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Treyc Cohen Ripped Off in X Factor 2009 Judges' Houses

Updated on October 7, 2009

Simon Cowell Screws Over Another Great Singer

Treyc Cohen, a great singer on X Factor 2009, was cut by Simon Cowell during the judges' house segment. Despite calling her great and even saying "good for you" after her performance of Whitney Houston's "All the Man That I Need," Cowell claimed that she might not have the confidence to be a star. Instead, Cowell opted to put through Olly Murs to the voting rounds (live shows), saying that he had to pick the three contestants with the best chance of winning. In other words, Cowell's goal is to give his group the best chance of winning, not to put through the most talented contestants.

Note: You can see Treyc Cohen and Olly Murs performing in the videos below.

I see these horrible decisions every year in American Idol, as well, where Cowell constantly rags on contestants for everything but talent. When it comes to X Factor and American Idol, Cowell cares about ratings and finding ways to stroke his own ego instead of letting the most talented contestants go through and hopefully develop those star qualities that he thinks are missing.

While it may be true that Treyc is lacking some confidence now, at least she has the talent to win if she develops. Conversely, Olly Murs, who may have more confidence (I'm not even convinced of that), likely does not have the talent to win short of getting lucky like Kris Allen.

I say Simon has it all wrong and deprives audiences in the UK and America the right to see the best talent. Olly is definitely talented, but he is just not on the same level as Treyc, and Simon knows that. These shows are depressing because they will even choose singers based on race or gender just to create more diversity in the voting rounds.

Exhibit 1: In last year's American Idol, there is simply no way the judges thought Jasmine Murray actually deserved to go through in the wildcard round. They needed another black and another female in the Top 12 for diversity reasons, so Jasmine was the warm body to fill that spot. All you had to do was look at the judges' comments to see that. This time, they wanted another white contestant, so Olly filled that spot. Of course, they will never admit this, but everyone knows the truth.

More and more, good singing is quickly becoming a thing of the past because the music industry is so insanely focused on marketing theory and tactics instead of promoting good singers. People like Treyc are treated like an outsider at a high school instead of the talent that she is. It's just depressing on a show like this. While the record companies may have financial reasons not to sign certain talent, these shows don't have to display that bias.

The beauty of reality television is that normal people who have the talent can become stars. Oddly enough, we see this all the time on Simon's other shows, Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent. "Real" people who wouldn't stand a chance on these Idol shows actually win on the Got Talent shows. It is just odd that Cowell has his hands in both of these sets of shows but approaches them with a completely different philosophy.

The bottom line here is this. If you want to see people normally shunned by record and talent companies (people like Treyc Cohen that apparently don't have the right personality) actually get a shot, do NOT watch these Idol and X Factor type of shows. They exist to breed objects of marketing, not pure talent. If you were the type of person that wanted to be in the "in crowd" when you were in school, you probably like Idol and X Factor. You still aspire to live vicariously through the cool kids.

But if you want to see real success stories of people that get a shot because they actually deserve it, then the Got Talent type of shows are a better fit. That's obviously the only way people like Susan Boyle are going to get a shot in this world. I, for one, will applaud Simon for that even if his other shows are making me increasingly sick.

Good luck to Treyc Cohen and Olly Murs, as I believe both of them do have talent.

In a related video, I explain how I knew Stacey Solomon would fly through to the live shows. Of course, anyone who has watched these shows at least two seasons could have predicted the same thing.

Treyc Cohen Singing "All the Man That I Need"

Olly Murs Singing "A Song For You"


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    • profile image

      christinehughes 8 years ago

      Such a shame when talent such as Treyc gets overlooked in favour of 'novelty' acts. Let's hope her new single, 'A Time To Be Heard' will address this injustice.

    • profile image

      Tony 8 years ago

      I agree completely, also Shanna, both these 2 would have been in anyones top 12. Treyc Cohen does have the sweetest voice, but the saddest thing for me, was the ease at which she accepted the verdict, a lifetime of people saying 'no' to her perhaps. At least she showed her class - good for you indeed Treyc