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Troubling "Am I Pretty Or Ugly?" Youtube Videos

Updated on March 1, 2012
Am I Ugly?
Am I Ugly?

A new tred has occured on YouTube, but this trend is different then the's sadder. The trend is called, "Am I Ugly or Pretty?" and it is a series of unsettling videos where teens and tweens are asking the internet if they are ugly or pretty. Disturbing, Right?

Why are they making these videos? What is the psycology behind it? What is the public's response to this? There are thousand of questions you can ask about these videos, and I have a few answers.

One of the Many Troubling Videos


When you first look at these videos, you're shocked. But if you think deeply into this behavior you find that it is actually normal, just in an extreme case.

Teens and tweens are always wanting to be accepted, always wanting to be "pretty". To them it feels like they can never really know if they're ugly or pretty. They can ask friends and family members- but of course the answer would be, "Yes, you're beautiful!".The kids know they friends and family can't tell them the "tuth" about their looks so they turn to other sources to find it. Other kids (Like Jealous Bullies) talk behind the kid's back and say they're ugly even if thats not the truth- that greatly disturbs children. Even a simple comment about there appearace, joking or not, can stick in their minds and pester them for a long time.

It's actually easier to accept that you're ugly that accept that you're pretty. It's not as easy to think, "Im Pretty" than to think, "I'm Ugly". These girls are looking for someone to tell them they're ugly so their worst fears can be confimed. It's a strange behavior, but many girls look for someone to tell them they're ugly- but usually not to this extreme.

Attention Seeking

Some of the videos are also made because the girls are in desperate need of attention, as many other teens and tweens are. Well, they got the attention they wanted, didn't they?

It Comes Down to Impulsive Actions

Teens are impulsive. Period. They don't usuall think of the consequences before they do something. To them if something seems like a good idea at the time, well heck, why not go with it? Many of these girls probably made these videos without thinking about consequences. According to other sources, theese videos were most likely made in a rush of emotions and a needing to know the truth about if they're pretty or ugly.Teens get in moods where they feel like the ugliest person in the world a lot, and sometimes they get moods where they feel great about themselves.

There's a Thrill in Responses

When someone comments on your article, or replies to your post it's always sort of a 'thrill' and it's fun to see what people have to say, right? I love when people comment on my things, negative or positive.

So why take these videos to the internet instead of sitting down and talking to people?

  1. It's easier communicating and talking to people on the internet than in real life
  2. Coments and replies are thrilling and fun to get. (Hubbers should know)

Another "Am I Ugly or Pretty?" Exapmle

Some of the disturbing comments of these videos:

  • You're an attention seeking whore, not pretty or ugly. (six "thumbs up")
  • Anyone else want to poke that mole with a stick? (fourteen "thumbs up")
  • you look like an ape (eleven "thumbs up")
  • You are not ugly but self absorbed which is ugly. (four "thumbs up")

Bullying Plays a Role


This disgusting habit is everywhere, and unfortunately you're going to find mean people where ever you go. Bullies play a big role in this disturbing vide chain. When bullies tell kids they're ugly, the children lose self confidence. It's suprising how one small ugliness comment can send a tween or teen into a downwards spiral that results in things like this.

Bullies (as you hopefully know already) cause massive issues for children, including problems like:

  • Lack of confidence/ becoming insecure
  • Feeling lonley, left out, or hated
  • Causing the bullied children to try and avoid school
  • Causing bullied children to feel depressed...or even suicidal
  • Bullied children easily succumb to physical problems, like headaches or stomachaches.

What do you think about this issue?

What do you think about theese videos?

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A Funny "Meme"
A Funny "Meme"

Kids & The Internet

Should kids be allowed youtube accounts, and access to unlimited internet in ways like this?

  • Why they should have acess to unlimited internet:
  1. Gives a sense of Freedom & Independence
  2. Teaches responsibility (in some ways)
  3. Lets kids learn and grow through internet resources
  4. The is a lot of good communication with friends, old and new

  • Why kids should not have acess to unlimited internet:
  1. Passwords, emails, & phone numbers can be given out- even if it's an accident
  2. Lots of creepy or dangerous people
  3. Innapropriate content may present itself
  4. Impulsive actions, like posting videos like the one we talked about here

What do you think?


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      My mother used to say there would always be girls prettier than you and girls not as pretty as you. If all you do is compare yourself to others you are going to make yourself unhappy half the time.

      Oh, young girls, there is so much more to life.