, this drama is a fast-paced drama and I am glad to say that I like the momentum. As the show progresses, it has not slowed down in pace as the drama is supposed to be close to real time with 14 episodes representing the 14 days as he counts down to surgery. Lee Jun Ki as Jang Tae San also has good chemistry with the little girl who plays his daughter, Soo Jin. Kim So Yeon is in top form as always as prosecutor, Park Jae Kyung. Rounding up the main cast, we have Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (a policeman) and Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye, Tae San's former girlfriend and Soo Jin's mother. For me, this show has many good points but I will recommend this for one reason: Lee Jun Ki's performance!

Run by Nell (Two Weeks OST)

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