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Uche Jombo and Desmond Elliot: Holding hope

Updated on July 25, 2013

"Bia Nulu" - Ego ( 'Holding hope' soundtrack)

Bia Nulu

One great way of invoking emotions in an audience of a movie is by the soundtrack or the sounds accompanying actions building up to a climax or words the actor says. When I watched this movie what I think was the final straw that brought tears into my eyes was the song on the scene or sequence of scenes as seen in the video above, I will say that I hardly ever cry during a movie or ever but this song has got an eerie sound to it that makes you feel things that words can't express. I couldn't even understand the words of what the lady was singing about but just the sound of her voice and the music had the ability to make me feel sorry for the actress who was playing the part of Hope it was just so sad. I listened to the initial version of the song by Onyeka Onwenu which is a little bit fast and it was okay I think, but what Ego did to this song mmmmh you just have to listen to it to understand.

Front cover of the movie holding hope
Front cover of the movie holding hope | Source

Originial singer of the song Bia Nulu

Onyeka Onwenu
Onyeka Onwenu | Source

The cast

This movie was directed by Desmond Elliot and Uche Jombo who are also starring in the movie. I have followed some of the movies that these two have acted in in the past and in this movie you can see the level of their maturity in acting. They sound very believable and the fact that the they have a good story-line helps a lot. Most Nigerian movies that I have watched to those who know and have watched these kinds of movies can have part 1 to 6 with each part having an hour or something like that of view time, how do you even premier something that long? This movie was straight to the point it only had two parts which is one thing I really really loved about it, it left you at the edge of your seat. Another actress that was in this movie who has had a lot of experience in the industry is Nadia Buari and she was also very good. It was good to also see a somewhat new face, I really liked the lady that was acting as Hope's cousin Moyo Lawal she was just so funny, threatening to kill the husband she said "she go cut him into tiny tiny pieces and go send him for express and they no go find you hoo" lol I have no idea what the express is but I gathered she meant business.

Moyo Lawal: Nollywood actress

Moyo Lawal
Moyo Lawal | Source


The movie is centered around the two main characters Hope( which is acted by Uche Jombo) and Sydney( acted by Desmond Elliot). Sydney is a young man who has had his life handed to him on a silver plate and he feels entitled to everything he wants, his mother tries to check his attitude and make him more responsible but he just feels that his mother is too controlling. Unknown to him his mother is very sick. At this point Hope gets into the picture she is hired by the mother to try to make sure that the company is being run properly because Sydney and his then girlfriend Nadia are busy spending company money which his mother doesn't approve of. Uche and Sydney end up in love at the very end but they have their trials and troubles to go through. The main theme in this movie I think is to enjoy and cherish people when they are in our lives and the effects of cancer. Because they are dealing with such a ruthless disease that has been a part of some of our lives the movie rocks you to the core and makes you feel like you have met the actors and can relate to their pain.

Final word

ALthough I really enjoyed this movie which was an Academy Arts production I must say I was so disappointed by the picture quality which I can totally forgive but the editors no no no those guys just didn't do justice for the actors I was very disappointed indeed. The soundtracks were good but sometimes you couldn't hear the actors properly and then all of a sudden the sound would get loud, and then the music would start at clearly innapropriate times and then sometimes the tunes would overlap that was just dissapointing as sound is very important in movies even I know that. Overall I would give it three stars for the marvelous perfomance of the actors. Oh and by the way was that the official trailer? Like really?

Holding hope [Trailer]

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