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Unforgettable: Golden Bird

Updated on April 21, 2013

Unforgettable: Golden Bird

Detective Carrie Wells remembers every moment of her life with the exception of one day. That day is the day her sister Rachel was abducted and murdered. And that day Carrie can’t remember anything. Carrie’s lose of her sister Rachel has defined her and her obsession with finding her sister Rachel’s killer has lead her into dark places including a career as a law enforcement officer. Carrie’s prime motivation for wanting to be a homicide detective was to find her sister’s murder.

So as a young detective Carrie worked in Syracuse and had a great love who also happened to be her superior by the name of Al. Their relationship was wonderful until Carrie’s obsession with finding Rachel’s murder became too much for Al. He closed Rachel’s case and Carrie never really forgave him. We find out later that Al never really closed the case but only to Carrie as Carrie’s past was preventing her from having a future and functioning in the present. Carrie’s memory is both a blessing and a burse to her as it would be for all of us. She remembers every kind gesture but also every cruel one as well.

Carrie’s Mom has Alzheimer’s and can’t even remember Carrie but she has moments of lucidity,

When the show premiered we found Carrie counting cards and winning big at poker. But when her neighbor was murdered she becomes a witness. A witness with an idyllic memory which is very handy in police work. The detective in charge of her neighbor’s murder investigation was no one other then her former lover Al. They solve the murder and then Al asks Carrie to consult for his division. Carrie reluctantly agrees but on the condition she can continue looking for her sister’s murder.

And as Carrie solves each new case she heals her own mind and begins to remember details. Details which she is able to make a rendering of the murder that her Mother recognizes in one of her moments of lucidity. But then Carrie’s Mom slips back into her Alzheimer’s state and doesn’t even know Carrie. But it is a lead and instead of everyone fighting Carrie the entire department decides to help her in her quest to find her sister’s murder. They know until Carrie resolves her past she will never have a future.

Unforgettable: Golden Bird Trailer


Carrie visits her aunt Eddie to help her identify the man her Mother calls John. Her Aunt Eddie is unable to spend any time with Carrie.

A young girl by the name of Amy falls from the roof. It looks as if she had been in a struggle before she fell.

Amy was a terribly popular girl who no history of substance abuse and no enemies who is dead and whose journal is missing.

Amy seems to have been calling Planned Parent Hood. Everyone suspects Amy's father molested her but Amy turns out not to be pregnant.

And Eddie was avoiding Carrie because she is afraid to see her sister Alice sick.

Amy stole money form her parents ot pay for Kattie's abortion.

I stop writing half way through the show not to ruin it for you but it is good. This show just keeps getting better and better..


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Carco,

      This show started out slow and the critics all thought it would be canceled but the producers, directors and everyone trook all the criticism and made the necessary changes and now it is a terrific show.

      I am glad you enjoyed and as always thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting.


    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      Wow, another show I have never watched, but a real good review. I really have to start watching more TV... Thanks for sharing!