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Video Rewind: Halloween in a Nutshell

Updated on November 7, 2014

HADDONFIELD- IL Fifty one years ago, six-year-old Michael Myers brutally stabbed his sister, Judith to death. He was confined to a mental hospital in Smith's Grove until his escape on October 30, 1978.

The following day, Myers turned this quiet community into a bloodbath as the bodies of Annie Brackett, Lynda van der Klok and Bob Simms were discovered in a home on Orange Grove.

Laurie Strode, who was babysitting across the street from the murder scene, was herself a survivor of an attack when Myers attempted to murder her. She was saved from death when Myers' doctor, Samuel Loomis, shot Myers six times.

Myers' body disappeared from the home's grounds and before the nightmare ended for Strode and Loomis, it is believed Myers followed the pair to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital where more bodies were discovered throughout the building.

It was also believed that Dr. Loomis and Myers perished in an explosion at the hospital.

However, a decade following the murders of 16 people on that fateful Halloween night, Myers returned to Haddonfield in search of his niece, Jamie Lloyd. Eleven months prior to his second reign of terror, the young Lloyd had lost her parents (Laurie and James Lloyd) and was living at the home of Richard and Darlene Carruthers, along with daughter Rachel.

As the body count continued to rise, the authorities were confident that they had finally stopped the maniacal killer, however, at the Carruthers' home, Lloyd attacked her foster mother while the woman was preparing a bath for the child.

In 1989, the body of Harper Roisman, a hermit living on the outskirts of town was discovered. Authorities believe he nursed Myers back to health and then on Halloween he was murdered at the hands of the serial killer.

Myers was also responsible for the death of Rachel Carruthers and many others as he sought out his niece, who had been in the hospital for a year before her disappearance that night in 1989, following a massacre at the police station.

Suspicions rose in 1996, when the late "shock jock" Barry Simms received a call from a listener claiming to be the long lost Lloyd. It was later confirmed that Lloyd did call the radio talk show host when her body was discovered on Halloween day.

Myers returned to Haddonfield that night and left his calling card by slaughtering Morgan Strode's brothers' family after they had moved into the Myers' house after years of it standing abandoned.

That Halloween night in 1996, Dr. Loomis was also murdered at a hospital in Smith's Grove along with some of the staff.

Kara Strode, her son Danny and Tommy Doyle (a survivor of the 1978 massacre) have been missing since then. Sources say they also had a newborn with them, which would now make the child 18 years old.

After the murder of Marion Chambers Whittington, assistant to the late Dr. Loomis, in 1998, it was discovered that Laurie Strode had faked her death and was living under the name Keri Tate along with her 17 year-old son, John. She was the dean of a private school in northern California.

Prior to the events at the school, it is believed that Myers had broken into the Whittington home and stole Strode's confidential file. Years earlier it was revealed that Strode was Myers' younger sister and four years after being confined to a hospital, Myers found her and ended her life.

However, back in Haddonfield, the reality website, Dangertainment, had six lucky contestants vie for cash and prizes if they could spend the night and figure out the mystery surrounding Michael Myers. The contest was held in the abandoned Myers house on Halloween night, 2002.

The contest ended in tragedy leaving one survivor and Michael Myers dead.

Or is he?


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