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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Updated on July 5, 2009

Action packed, explosive and never a dull moment, this unrealistic but exciting film had me tensing up and biting my nails wondering what would happen next. Some parts of the film, such as the transforming segments of the vehicles to their robotic counterparts, were difficult to clearly make out. There were lots of flashes, colors and sounds of twisting metal but it was very hard to clearly make out how they were exactly transforming.

The acting for the most part was very good and believable, with the exception of the President's assistant who was the mamby-pants type of character you want to kick out of an airplane (and they did!) and the butcher/deli owner that was supposedly the master mind capable of reading the ancient hieroglyphics left by the fallen, years before humans inhabited the Earth. The roomie of LeBouf was also quite annoying with his consistent screaming and crying and I was relieved to see him tased at one point in the movie. It was as if a little child were sitting behind me crying throughout the film.

Otherwise, the action, graphics, realism of the war and the soldiers made for an exciting film. It was an extremely long movie, but it seemed to go quickly because of the constant action.

The character played by LeBouf was once again an unwilling participant in the conflict between the Prime and the Fallen; however, as the movie progressed, his character became willingly involved and the viewer became more engaged in his quest to help the Prime.

There was quite a bit of violence but not much blood. Some swearing as well. Parents who brought little children kept leaving the theater with them throughout the film I think it was a bit too much for some of them. The machines even found a way to tickle our heart strings in some of the movie, as we developed a fondness for some of them and were saddened by some of the events they experienced.

Out of 10 points, I would give Transformers, part 2 a score of 6.5. It was an exciting but very unbelievable film with characters that added to the film and also took away from what could have been a very believable flick. It was entertaining but no award winner. I think if you want to watch a movie with a lot of action in it but is far from science fiction or similarities to shows such as Star Trek or Star Wars; where the characters and events seemed believable, then Transformers is the movie for you!


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