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Top Ten Best Wrestlers Of 2008

Updated on December 16, 2014

Top ten best wrestlers of 2008

This is my personal list of top ten best wrestlers of 2008. This is only an edjucated opinion so if you disagree, you can ad your comments below.  

# 10 Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle as tna heavy weight champion
Kurt Angle as tna heavy weight champion

Number 10 Kurt Angle

Though wrestling is seeing a hard time at the moment there is no lack of great talent. Nothing proves that more than Kurt Angle being at the tale end of a top ten list  

#9 Samoa Joe

Samoa joe
Samoa joe

Number 9 Somao Joe

Somao Joe has had a great 2008 finally capturing the TNA heavyweight championship. Somao Joe seemed to have been overlooked for years by TNA as they bring are continue to bring in former wwe stars. TNA should continue to grow and make a name for themselves giving pushes to guys like Somao Joe

#8 The Undertaker

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

Number 8 The Undertaker

After years of being a main event superstar, The Undertaker continues to dominate and stay a top competitor.

Before becoming injured earlier in the year The Undertaker was to recieve a long run as world champion, but obviously upon his return things changed, however I don't see his main event status changing anytime soon. 

#7 Christian Cage

Christian Cage as NWA heavyweight champion
Christian Cage as NWA heavyweight champion

Number 7 Christian Cage

Wow what a bad move for WWE to let this talent go. Christian Cage went right over to TNA holding on to the top spot for quite some time. This has apparently caught they eye of Vince who has reportedly offered him a nice contract. TNA has already written Christian off the show, so if you are a WWE & Christian Cage fan things are looking good.  

# 6 Triple H

12 time world champion Triple H
12 time world champion Triple H

Number 6 Triple H

Triple H has had one of the most successful WWE careers of all time. Many people feel that this is due in part by the marraige to Stephanie McMahon, but there is no denying the ability of Triple H.

Triple H is one of the best technical wrestlers, and hardest workers in the industry.

#5 HBK Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels as wwf wwe heavyweight champion
Shawn Michaels as wwf wwe heavyweight champion

Number 5 HBK Shawn Michaels

I could write a book about how good Shawn Michaels is, and how much he has done for the wrestling industry. Even though Shawn is recognized as one of the all time greats, I still feel that he is underated.

Ric Flair himself said that HBK is the best of all time and I have to agree, though I can only say he is number 5 for the year, mainly due to WWE only using him to make other talent look good.  

#4 AJ Styles

Aj Styles as NWA heavyweight champion
Aj Styles as NWA heavyweight champion

Number 4 AJ Styles

AJ styles is easily the best thing TNA has going for them right now, and it looks as though they may be starting to realize this. AJ has been recieving a good push towards the TNA title, and I would not at all be suprised to see it around his waist in 2009. 

#3 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy during his tna days
Jeff Hardy during his tna days

Number 3 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy just seems to get better and better every week. Ten years ago there were many saying that Jeff would be the next HBK, and I would say he is well on his way.

On Last year's list I predicted that he would hold a world championship in 2008 and it's safe to say that he would have if hadn't of had the problem over the drug screen. This year I am going to predict that he will win the wwe championship at wrestlemania.  

#2 Randy Orton

Three Time World Champion Randy Orton
Three Time World Champion Randy Orton

Number two Randy Orton

I might catch some heat for this, but the fact that I will just reassures me of how well of a job Randy is doing. Randy Orton makes allot of money to make you hate him. But to me he is one of those wrestlers that you love to hate.

Randy is one of the most skilled wrestlers the WWE has ever seen, and he has plenty of years ahead of him.  

#1 Edge

New wwe champion as of last night Edge
New wwe champion as of last night Edge

Number One Edge

The thing I like most about this guy is the fact that he is the only wrestler that still portrays his own attitude in the show. He is the only wrestler that is unpredictable.

I don't love to hate this guy, Edge is one of those heels that you just like anyway. So here is my #1 for 2008, one of the best heels of all time Edge.  

Please add your comments about top ten best wrestlers of 2008

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    • profile image

      Anup 7 years ago

      I watch almost all event of wwe.but heartly i think the wwe management should be call again shwan michal with under taker agreement

    • profile image

      Viishnujith 7 years ago

      What happend randy at extremerules the smallman swagger beat you . Thats realy shame for your fans . Apex predator your are the best

    • profile image




    • knslms profile image

      knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina

      John Cena is the most overated thing wrestling has seen since Hulk Hogan. His wrestling skills are well below average however he is a good talker. John Cena is a very hard worker behind the scenes which is why Vince continues to give him push after push. While he may put a lot into what he does, he just isn't that good and 90% of real wrestling fans will tell you the same.

    • profile image

      Sara Horne 8 years ago

      John Cena should have been number 1 for sure!!

    • Kmadhav profile image

      Kmadhav 8 years ago from New delhi

      just a foolish list....