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Trivandrum Lodge Mlayalam Movie Review

Updated on September 21, 2012


The movie is flawless except for the climax.Anoop menon could've made the climax much better with the plot he had setup.In the end the movie int' disappointing.It has good humour combined with memorable situations most of which show paradoxes.Jayasurya has done a wonderful job as Abdu.Anoop Menon too does well with his natural kind of acting.The movie mainly deals with man and lust.And then there are the inhabitants of this lodge for whom this lodge is a P&P of their life.

The good parts of the movie are the dialogues and humour.

The only problem/strength(depends on the way you take it) is that it is not meant for a family audience.The film has some raw dialogues just like in beautiful,Anoops' previous film which are not meant for family audiences.

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