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My Favourite Songs From Korean Dramas (2013): First Review

Updated on June 7, 2014

Alice in Cheongdamdong OST

Baek Ah Yeon is known as the third finalist of South Korea's talent show, K-Pop Star. She once again appears in the limelight again with her song, "Daddy Long Legs" on the Alice in Cheongdamdong OST. The melody, lyrics and her voice combine to make this song an amazing song which I continue to listen to, even long after the drama has ended!

Daddy Long Legs by Baek Ah Yeon (Alice in Cheongdamdong OST)

Heartfelt Songs from Various OSTs

For every touching moment in Korean dramas, it is bound to be accompanied by and equally touching song. Urban Zakapa contributes two different songs, "Reunion" and "Door" to the Can We Get Married OST. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you will realise how fitting it is for that moment.

Lee Jung is also no stranger to the OST world. He has featured on various soundtracks and most recently contributed a heartwarming song titled I Wish It Was You for the Flower Boy Next Door drama. That Winter, The Wind Blows also has an awesome soundtrack with contributions from Yesung, of Super Junior, for the song "Carbon Paper" and from The One for the song "Winter Love". Girls Generation's leader and main vocal, Taeyeon, also contributes a touching ballad, "And One".

Wish It Was You by Lee Jung (Flower Boy Next Door OST)

The King of Dramas OST

The King of Dramas is a series which reveals the behind the scenes antics of the producers, scripwriters, directors and actors. It is an interesting watch particularly because the Korean drama filming in reality is pretty eventful, with episodes being cancelled due to lack of scenes being shot, or actors leaving the filming site to boycott shooting and so on.

As mentioned previously, Yesung is a frequent contributor to soundtracks. This time he sings, "Blind for Love" for The King of Dramas OST. Lee Hyun (from 8eight) sings for this series too. His song is titled, "Keep in your heart". This time he attempts a more upbeat style compared to the usual ballads which he performs.

Blind for Love by Yesung (The King of Dramas OST)

Byul's Return to OST World

Byul is a female solo singer who shot to fame with her song, "I Think I Love You", an OST from Full House which starred Rain and Song Hye Gyo. After a long hiatus from the limelight, in recent years she has actively comeback to the music scene via drama soundtracks such as her duet with Shorry (of Might Mouth) for "Reminds Me of You", which appears on the Missing You OST. Another interesting point to note for Running Man fans, she is happily married to Ha Dong Hoon, more commonly known as Haha, a host for the popular variety program.

Reminds Me of You by Byul & Shorry (Missing You OST)

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    • lilian_sg profile image

      lilian_sg 4 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for commenting! Glad you loved it =) Yesung is really awesome, isn't he?

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for listing out the korean artists who sang those OST . I love Yesung too! Awesome Hub!