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Unforgettable: Lost Things

Updated on April 21, 2013

Unforgettable: Things Lost


Unforgettable: Lost Things

Detective Carrie Wells can remember everything except the details of the day her sister was abducted and killed. This makes Carrie and exceptional detective but is also a great source of pain for her as she can’t find her sister’s murder. Carrie’s Mom also has Alzheimer’s which is ironic give Carrie can’t seem to forget anything.

When the series opened we find Carrie unemployed and using her considerable talents to count cards. She is also visiting her Mother frequently. When a neighbor is murdered Carrie is confronted with her old lover and detective colleague Al. They have to work together to solve the neighbor’s murder as Carrie is the best witness they have. There is a great deal of conflict between Al and Carrie as we find their relationship broke up over Carrie’s obsession to find her sister’s killer. Al had closed the case or at least to Carrie so she quite police work. He offers her a job as a consultant and an abundance of resources to help Carrie remember the one day she has forgotten. We also discovered Al never really closed the case. He had never stopped looking for Carrie.

So Carrie joins the unit as a consultant and starts working cases with her former lover and boss Al. But things are different between them. While Carrie can remember every detail like it was yesterday Al has moved on and has a new girlfriend. Carrie has to adjust to that.

When Al and Carrie visit her Mom, Carrie’s Mom remembers Al quite well and seems to have a lucid moment. And in that moment in which Carrie and Al still pretend to be in love.

As a bonus Al has give Carrie access to the latest facial recognition program and she is starting to remember the face of the person who took her sister. While visiting her Mother once again her Mother recognizes the photo and says a name but the Alzheimer’s takes her once again. Carrie is left to look up a blind alley.

With each case Al and Carrie solve Carrie comes closer to remembering. She is literally healing herself with her police work. But as I have suggested before I believe Carrie’s memory block is psychological and that she knows her sister’s killer. It was the trauma of having someone she knew and trusted murder her sister that has made Carrie block out the memories of that day. But that is speculation and conjecture at this time until it is revealed in the television series.

Unforgettable Lost Things Trailer


A public defender by the name of Mary Hanson was murdered. Her body was discovered by a friend who stopped by to go jogging with her. Mary Hanson lived with a court officer Kevin McMillan. Kevin was drunk the previous night and can't recall if he murdered his roommate or not. Joe Williams was with Kevin. In my best assessment Joe would be the most likely suspect as he was incapacitated Mary's bodyguard.

Al asks Carrie about her sister's murder identification which shows progress in their relationship. Carrie keeps working on identifying Rachel's killer. As she works her sister's murder case she also grieves the lose of her sister.

In order not to spoil the show's ending I only write up until half way through Unforgettable as I do with all television series.

It is a fabulous show. The flashbacks have picked up and the director allows the audience to see the clues as Carrie does. This show does keep improving every week.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Veronica,

      It is always wnderful to hear from you. The show started out slow and all the critics wrote it off but the directors, producers, writers and actors took the criticism and turned the show around. And now it is really good perhaps one of the best this Fall.

      Thanks for the ratings and votes. I need them.

      Thanks for reading Veronica.


    • VeronicaFarkas profile image

      Veronica Roberts 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Every time I see a commercial for an upcoming episode, I mean to watch it, and then, somehow miss it. =/ This hub makes me wish I had watched, and makes me want to record it now so that I don't miss it anymore!

      Great synopsis. Carrie sounds like a fascinating, strong character.

      Voted up, interesting, & useful. =]

      Thanks, JT!